>> Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here are some pictures from the wonderful Turkish restaurant we went to for Dulce's birthday. A great place to have a party because they'll set up a long table for you in the back and around 11pm music and dancing starts on the cozy little dancefloor... its awesome!

The staff is super friendly... well, in fact, I was super friendly right back and well... now one of them is in love with me and I have not done anything to discourage it ....and so I can't really go back there ever again!!!

haaha, but you should its a great place. The belly dancers come to get the party started each Saturday. (Email me if you want to go and I'll tell you the name of the place.)

This is the "before" shot. Then the hookahs and bottles of wine were brought over! Together with candles and the terracotta walls it makes for a lovely intimate setting.

The food is amazing also! Oh and the turkish wine... just don't drink too much because you will wake up wishing you didn't!!!

More wild times to follow...


>> Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh, how about this one... (Continuing on trying to classify men into a more "understandable" category.)

Men are like pairs of shoes....

The right ones can take you to new heights.

A really great fit can be very comfortable, on the other hand the wrong fit will be painful!

You gotta take care of them and keep em' polished.

Can't wear them for too many consecutive days because they will fall apart right underneath you!

Therefore, you must keep lots of spare pairs available on hand.

Alternate them to match your outfits and the occasion...

It is not a good idea to let friends borrow them.

No matter how much you love them, you always want new ones!

Hmm.. maybe this isn't such a good analogy either...

On to the other business at hand; this weekend was another MARATHON!!! And Dulce was good enough to take about 500 pictures to record every second of it! All next week we'll be featuring pictures and stories, glimpsing life on the little island of Manhattan.


The idiotic things I do...yea yea....!

>> Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ok, just because we've been getting dumped and been whining up a tree... doesn't mean we're not blonde anymore, or that we've gotten serious and stuff.... NO! Even the scence of impending goodness heading this way will not prevent us from being idiotic. Now who's this "us" I refer to. Ohhhoohooh! Must you even ASK- it is you and I my friend(s), you and I! You by default, me by direct fault...

So what did "we" do today?? Well lets count down:

Top top 10 idiotic things Ale did today.... are.....

10. Took a message for myself when a client called, because "I" was out in a "meeting". But promised to relay the message and have myself call right back.
9. Spent 10 minutes looking for my hair band... as it was IN my hair.
8. Almost missed my train stop because there was a big murder going on in my book.
7. Forgot I changed the ring tone on my phone and was getting annoyed at the idiot whose annoying ass phone kept ringing ALL DAY!
6-2. Repeat 10-7
and my favorite one:
1. Discussed in great detail the difficulties of a cross border/cross cultural engagement with some strange dude on the SI ferry... right, because I'm engaged to a guy in Germany so that's how I know... aaaaahhaaaha - no seriously, it was a fun way to run the scenario by someone, even if its some random dude on a SI ferry. He told me about his kids in London...? Than I wondered... are we like both making up stories and running them by each other??


Pani e Tulipani

>> Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do you ever get the feeling like something is about to happen? Something good? Something really really good!?? Something so good that if someone were to tell you what it is, you wouldn't even believe it. You don't know what, you don't know how or what it is about, but you are so SURE that its coming...

That's what I'm feeling right now. I keep trying to guess what this "reaaaaaallly good" thing is... but I have no idea. I've gone through a number of possible things that would make me pretty happy right now, but I don't think its any of those. Its something that will be completely unexpected, unthought of and unheard of...

Well whatever it is, the anticipation is giving me a high.


Oh booo- hooo!

>> Saturday, February 18, 2006

I just want to clean this up a bit and write down some updates for stuff I left hanging in the air...

Grandma's "Vin Diesel" wanna be doctor dude - never worked out because Grams took one look at him and decided that he would NOT be good for me...

Eye Candy's hook up boy- after our date, he didn't call for a whole week and now he emails me one liner emails... and that's where that's stagnating...

