New Home!

>> Friday, June 7, 2013

Our new "place" is ready!!!  (to add to your RSS feeds use this address: )
Come join us "On The Same Page" as we're going to be concentrating on living fabulously by learning from other cultures, and making this world our village!  See you on the other side!!!!


Corner View: Music

>> Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is what Jr. has been singing around the house lately! ;)
Well... not EXACTLY like il grande Andrea... but more like "paaahtihoooo, pahtihoooooo"
And I'm proud to say that he sometimes asks to watch "pahtihooo" on youtube instead of "Bob the builder".  Maybe I can convince the teacher in our "Music for Toddlers" class that instead of "Mari took a shower" we're ready to incorporate Italian Opera into the repertoire...

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Corner View - Bridges and Backroads

>> Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it Wednesday already!????  SERIOUSLY!??

I completely forgot then saw some lovely bridges in my blog news feed (switched from google reader to Bloglovin in anticipation of google reader shut-down) and this bridge immediately came to mind!

This is in Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa.  We were there few years ago on a big Family Trip. 

Great theme Joanne!
More corner views at Francesca's.


Corner View: Architecture

>> Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Canal in the Jordaan
Ohhhh Amsterdam... I'm not a photographer, but then again Amsterdam will look gorgeous on anyone's photo.
I can't believe I live in this country! :)
This one was too easy... :) :) :)

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Corner View - Spring!!!

>> Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Romp-around Costa Rica
It's no secret that Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year!  My first blog was called "Sempre Primavera" to embody my mission of keeping that wild energy that descends upon us in Spring throughout the year.  And surely enough with this Spring came another boost!!!  And I can't wait any longer I must say that I'm working on two awesome new projects!!!

My bff (code name: Kaya) and I are embarking on a new adventure!  And her and I have been on quite a few over the years... let's reminisce shall we?

California - when I was scoping it out to move there... and had plans to say with this boy I met on the internet... haha don't worry, he lived with his very lovely parents, and his mom made us lovely coffee, and it all worked out wonderfully and the boy and are are friends to this day!  But yes, Kaya had to accompany me on this important journey.

Sardegna and Roma - beach, moon, boys, cappuccinos, SHOPPING, repeat!

Key West - jet skies, cocktails, beach, sunsets, para sailing... repeat! Oh yeah, and we stayed at a nudist resort... totally by accident!

Costa Rica - pot wholes, Imperiales (beer!), beach, spa, hot springs, monkeys, rappelling down waterfalls, quading, and zip lining!

French countryside for New Years Eve with the husbands....

...and many more... even though we only lived in the same state during High School and College, somehow we managed to keep up with our crazy ruckus even cross state, even cross CONTINENT!  So it only makes sense we start this project together.

Introducing On The Same Page Blog!

It'll be an international lifestyle blog with a mission of helping us all make the world our village!  What does that mean?  Well throughout our adventures we learned that our 'global neighbors' have tons to teach us and when we experience each others' lifestyles and learn from each others' wisdom, we can in turn make our own lives more interesting, fun, happy, full, adventurous and exciting.  With this blog we hope to continue discovering the world and meeting our global neighbors!

All this is still in very starting phase and our awesome genius programmer is working hard to make all the 'information flow' details work like magic... but I can give you a tiiiiiiiiiny tiiiiinyyyyyy glimpse.... .
We are aiming to do the big roll out in the Fall!

Omg!!!! Right!???

Well, and just because you've been so nice and patient reading through all my bla, bla... I will tell you about a SECOND project in the works....

Vito and I are expecting baby #2!!!!

Haha, and NO it is not a belated April fools, it's real people!  We're half way there at the moment.  Super excited!!!  :) :) :)  We tried to explain it to Jr, and now he walks around pointing to his OWN belly and saying: "Baby in the belly!" Hm.....

Ta-da!  Now that's what I call SPRING!!!!!!!

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Corner View - Feet

>> Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sorry to do this, but we're going back to the archives...!  This post has been written literally a few days after my ARRIVAL to the Netherlands.  I'm trying to reaffirm my right decision of leaving the US to come be with this Dutch man... based on examining our... shoes!  Deciding that if our shoes make a perfect pair (quartete?) then surely we do to.  Hmm... yeah, this reminds me to make an appointment with my hair salon,  my blonde highlights need to be refreshed, because I can't seriously talk like this and not be a Blonde.  :-P

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>> Monday, March 11, 2013

I was so sick the whole weekend!  It was some kind of CRAZY allergy with violent sneezing and equally violent runny nose.  Behh.  Every time I would sneeze, Jr. would follow it up with: "Mama appchu!".  Yes, thanks for narrating sweetie.

