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>> Friday, February 3, 2006

Here is a picture from el Avion Bar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. (Yeah, I just thought I'd ruin your weekend... yeah.)

Anyway, tonight is my date with the guy Eye Candy has set up.

And here are a few words from Grandma who swears that if I follow her "guidelines" it'll be a guaranteed "slam dunk"... (she used a much vulgar frase, but I'm keeping it PG13)

1. Don't laugh too loud
2. In fact, don't laugh outloud... just smile
3. Don't look around, stare at other guys, make comments about other guys' asses, OR his ass... just look down at your plate.
4. Don't talk too much
5. In fact, try not to talk at all
6. Don't wear too much make up, but DO wear red lip close (re-apply often).
7. DON'T MAKE FUN OF HIM, or make him cry! (DAMIT! there goes MY FAVORITE!)
8. Ditto for other patrons in the restaurant (DAMIT! there goes MY 2nd FAVORITE!)
9. Don't drink more than a glass of wine
10. Don't finish everything on you plate
11. SHARE your dessert with him, DO NOT grab his desert
12. Do bend down to fix something on your shoe and expose 3/4 chest for him
13. Act really embarrassed when you realize that #12 happened
14. Wear a bit of blush on your forehead, gives you a post-sex look
15. DON'T ask if he has any hot friends... DON'T ask too many questions about his brothers or cousins.
16. When complemented do not say "I know", rather say "Thank you" and look down
17. If he goes for a good night kiss, make it french.

OK, its not like I haven't heard this nonsense before... its just that besides #17, I was not executing.

Wish me a "slam dunk" for tonight... and feel free if you have any to add to the list, please do so!


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