There was also this mystery boy I went out with two weeks ago... we had such great conversation and actually I thought he was totally perfect!!! Except for the fact that he wants to have like 5 kids, and I want less than ZERO. (I guess maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that fact.) Well, he has not called me.

And finally, the most painful of them all...

Sergey - Yes, THE google Sergey, told Time magazine last week that he has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART IS REALLY BROKEN!

Everyone has abandoned me! Even Sergey...

Though a strange thought always crosses my mind everytime a potential set up is on the horizon... "But what about Nico...?" And when this potential set-up falls through... I say "YEY! Now Nico can have me all to himself!"

Seriously though, it seems like some kind of strange magic... I've NEVER gotten so much rejection. I've never gotten any rejection actually. It's weird, I'm really hot, I don't get it. (Maybe there is something in the water...?)

On the positive note- have an awesome President's Weekend! I can't wait to get home and go to sleep, such a hektic week! I'm dead tired and I have a full program for the weekend.


>> Thursday, February 16, 2006

Men are like real estate.

You gotta grab them when they're just "up and coming". When they're like property in a neighborhood with potential, but the prices have not gone through the roof yet.

Once a man is established, has a nice career, a nice place to live, nice car and nice silverware... he becomes like HOT real estate. Highly desirable, possibly nothing special, yet with HUGELY inflated prices. Basically, he gets a big head about himself.

So, if you grab one that has potential, like with real estate property you are taking a risk... The value may go up, or it may not. If you wait however till he becomes hot, with all the fancy options, sky lights and 360 degree dining room windows... the price of getting this man maybe just a bit too high...

Also just like with real estate, you only collect your profits after the sale... (unless its a rental property... but that's a whole other discussion.)

Lets look at it another way.

Men are like cars?

You don't want a used one. You don't want one that's too sporty or red, as not to draw too much attention to yourself from jealous people (or worse, cops).

The value of your investment decreases as soon as you drive out of the car dealership...

hmm... maybe these two are not such good analogies...

Well then, what ARE men!?! Are they Fish? Meat? Milk or Wine?? What the heck do you eat them with?

I thought I had this question figured out 10 years ago, but apparently not, since lately I've been all confused.

Maybe I had "boys" figured out, but now that I'm dealing with "men" its a different game? Yet how come I don't see the difference?

Maybe now the stakes are higher, like before it was the boy with the cutest face, and now its the boy with the appartment in Ischia.

Maybe I just don't know what I'm playing to win. What it is I'm hoping to gain, or what I'm willing to loose... Maybe it really IS "me" and not them. ;)


The photographic journey into the heart of ... the shoe!

>> Monday, February 13, 2006

I had the absolute best weekend! New York got completely SNOWED IN!! There are two feet of snow in

Manhattan!! Ahhh sooo beautiful!!!

I knew the snow was coming so I got out of the house early on Saturday morning for immediate shopping! I did quite a bit of damage...

1. DKNY silk top
2. Sailor little tee
3. BCBG peak-a-boo toe shoes
4. And wild snake skin shoes

After running and sweeping up the store like a hurricane, I got into a car and drove home just as little snow flakes began to come down...

By evening time snow started to really come down heavy... and by night time it looked like this:

Saturday morning it was just GORGEOUS!

Of course everyone came out to play in the snow...

Than, since the Olympics weren't on yet, I took some pictures of my new beautiful shoes...

And than took more... and... more pictures....

And then I figured I needed to actually put the shoes on for the full effect. So here is the profile and the full frontal:

Man, my feet are vainy, haha, and I think you can still see the sock line... hehe


What an awesome weekend!!! 2 FEET of SNOW on the ground!!!! I took like a million pictures! Finally we have some kind of winter like behavior!

So being snowed in this weekend proved to be a perfect setting to be glued to the TV to watch the Olympics while sipping on that hot chocolate with whipped cream (fat free- sit back down!)

However, all the cozying up that was going on I still had some time to run out and conduct a Blizzard'06 of my very OWN... at a friendly store... Swept in and out with 2 pairs of shoes and a few silk tops...

