Good news and Bad news.

>> Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ok, we'll start with the good news. This is after all SemprePrimavera where bad news are not even allowed...


The good news about working from home is that I get to have this in the morning while sitting down calmly at the kitchen table with my complementary Business Week.

There are bad news however...

The bad news about working from home is that... I get to be FAAAAT!!!!!! (See above diagram.)

Oh, and if yummy breakfasts (lunches, dinners) are not problematic enough, mommy, decides to definitively tip the scales over with these!!!!

And I thought she WANTED Nico to like me and carry me off to Nicoland.

Sofia Loren was a skinny toothpick and all the kids made fun of her in her native Naples. Then at about the age of 16-18, she started developing her famous curves. When asked how she gets to be so hot she always answered.

"You sink diz iz so easy and natural for me??? Oh noh!! I work very ard on diz figure! I eatalotta spaghetti every day! Grazie alle spaghetti!" (See quote if you don't believe me.)

Well, I guess I'll try the same approach when Nico asks me why I got so fat...

"Well sweetie, it's because I try really hard, this doesn't just happen naturally you know! I eat alotta cinamonyapplishious fluffy squares dusted with sugar! Grazzie alle apple squares!"

mammamia, hope it works, hey if it doesn't I'll just ask him if he'd like some more ice cream...


My very own book shop!

>> Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is the coolest thing EVER! I can't believe I didn't know about this before... Amazon lets you create your very own book store where you can categorize and review the books you've read and keep it all in ONE PLACE! So fabulous, now it will be super easy to do my "immature book reviews", I added the link on my side bar.

I just started the store and already have the girly category, my favorite history novels and cookbooks... maaaaany more to add, after all the last few years reading has been quite a career since it takes me 2 hours to get to work (and 2 hours to get home) so I read FOUR hours PER DAY!!!

Anyway, my store is totally cute in Pink and Turquoise!!!


Anastasia strikes again...

Am I the only one that gives myself a perfect manicure before going to my hair salon? Anyway Anastasia strikes yet again and my hair is now shorter and whiiiiiiiiteeeer while my complexion seems darker (yes I went to solarium). It's like Marlyn Monroe meets Sofia Loren... and yes there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself such aggressive compliments ;)

They're my two beauty icons. I always try to realize blending these two styles... Ahhh a girl can dream can't she!?
note: I realized in my old post I named my hair lady Veronika, but then changed it to Anastasia. She is not really called either name, but both names could fit her perfectly. Just trying to paint a picture see it?


Sweet! ...and Fun!

>> Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yeah, yeah, ok, maybe I AM getting obsessed... and very prematurely at that!

But I've already decided what kind of wedding cake I want...

<-- tada! Gorgeous isn't it!? Now I know y'all gonna go and steal my idea, but that's ok! Oh and I totally want to make it myself. Well, when I say "myself" I really mean, I'll have my friends make it!!!! ;) And yes as for the actual place, I've narrowed it down already here!

Don't freak out, no one is getting hitched or anything, it's just amazing how I've never been interested in ANY of this stuff before. In fact, from about 16 to 19 I've had recurring nightmare that I'm getting married and at the last minute I run out of the building "Runaway Bride" style!

I should just admit it, I kinda, sorta like Nico... in that way... you know... :P

And you know the WORST part about all this!??? I'm not even making myself sick right now, I'm OK with being this way. Kinda new and fun!

lesson kids: Yes life IS all about FUN! It definitely SHOULD be!!

and now I leave you with Belle Perez song, she agrees that life should be fun for everyone:

What I can't believe is that I jumped on the youtube wagon... So addictive, just the other day I got Nicolanguage lessons and was taught to say all kinds of profanities! As far as I'm concerned I'm ready to take on Pancake land.

*** 10 minutes later ***

GET OUT!!! So I decided to actually LOOK UP Belle Perez and she is FROOOM Nicoland (well Belgium to be precise, but close enough.) I've had this song on my Italian summer compilation CD for years, so today was the first time I actually saw the video. I got curious because the scenes were strangely familiar!! Weirdness! Complete Madness!!


>> Tuesday, February 20, 2007

These things are just so fun... I saw them on Annika's blog.

You Are a Golden Blonde
Men see you as flirty and fun, yet deep and thoughtfulYo've got all the pizzazz of a blonde...With the intensity of a brunette
How Blonde Are You?

I like what it says about Golden Blondes. Yey!

You Should Date A Swede!
You're a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.It's more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained fallingYour Swede will give you the unwavering love you craveWhile making up some mean pancakes and meatballs on the side!
Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?

