Eye Candy, Turkish food... and.. Honey?

>> Thursday, February 2, 2006

Last night I went out to dinner at this awesome Turkish restaurant with a friend of mine that I know since forever! (Lets call her Eye Candy) She and I were the tornadoes, we were basically crazy! We chased boys together back in junior high, we copied on tests, we tortured our teachers... what a blast! On her 16th birthday party I met my "first love". He was the one guy that was actually NOT invited to her party...

Ms Eye Candy, is actually a Mrs now. She's been actually trying to set me up with some friends of hers. I'd always just say, "nahhh". This time I said: "Ok, please... my only requirement is that he looks good on the arm at weddings, and is willing to travel... to weddings." Before I even finished the sentence she was flipping her phone open and dialing!
About 15 seconds later, I was booked for a double date for this Friday.

I really am on a mission... and the plot is thickening...

PS. Nicholas is getting fresh... He addressed me as "Hon" on a work related email!!!!
(That's like sexual harassment, no? Well, I HOPE it IS! I hope he finally comes to NY to harass me in person!)


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