Glad however that I got sick starting Saturday because on Friday night we had a sexy dinner planned at a nearby mansion for restaurant week.


Corner View: Hands

>> Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My grandpa and grandma's hands.

When I saw today's corner view topic I immediately remembered this picture.  My grandpa has darker, tough manly hands that have managed construction projects on many famous monuments in Kiev.  My grandma's hands were soft with almost translucent skin.  (She passed away a few years ago.)  There was also a secret to my grandma's hands, they were magical.  No really.  She could place her hand on your forehead and your headache would go away.  She literally could heal with her hands.  Later in life when she lived in NY, it was medically confirmed that my grandma's hands had a very high biosphere, or energy field.

The whole family was of course very excited to hear such confirmation by medical doctors of something that we all knew about grandma.  We asked if that's something one is born with...  something divine.  Doctor  was equally puzzled.  And indeed it's a good question.  Was my grandma really born with a heightened energy field or did it grow overtime because all her life she laid hands on people really wanting and wishing that their pains would go away?  To me of course my grandma always has been and will be remembered as completely magical!

Corner View theme by: Joanne
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Get your sunblock out! and put cotton balls in your ears...

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is really a pattern... (no pictures in my blog posts).  It's ok, we're all grown ups, we can read also ;)
So today was 16C!!!!  That's SPRING people!

Now let's get into a time machine and travel back in time to March 2005.  This was the month I started blogging (thanks to my buddy in crime Cadiz!) Here is my first post EVER and also an explanation why Spring is "the best ever!!!" in the words of my 27 year old self.

In case you're wondering... no  I don't have any fresh thoughts to shed on the topic...  Well I guess I do.  Getting older made me realize that it's OK not have 'crazy energy', and it's OK not to be working towards something UNBELIEVABLY amazing...  It's OK to just lead quite life and enjoy little things...

Baaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!   Boy did I get you or what!?!?!!!!!!!!    AAAAhahahhaah!!!! 
NO OF COURSE NOT!!! NO it's NOT ok to just sit there.   You must go after crazy exciting new wonderful things!  Yes, you can and should be content with all the beautiful little things (and big) in your life, but you should never put your 'hands down' and say "oh well, I didn't accomplish this and that, and I guess it's OK..."  NOOOOOoooooOOOO  GET off those sweet butt cheeks and do whatever it is you WANT!  Make your family raise an eye brow, surprise YOURSELF even.  

Yeah... I'm not grown-up yet.  I really have not matured what so ever.... Maybe in 2 weeks when I turn the big 35....  Maybe when I'm (hopefully a Grandma)... Then again.......  I DON'T THINK SOOOOOOOOO!


Five is good for today.

>> Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sorry no picture in a post second time in a row!  I know, I hate it too when posts have no pictures.  But I'm lazy ok!?  Yes I know it's vulgar to be lazy at my adult age, and even more vulgar to admit it publicly without a smidgen of shame.  Eh whatever.

Anyway, few days ago this one person told me that when her son just turned 2 he was able to count to FIVE!!!!!!!!!

I was so proud that Jr.can count to 2 and now I get to hear THIS!   So guess what I did last few days?  We counted EVERYTHING over and over again, toes, fingers, eyeballs,  duckies, banana pieces, everything.  While on a walk today Jr. counted the wheels on the truck... all the way up to FIVE!  (Well there were ten in all, but on the visible side there were five.)

So there!  Letting the child go at their  own pace?  Whatever.  Mommy needs to WIN, to WIN you hear me!  I'm not crazy I promise.


Ok, let's make a deal...

>> Thursday, February 28, 2013

I never talk about my work.  But I'd like to share this with you.  I'm in sales, every year I negotiate service contract prices with my clients.  Every year I hear the same story from all my clients.  Here are a few examples:

HUGE Bank: you can't raise our prices.
Me: why not?
HUGE Bank: blablabla...tough economy...excuses...excuses that don't make sense... blabla
Me: ok, let's make a deal, I don't raise your price and you stop sending me emails about how you're lowering the interest % on my savings account for the 6th time this year.  Ok?

TAX Body or other: you can't raise our prices
Me: why not?
TAX Body or other: budget...blabla....blaaaaa... excuses that make no sense...bllaaaaaa
Me: ok, let's make a deal, I don't raise your price and you don't raise my taxes this year.  OK?