Hmm... a Swede eh? Haha, well I know someone who makes mean pancakes and he is not Swedish. Actually, Pancakes are the national food of "Nicoland"! ;)

I'm just glad it didn't say "Italian", I used to be so crazy about Italian guys. Then I realized, as much as I'd like to think I can, I really CAN'T handle such rollercoaster rides. Not when its an emotional one where you have no idea what the other person is thinking from day to day. Though obviously not every single Italian guys is like that, so it's really not fair to say that. Anyway, everyone must pick a good fit for themselves. What's exciting for some may be a turn off for others.

I guess it's true what they say, you really have to know yourself well and what you WANT before you can seriously be with another person.

Heck... Kaiya just said that a few days ago.

lesson kids: If you love strawberry ice cream but enjoy a chocolate scoop once in a while, it's perfectly OK. But you're still a strawberry ice cream person deep down no matter what.


And this winter wonderland is going on literally in my back woods. Seriously, across the street. I just got a bit jealous looking at blogs from Sweden featuring wonderful snowy scenes. So I decided to prove (to myself) that here in Staten Island we too can have a winter stuff.

A little stream completely frozen!

To take the picture above I actually laid down on the ground, like I see all the photographers do. Hm... I don't know, did it make some kind of difference? Of course I didn't notice a bunch of little twigs right in front of my camera!!!

Ten days till Nico arrives..! I'm curious if this trip will bring new developments. As Kaiya pointed out our every trip had some sort of underlining theme; seeing eachothers' home towns, meeting families, romantic get-aways, so we'll see what this one will be about... :)


My little wish list

>> Saturday, February 17, 2007

(I want I want!!)

Norway - Bondhusbreen Glacier... (I want!)

Iceland, I think its about time I stoped flying (over) it and stop by! (I super want!!)

India... (Have been wanting for a whiiiiiile!!!! Gimmiiii!)

And this photo is just magic. (Even though this is France, I still want!)

What place is number one on your wish list??

pics links: patagonia, norway, iceland, india, france


Relationship advice

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

My friend Kaiya on relationships and the importance of communication and cultivating atmosphere that fosters mutual understanding:

"First of all, you have to know what you want because you're gonna want what you want weather you know what you want or not."

Kaiya you are freakin' BRILLIANT!


Care for a safari?

>> Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Omg omg omg...

I'm having chest pains... experiencing lack of breath...

I always think being a princess is a piece of cake, but when I saw these bad boys I literally almost fainted!

24 always has been my favorite number!!!
I don't get stuff like that every day. Ok, fine... this was a FIRST for me actually!
Ok, now I will go back downstairs to continue being mesmorized!!!
Nico so rocks my world!
(Though to be honest I did give him a hint the size of Africa that I'm wishing for flowers...hehe)


Pasa por aqui!!

>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How gorgeous is this young man, Kuno Becker? And he is actually 28! (I love gorgeous people in my age group). Originally from Mexico, and spent his childhood as a violinist.

Have you seen this movie!? You must. And its a movie you can watch with anyone and you'll be guaranteed a happy crowd.

It's about following your dream... there is soccer, rough play, romance you name it!

Perfect movie if you find yourself having to entertain a seven year old boy. There were however a few things I had to explain to him...

My young date: "Ale, how come when Santiago was talking to the old men in the cafe, they didn't know what he was saying??"

Ale: "Well because the old men are from England, and there soccer is called "football" so when Santiago said "soccer" they were confused. See, in England they sometimes have different words then us for the same thing."

MYD: "Ohh... so that's why Santiago was confused too!"

Ale: "Yep"

MYD: "Ok, so what do they call OUR football in England??"

Ale: "They call it AMERICAN football."

MYD: "Ahh cool. Hey! Maybe they should just call it SOCCER!!"

Ale: "Right ON!!"

Seriously! If only seven year olds ruled the world, I have a feeling things would be so much simpler!

PS: Part 2 is coming out THIS year, and Part 3 is currently filming! I'm definitely looking forward.


SemprePrimavera explains Valentine's Day

>> Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeah it's way to early this Monday morning to be thinking about Valentine's Day (VD) but since I've been up for hours already, it's not too early for me to give an opinion.

Personally I think the whole concept is ridiculous! Having to be romantic on a particular day in a particular way basically negates the meaning of what Romance is!!! Romance is supposed to posses the three "S's": Sspontaneous, Ssurprising and Simply delicious! So I'm personally completely against this ridiculous thing that VD stands for.


