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>> Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Today is a very monumental day in the history of the world!

On this day, Monday, February 6th 2006, and event of Global proportions will take place!

Today, Sempre Primavera will change history, or rather, will change the FUTURE of all humans, animals and plants on this Planet specifically and in this universe (in general).

Today, The Sempre Primavera Head Quarters officially and loudly proclaims MONDAYS to be OUTLAWED!!!

From this day forward... there will be NO MORE MONDAYS!!!!

At all!

So start referring to today as "TUESDAY (a)". You don't have to call Tuesday, "Tuesday (b)", simply Tuesday will suffice.

So happy TUESDAY (a) everyone!!!!!!!

ahhhh, there, I feel better already... why the HECK haven't I thought of this earlier!?!

ps: in case you are wondering... yes, this Saturday I did go to hair salon... and yes... I am blonder now... yes, feel free to draw conclusions....


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