Ok, so too tired now, tomorrow a total photo entry!

OH, and I almost forgot... had a sorta marriage proposal from a certain young man in Singapore appropriately during browsing the bikini isle in the store... hehehe... you better step up your game Nico!!!!


True love!

>> Friday, February 10, 2006

....... exerpt from a lovely phone conversation this lovely evening.

Nico: ...you know tickets are are really cheap to Germany now....
Ale: ....yeah, and!? this is an invitation??
Nico:...yeah...one of many already!

(right, the other ones must have been "silent")

seriously am I just blonde? are these really invitations??

- "Berlin is very touristy... but a local knows the best areas... "
- "You've never been to Berlin? You must come!"
and my all time favorite:
- "If you fly over for dinner, maybe I'll pick you up at the airport"

I don't know, I think I'm old fashioned, but to me an invitation would sound like this:

- Come visit me in Berlin! My secretary is faxing you 3 itenuary choices I have taken the liberty to book for you. Let me know which one is most convenient.

yes, I AM old fashioned... a FAX!?!? you're right NO ONE uses a fax nowadays!

And if you're worried that he hasn't received clues weather or not I like him, well he DID!

Like when he asked me if I am for sure a good masseuse ... I said, I definitely am! But to be sure, I promised to go out and practice as much as possible this weekend... on all my dates... Now if this isn't a profession of true love, I don't know what is! damit!


Staten Island Ferry quote of the day...

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Younger vulgar lady to an older vulgar lady:

"I'm considering a princess cut diamond..."

"Oh, yeah? I like those. I have a ring with a princess cut diamond, and that bastard is SO SHINY, that its even shinier than my f'king face."

(they both nod in approval...)

Ohhhh, and I get to ride the ferry in such intelligent company every day! OHHH, I hope Nicholas marries me so I can apply for EU citizenship... move to Germany and slowly start buying up property in Italy... Come on already, I can't wait!!!


Important MEMO! -don't say I didn't send you one

>> Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Today is a very monumental day in the history of the world!

On this day, Monday, February 6th 2006, and event of Global proportions will take place!

Today, Sempre Primavera will change history, or rather, will change the FUTURE of all humans, animals and plants on this Planet specifically and in this universe (in general).

Today, The Sempre Primavera Head Quarters officially and loudly proclaims MONDAYS to be OUTLAWED!!!

From this day forward... there will be NO MORE MONDAYS!!!!

At all!

So start referring to today as "TUESDAY (a)". You don't have to call Tuesday, "Tuesday (b)", simply Tuesday will suffice.

So happy TUESDAY (a) everyone!!!!!!!

ahhhh, there, I feel better already... why the HECK haven't I thought of this earlier!?!

ps: in case you are wondering... yes, this Saturday I did go to hair salon... and yes... I am blonder now... yes, feel free to draw conclusions....


Stage left - enter Blond boy

>> Saturday, February 4, 2006

Heh-heeh heh....

OK so the date was a lot a lot of fun! Blond boy (he is blond) is totally great. I haven't really gotten a good look at him since I was staring at my plate the whole time...

Nahhh... just kidding!

He is a total cutie, has a similar sense of humor as my friends and I. This was a double date by the way, with Eye Candy and Mr. Eye Candy. Blond boy also has pretty eyes and nice teeth... (so if he was a horse, he'd be a healthy horse).

We went to my favorite restaurant of the moment and right from the start we were happy and friendly. It turns out that our jobs are actually very complementary... that is basically I would be contacting him if I wanted to acquire his company as a client... which I WANT...(!!!!)

After dinner we all went to this fun place for dessert and that's where I broke the rule of "NOT eating his sweets". I totally nibbled... though at least not with my hands... I used a spoon...

I'm sure at some point I did flash 3/4 chest at him, but it really was NOT intentional. I did laugh, but I watched myself to make sure it would not wake up any sleeping people in New Jersey.