We live in a society that places some kind of importance or status on this day weather we like to admit it or not. Ignoring the day... may just arise confusion. I remember my very first Valentine's with my very first boyfriend (at sixteen). I had the idea to take the day as a joke, so I gave him silly boxers with mickey mouse and hearts on them. His reaction: "oh no! now I won't be able to show your gift to my MOM!" Apparently his mom asked what he was giving me (which was a stuffed animal - why I don't know because I never liked stuffed animals) and would be curious as to what I gave as a gift. So basically Valentine's in our society is some kind of "show and tell" about what my girlfriend/boyfriend got me.

Now that we know the rules, we can play.

Explanation: VD is a day on which you publicly confirm the fact that you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Now that we know VD has absolutely nothing to do with the romantic feelings that you both have for each other, we can pick out the GIFT accordingly.

Figure out at what stage of the relationship you are in and what would be an appropriate gift. One that you can talk about with all the nosey relatives, co-workers or friends that are looking out for your best interest and want to make sure your man/woman is treating you correctly.

BTW have you ever wondered why flowers get delivered to the girls' office instead of bringing them to the house in the evening? Easy- so she can display them on her table in front of co workers. Duh!

And guys, as always "the bigger the better" rule applies, yes of course women compare.
In case you are wondering, yes I did follow my own advice. My gift can be easily discussed in the office, with friends AND (as I learned my lesson) with MOM also!
Made 'em myself obviously, first time too!


>> Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm not patient. I can ACT very patient, but I'm not ACTUALLY patient. At least if I want something I'll go make it happen, I'll beat it into happening, I'll BUY it... Unfortunately when another person is involved it's not really the course of action to take.

Nevermind... you didn't hear anything Ok? ;)


What I saw on the subway today.

>> Friday, February 9, 2007


So I had a headache today and didn't feel like using layers of protection on the subway (such a s keeping my head in a book so I can spare myself looking at UGLIES.)

Anyway, so there I was, looking around and its amazing how its always a perfect mix of New York City characters represented on the subway. Lets have a look see:

(not really in any particular order)

1. The Token Crazy Person - the one who mumbles to him/herself, makes fast unnecessary movements with their arms, legs, head or any other body parts that are large enough to draw attention of everyone in the subway cart.

2. The Token Homeless Person - the one that sits/lies/snores/smells in the corner.

3. The Token Singing Person - who insists on belching sounds while walking around with their cup of pennies. (AND who sings the SAME freakin song EVERY DAY! My goodness, how hard is it to alternate your repertoire just a bit eh???)

4. The Token Smiling Girl that just had sex - yes the one that sits there smiling to herself like an idiot with disheveled hair, wearing sweats. Yes congratulations, you're officially a whore, I'm sure everyone in your village of North Dakota or wherever you came from would be proud.

5. The Token Little Smiling Asian girl - uffffff!!!! What's up with Asian girls always looking happy? I think that's why all men love them. They're small, thin, cute, and happy. Oh they make me so mad! Just cus they're probably making lots of money doing something financial, have lots of guys on their shiny black tail and have huge apartments (sponsored by Daddy in Tokyo) this does not give you the right to be all smug lookin'! ((yes some of my best friends are Asian, and once in a while I call them to bitch about being annoyed at little asian girls forgetting that they're in fact Asian... ooopsiii... you know what I meant..heeeeee))

6. The Token Jewish Princess - yes the one with a big nose and an even BIGGER FREAKIN ENGAGEMENT RING on her finger!!! Well I'm SO GLAD JDate worked out for you and that Ira/Moisha/Gosha/Matriosha will be now putting in a deposit on that big ass house in the gated jewish community.

7. The Token Loud Business Men - there is always two or three of them standing right next to each other SCREAMING at the top of their lungs to each other as if to compete some kind of pre-Ice Age competition of "The Animal with the strongest Lungs wins." Yeah, don't forget boys, your manager is most likely a woman! ...Now proceed with the yelling.

8. The Token Happy Immigrant - the ones that sit there with manila folders in hand usually coming or going to some kind of immigration appointment or office, picking up/dropping off some useless papers all for the pleasure and privilage to be FREE to ride the damn subway for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!!! Hmm... don't know, but being super poor living in a tiny village in Mexico somewhere on the river bank, getting together for fiestas with loved ones... sounds much better to me then being super poor in NYC riding the dirty subways and sleeping on bunkbeds in apartments with 20 strangers. But hey to each his own.

