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>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just HAD to break the 'radio silence' to say:

Seriously!??? SERIOUSLY!??? You REALLY had NOOOO idea??

I have a bunch of blogs that I look in on once in a while on my bloglines. This is one of them. The blogger is a lovely writer, very smart and very cute, so basically I ''approve''. However this post really surprised me...

She is dating a guy for a long time -yeeeeeeears, she is living with him for a while... They go to Rome. He proposes... and she claims she had NO IDEA. Yeah, maybe no idea it would take that LONG!! But not that he proposed!! Please stop... just stop now...

Ok, maybe the circumstance of the proposal could be surprising, but they were in ROME!!! Nothing surprising about that come-on!

Note to all guys about to propose to their girlfriends in (insert any romantic destination): if you propose and she acts all surprised... she is LYING!

This post does not mean at all that guys should not propose to girls in romantic locations.
This post also does not mean that girls should not continue to lie through their teeth and say that they had NO IDEA
It just means that ... we KNOW the 'real' truth... we know... ;)

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