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>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yeah yeah, I know, I have completely abandoned the blog. Really, I tried to log in and I realized I didn't even remember the password!

No excuses, just lots of fun stuff going on and I'm a bit overwhelmed what to write about. As my dad says. "Just write one word, don't wait too long because then you won't want to write anything at all". Maybe he is on to something! Maybe I'll just write ONE word a day :)

Anyway, I've been all huff-huff puff-puff last few days and you ladies will understand but my dear Vito had to put up with me without a clue...

Vito: What's the matter with you?

Me: (huff puff) ...nothing...

Vito: no really, tell me

Me: ...nothing!

Vito: tell me!

Me: ...ok... it's just ... i'm SO BORED with my wardrobe! I wear the same stuff all the time, there is nothing exciting and fabulous in shops... and even if there were... it's .... blaaabla blaaa for 5 minutes at least..... I'm just so meeeeaaaad... I need new clotheeeeeesssss!

Vito: .........R U serious....??????????????

Me: ...pouty lip- yes!

Anyway, darlin' Vito sent me a few links to good european shopping websites and tonight I made my very first internet order for clothes. I definitely have to try stuff on, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Well this is one I gave a go this time: I just randomly decided if I would be considered small, medium or large depending on the brand and material... hope it worked.

btw: The picture on top is of Hoorn. Yet another cute town in the Netherlands. Yawn Yawn :)


Love knows no boundries?

>> Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vito and I would follow each other to the END of the world!!!!

Well, scratch that, we WILL follow each other to the end of the world! YEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

We are going to Patagonia in less then a month, it's super exciting as it's a place we've talked about going for a while. Desolate roads, red rocks, planes, lakes and all kinds of nature like stuffs. :)
Gotta get ready.... gotta learn the exact location of all the trendy boutiques in Buenos Aires... lots to do... LOTS to do...


Cook book update!

>> Saturday, January 5, 2008

We are cooking!

So far we have....

chicken rolling in ham and bathing in mushrooms

mediterranean cous cous yum yum

fresh tomatoes and basil sauce with penne rasta pasta

chicken friccasse - old family recipe!!

Asian cold noodles delight

lasagna like there's no tomorrow

Soooo Russian stuffed peppers

porcini risotto never flies

Tuna salad me crazy

surprize in fancy furs (soooo good! trust me)

peanut soup for the soul... and hart

salmon bomba starter (SBS!)

PB brittle candy

tiramisu has a secret

and moooooooore!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU all for sending in these incredible recipes! (and stories) Ohhhhh.... I better get started pdfing these for publishing.


Citizen Reporter - New Years Eve - The Netherlands

>> Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now don't you worry! These are not war scenes of guns and bombs... this is just good clean fun that Dutchies are having in honor of New Year.

Fireworks are illegal everyday of the year except for NYE. (Kinda like marijuana is actually illegal, except for "personal use" in 2 gram instalments).


Happy 2008!

>> Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My co-workers were asking what I was doing for NYE and I said, that we are having a dinner with friends (where everyone will cook a course) and then after 12 heading out to a local place to continue on the celebrations. Basically, we are at the point that we strive to be 'elegant' but, we are not exactly there just yet. There is still the need for some rowdiness.

Well it was exactly like that, the dinner was very nice (and delicious!!) and we even had a bottle of Moet to crack open (one of the many bottles, just not all Moet). Then for some fireworks outside (I have a video). Later we moved on to the bar for some more music and booty shaking. I started getting tired around 3ish... and watched with jealousy as our pregnant friend got to go home to bed! I thought that it may be kinda nice to be pregnant so that I can just leave parties early or just say that I'm tired and be carried off to sleep on a gold throne supported by four Indian elephants wearing tassels!!! Then exotic young men will feed me peeled grapes and fan me... and .... then I can take baths in pools among the lilies and beautiful little waterfalls... Hmm... pregnancy sounds like paradise! (I guess right up to the time they rip you limb from limb and then there were two.)

Sorry, nevermind...

All in all I'm excited for 2008! It seems like a good number, I always liked 8s and it contains two 4s and 4 is my favorite number. (Also 22, because 2+2 is 4!) My goals for 2008? The usual, write a book, start a business... you know, stuff like that. Travels with Vito (sounds like a new show for the Travel Network doesn't it?) will also be in order.

Anyone has a very interesting goal for 2008??

oh, ps: updates on our cookbook coming up...

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