>> Thursday, February 16, 2006

Men are like real estate.

You gotta grab them when they're just "up and coming". When they're like property in a neighborhood with potential, but the prices have not gone through the roof yet.

Once a man is established, has a nice career, a nice place to live, nice car and nice silverware... he becomes like HOT real estate. Highly desirable, possibly nothing special, yet with HUGELY inflated prices. Basically, he gets a big head about himself.

So, if you grab one that has potential, like with real estate property you are taking a risk... The value may go up, or it may not. If you wait however till he becomes hot, with all the fancy options, sky lights and 360 degree dining room windows... the price of getting this man maybe just a bit too high...

Also just like with real estate, you only collect your profits after the sale... (unless its a rental property... but that's a whole other discussion.)

Lets look at it another way.

Men are like cars?

You don't want a used one. You don't want one that's too sporty or red, as not to draw too much attention to yourself from jealous people (or worse, cops).

The value of your investment decreases as soon as you drive out of the car dealership...

hmm... maybe these two are not such good analogies...

Well then, what ARE men!?! Are they Fish? Meat? Milk or Wine?? What the heck do you eat them with?

I thought I had this question figured out 10 years ago, but apparently not, since lately I've been all confused.

Maybe I had "boys" figured out, but now that I'm dealing with "men" its a different game? Yet how come I don't see the difference?

Maybe now the stakes are higher, like before it was the boy with the cutest face, and now its the boy with the appartment in Ischia.

Maybe I just don't know what I'm playing to win. What it is I'm hoping to gain, or what I'm willing to loose... Maybe it really IS "me" and not them. ;)


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