So all in all, I did follow SOME of the guidelines. Like I totally kept my mouth shut when he told me that his family is Italian. I could have told him about my fantasy of marrying an Italian guy and living with him and his mom, eating spaghetti and having her do our laundry.... The strange thing is, he was so nice that I really did not feel a great urge to say outrageous stuff for shock value. I actually was a little shy... Except for the time I told him to take his shirt off. (Well, said that the collar was annoying him.)

Anyway, it was a blast! I like him, he will look good with my red dress I must wear to my friend's wedding and hopefully he likes me so we can get this show on the road.

Oh, in case you're wondering about #17. Profiteroles for desert was as french as we got. Though when I was saying goodbye, he grabbed me for a good strong kiss on the cheek... miaaau~

Tomorrow Eye Candy is supposed to arrange the "phone number exchange" so I guess we'll find out if he liked me or not...

Boy its late, I have a busy day tomorrow... which will start with an early trip to the hair salon, than lunch at Grandma and Grandpas for some gossip and discussion... and in the evening I will actually do something with cultural value, an evening at the NY philharmonic for some Mozart music. Trust me, I love Mozart, but I'd rather be listening to him on my way back from throwing myself of some snowy mountain all day! But what can you do if its like 50F in NY!!?!!

Wishing ya'll a great weekend!!!


Please dear, do as I tell you... just for ONCE!

>> Friday, February 3, 2006

Here is a picture from el Avion Bar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. (Yeah, I just thought I'd ruin your weekend... yeah.)

Anyway, tonight is my date with the guy Eye Candy has set up.

And here are a few words from Grandma who swears that if I follow her "guidelines" it'll be a guaranteed "slam dunk"... (she used a much vulgar frase, but I'm keeping it PG13)

1. Don't laugh too loud
2. In fact, don't laugh outloud... just smile
3. Don't look around, stare at other guys, make comments about other guys' asses, OR his ass... just look down at your plate.
4. Don't talk too much
5. In fact, try not to talk at all
6. Don't wear too much make up, but DO wear red lip close (re-apply often).
7. DON'T MAKE FUN OF HIM, or make him cry! (DAMIT! there goes MY FAVORITE!)
8. Ditto for other patrons in the restaurant (DAMIT! there goes MY 2nd FAVORITE!)
9. Don't drink more than a glass of wine
10. Don't finish everything on you plate
11. SHARE your dessert with him, DO NOT grab his desert
12. Do bend down to fix something on your shoe and expose 3/4 chest for him
13. Act really embarrassed when you realize that #12 happened
14. Wear a bit of blush on your forehead, gives you a post-sex look
15. DON'T ask if he has any hot friends... DON'T ask too many questions about his brothers or cousins.
16. When complemented do not say "I know", rather say "Thank you" and look down
17. If he goes for a good night kiss, make it french.

OK, its not like I haven't heard this nonsense before... its just that besides #17, I was not executing.

Wish me a "slam dunk" for tonight... and feel free if you have any to add to the list, please do so!


Eye Candy, Turkish food... and.. Honey?

>> Thursday, February 2, 2006

Last night I went out to dinner at this awesome Turkish restaurant with a friend of mine that I know since forever! (Lets call her Eye Candy) She and I were the tornadoes, we were basically crazy! We chased boys together back in junior high, we copied on tests, we tortured our teachers... what a blast! On her 16th birthday party I met my "first love". He was the one guy that was actually NOT invited to her party...

Ms Eye Candy, is actually a Mrs now. She's been actually trying to set me up with some friends of hers. I'd always just say, "nahhh". This time I said: "Ok, please... my only requirement is that he looks good on the arm at weddings, and is willing to travel... to weddings." Before I even finished the sentence she was flipping her phone open and dialing!
About 15 seconds later, I was booked for a double date for this Friday.

I really am on a mission... and the plot is thickening...

PS. Nicholas is getting fresh... He addressed me as "Hon" on a work related email!!!!
(That's like sexual harassment, no? Well, I HOPE it IS! I hope he finally comes to NY to harass me in person!)

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