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>> Saturday, February 18, 2006

I just want to clean this up a bit and write down some updates for stuff I left hanging in the air...

Grandma's "Vin Diesel" wanna be doctor dude - never worked out because Grams took one look at him and decided that he would NOT be good for me...

Eye Candy's hook up boy- after our date, he didn't call for a whole week and now he emails me one liner emails... and that's where that's stagnating...

There was also this mystery boy I went out with two weeks ago... we had such great conversation and actually I thought he was totally perfect!!! Except for the fact that he wants to have like 5 kids, and I want less than ZERO. (I guess maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that fact.) Well, he has not called me.

And finally, the most painful of them all...

Sergey - Yes, THE google Sergey, told Time magazine last week that he has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART IS REALLY BROKEN!

Everyone has abandoned me! Even Sergey...

Though a strange thought always crosses my mind everytime a potential set up is on the horizon... "But what about Nico...?" And when this potential set-up falls through... I say "YEY! Now Nico can have me all to himself!"

Seriously though, it seems like some kind of strange magic... I've NEVER gotten so much rejection. I've never gotten any rejection actually. It's weird, I'm really hot, I don't get it. (Maybe there is something in the water...?)

On the positive note- have an awesome President's Weekend! I can't wait to get home and go to sleep, such a hektic week! I'm dead tired and I have a full program for the weekend.


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