Cosmetics Conglamorate: we want X, Y, Z service thrown in for free with this year's contract.
Me: you'll have to pay for the X, Y, Z service, it won't be free.
Cosmetics Conglamorate: but...blabla ... blaabla booohooooo waaahhh blaaaa
Me: ok, let's make a deal, I'll throw in X, Y, Z service for free to your contract and you send me free make-up for equal amount, I'll email you my list tomorrow.  OK?

My clients LOVE me!

(disclaimer: this post of course a work of fiction in it's entirety, and this blog is a work of purely creative expression.   Anything  described resembling real life events are purely coincidental) ;) ;)

My lawyer LOVEs me!


>> Sunday, February 24, 2013

Because disillusioned girl rappers are hot.  Although I don't support complaining without suggesting a solution.


Jr's growing vocabulary

>> Saturday, February 16, 2013

ishious - delicious
iat - Fiat
blue - red
blue - white
blue - yellow, green, black... etc
purple - the color that is not "blue"

upstairs - could mean either upstairs OR downstairs
innabutter - peanut butter
inka - drink
weeendo- window

cupy - cup
forky - fork
ife - knife

Counting his toes:
een (one) twee (two) een, een, vijf!!!

My little future aerospace engineer!


Corner View: Potatoes with... EVERYTHING!

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yes, everything!  Even with champagne for BREAKFAST!  That's a fritata in my plate.  Yummy!
My theory on potatoes is very simple.  Just eat them!  Carbs?  Yeah ANDDDD????  Sophia Loren used to reply to compliments on her banging figure by simply stating: "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."  Well I reply to adoring exclamations by thanking potatoes.  Well actually in my case, I can thank spaghetti, potatoes, steaks, and all kinds of other foods, I don't like to discriminate or give too much preferential treatment to any one food.  ;)

I really don't like it when people complain about their bodies.  Why? That's so boring and unproductive.  If it's something that can be helped and you want to help it, then do it, don't complain about it.  If it's something that can't be helped like your height or shape, then what's the point being unhappy about it!?

What makes you really beautiful and attractive is how you see yourself and your life.  Being happy is the one and only factor that makes you either incredibly attractive or not. Yes you should be neat and dress nice, these are basics, but what makes you HOT, sexy, beautiful, is the way you feel and act.

There is something to be said for the big fake "American Smile".  IT WORKS!  Force yourself into a huge smile for a minute and you will feel happy.  Idiotic a bit too, but happy nevertheless.

I'm militant about insisting on everyone being happy and if they're not I send them for a run around the block.

So yeah that's right, potatoes with everything!!!!
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Corner View: Simple Pleasures

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This is a picture of our little supplies stash for NYE 2010 spent in the French countryside.  A cozy dinner for 6 with fruits of the land and sea beautifully paired with 5 champs.  I love the simple life with it's simple pleasures!



Nostalgia ~ The Scottish Highlands

>> Monday, January 28, 2013

I know, I KNOW!  We just came back from a trip!  Like literally just 2 weeks ago, but I'm totally already thinking where to next!?

Scotland last August was absolutely incredible!  I loved the Highlands.  I'd SO live there.  I'm a very social person, yet at the same time I love big open spaces with nothing but cows.  And the sky!  The sky there is HUGE.  It feels like you can "breathe" there.  We really had a hard time remembering that we were still in ''Europe".  Ireland is on our list, as well as Norway and Sweden.  But these lands would need our undivided attention for at least a week.  I need to start thinking weekend trip.  Hmm... where to!?


Corner View: Five Scenes

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you have secret notebooks where you make schemes and draw intricate designs on hitting that goal you've set for yourself, hitting the sun or at least a few stars?  I believe very much in the power of the "written word".  I used to have a little 'plan' that I carried in my wallet during college years and let me tell you, it really works!  You write stuff down, then make it happen.  Simple.

I'm excited to see my friend J of Sparklingly draw up a really nice meaty plan for the year!  I have not done this in a while, not for 2 years at least!, so it's time to pick up some arms.

Unlike J, I keep my schemes TOP SECRET.  Why?  Simply because they are SO BOGUS, SO OUT THERE that literally I'll be laughed out of the Internets.  You know when I told my extended family that I'm moving to Europe with a gorgeous Dutch Man?  Exactly one month prior to departure.  I kept my year long world wind international relationship completely secret and only told them I'm leaving when the date was set. I didn't want to reveal anything lest they give me a reaction (fittingly) pointing out to how far fetched and crazy the whole thing sounded.  I did not want them or anything to break my concentration, my vision.

But that's me.  For many it helps to be kept accountable by witnesses.  I on the other hand am of the philosophy "If I tell you, I'll have to...." you know.  :)

All I'm going to say is that there is a NOTEBOOK.  There is even a ....PEN.  (!!!)

How is this related to the Corner View entitled FIVE SENSES?  Well, you know how a lion sees a dashing gazelle and MUST charge it, I read that even if the lion wanted, he could not, NOT go for it as his instinct completely takes over and makes him charge.  So I say, to get what you want in life you must focus all your five senses towards visualizing that whatever it is you want to accomplish and like a lion charge after it until you can feel and taste the warm blood oozing from behind your teeth.  :) :)      

Warning: Always practice safety, don't forget to wear your helmet when "charging" and maintain rigorous oral hygiene by brushing and flossing after each meal.

Theme: Heather
Hosted by:  Francesca


>> Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And the pretty white fluffy snow is already begining to melt!  Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like to live where it snows all winter long...


If walls could talk...

If I had - excuse me- balls, I'd do something like this in the house!!!  More concretely I'm referring to the PHENOMENAL WALL!  Maybe I'll just settle for some tastefully placed Botticelli angels floating on the ceiling in the extension.  ...Nope, just kidding... I got no courage...


>> Monday, January 21, 2013

i need more rainforest in my life!


party time!

>> Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Jr.  We invited our friends with kids, which is most of them.  I made a strawberry cake and my signature carrot cake and fed everyone incessantly.  The kids were all very cute.  What I love about having other kids over is that they tend to just babysit each other and we can sit in peace and talk among ourselves.  There was even some kissing between Jr. and his little girlfriend Lanachka.  At the New Year's eve party, it was L taking initiative with the kissing, but yesterday Jr. was definitely the one on the offensive.

Today is birthday party "round 2" with the family and little cousins.  

note: Amsterdam friends - the usual drill, I don't expect you to show up without cars so we prefer to give you guys individual attention when you do grace us here ;)


>> Friday, January 18, 2013

just because we all needed a little photo of meeeeee to brighten our day!  i tried experimenting with green eye shaddow.  usually i mix it with plum but today i was just outa contol.  too bad you cant see the color very well on the photo. 


Conditioning training

>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jr!!!!  Two! I never thought of 2 being such a huge number before.

I'm desperately trying to suppress the involuntary panic rising inside me due to montage of various scenes depicting my baby Jr growing up fast and wanting to date, travel the world without us, go to high school, go to college that I didn't already pick out for him, be a rock star, wanting to ice skate, wanting to SLED, wanting to ski, wanting to..... uhhhg you get the point!

To calm myself I went on and bought myself 3 bracelets...  I feel slightly better...

On the other front, I tried to organize my closet (again), because that's one of the things I can influence and have complete control over unlike some other things/people, however I created more mess then began with. Oopsiii, maybe I need to buy another bracelet, I'm not yet in condition...

wait for me ladies! 
 We're still working on teaching him to say "lady" and not "mamma' when he sees a woman, and "man" not "papa" when he sees a man.  It was quite embarrassing when random guys would walk by and Jr. would point at them and say "papa"!!!


Corner View: Morning, Noon, Night

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ahhhhh... is what you say while laying on a beach listening to the waves and feeling the breeze and the sunshine.  We had a perfect getaway for some sun in the winter in the beautiful Cape Verde Islands.  We were too lazy this time to do anything besides the strict schedule of beach, nap, pool.  But I can't wait to come back again and do some island hopping there.

noon (2 hour nap - not pictured) 

 Like I said... ahhhhh.

Now back to snowy Holland :)

Hosted by Francesca
Invented by Jane


Year of the Snake

>> Thursday, January 3, 2013

We survived!  I distinctly remember not sleeping pretty much through all of my twenties and never having much discomfort because of it.  It took about a week to catch-up on sleep from merely going to bed at 3am on NYE.  I mean 3am!?  That's nothing, and still I feel I need a week of rejuvenating relaxation.  (Few days to go and WE ARE OFF!) 

Yes, I know I always talk about "getting older" but to be honest I very much enjoy the benefits of not "having" to stay up till 6am partying, not "having" to have a crazy party planned that involves helicopters, jets and private yachts.  It's just like relief I STILL feel every Sunday night when I realize that I don't have last minute homework to complete since there is NO SCHOOL for me Monday!!!!  I'm DONE with school!  Same with staying up till 6am shenanigans- I'm no longer required to do this!  :) Pheeew

Oh yeah, and the point of all this was to show off my skirt! I love Pink Tartan, surprisingly out of Canada.  

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