And probably the MOST annoying kind of all:

9. The Token Snob who thinks she(he) is better then everyone, sitting there rolling her eyes, sighing with disgust and spraying perfume around herself. Yes, I'm afraid that's the category I fall into. Well, if I wasn't me, I'd say: "If you're not happy to be here, GET THE F.. OUT! NYC is too crowded as it is, no need for ungrateful bastards like you to be here thinking you're above it all!!!!" But since I AM me, I'll just say: "I'm tryyyyying, I'm trying! "As soon as" I'll be OUTA here."


Shall I pour?

>> Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dulce's Birthday is coming up! First of all, WAW, has the year gone by already? I feel like I haven't really accomplished all that much since I go by how many states/countries I move in a period. I did however switch job twice (and looking to do it again right now). I'm telling you kids, job hopping is like drugs, once you're hooked you just can't stop yourself!

Well, the record for me so far, is 3 job changes in a year. Hmmm, if I hop again now, this will make it three, and if I hop again before summer is over, that would be 4 job changes in one year!

But hey, the good news is that if there was ANY doubt before about me working for myself, NOW it is definitely gone. That way I won't be able to job hop! Maybe my ideal career would be starting companies and selling them off. This way I can work for myself AND job hop!!!!

But yes, back to Dulce's Birthday... This is the illustration she sent out to us for "inspiration". This definitely looks like a job I can be happy doing!

Last year her birthday was a total trip.... and OBVIOUSLY we must top it this year!!!

On a totally unrelated note (as always)... I've been thinking... I don't feel blonde enough. I mean, I feel my blonde feeling is dwindling, and it just might be due to the fact that I'm in need of more highlights. Can this be possible?? And by blonde feeling I mean, the fuzzy peach, giggly, happy, sunny, I don't care that I'm about to switch my job for the third time this year, type feeling. You know what I mean?

Well. There is something to be done about it. Hopefully I can book myself an appointment with my shrink. I mean my hair lady.

On another totally unrelated note. I went to get some passport photos with all my family and the photographer totally asked my mom if she was excited for me to be leaving home.

"Her? Leave home??" my mom just waved her hand dismissively in my direction.

"Yeah! Why would I leave home!???" I asked the photographer lady

"Well, how old are you? 18? I imagine you'll be going off to college soon?" She looked confused.

"College??? Yeah, did that TEN YEARS ago!" I said

"Yeah, and she STILL came back to live with us!" Said my mom (is that a bitter note I detect?)
So there! Apparently I STILL look 18. And yes, I'm glad NICO was wrong but still not glad that I look so young. Apparently its the innocent eyes. What crap. Maybe its cus my girls Dulce and Wallstr look like they're 18 as well and its rubbing off on me!!!!

Ok, so I'm back at the initial point of this post, Dulce's upcoming birthday... Yeah, well, its POINTLESS to celebrate it girl, you still look 18. (Ok, maybe now we can try to say 19?)


Don't you just love cupcakes!

>> Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So Highcontrast and I went to Ikea the other day. I drove so, Highcon decided to thank me by feeding me all day!!!

Starting with these INCREDIBLE Red Velvet cupcakes from Amy's Bread! (photo above from Mine disappeared too fast for picture taking!
Endless free refills of Ikea coffee is just mandatory. Then, we OBVIOUSLY had to have some Swedish meatballs with lingdonberry sauce. (Obviously!)
After that more shopping insuid, and let me tell you it is SO nice in Ikea on a Monday since there is NO ONE THERE! However the few people that were there, still afforded us with plenty of opportunities to make fun.
Even on the return trip a bit of traffic was welcomed since we were having an in depth strategy session for our next game plan... One must always have the next step in life planned. It may not happen the way you plan it, but in any case you'll be better prepared.
In the evening some spicy Jambalaya...! I'm not eating ALL day today!


>> Sunday, February 4, 2007

I want to sell something on ebay, what should I sell?????

Now I'm not trying to make a big business out of it or anything, just want to sell a few things for fun... But don't know what??? I have a TON of books, but they're all in kinda yukky state with chocolate all over them and stuff. Cadiz said to paint something and sell it, but that requires "work". My furniture, which is only a few things, from my apartment in the city cost me pennies to begin with... What do I sell??


>> Friday, February 2, 2007

How sweeeeeeeeet! How cute is Nico!?!!!
I was all giggly all day! Awww!! Don't you just luuuuuve being in luuuuuve!!?!!!!
(Yes my assistants are distributing barf bags and you'll get yours in a second.)
Guys in NY totally lack any kind of finesse. True, they're spoiled because lots of girls here just hang themselves on them, but still!!!
I remember from my wild times of living in the city, one guy decided to be elegant and after and evening full giggling on the roof of a popular local bar, to walk me home. On the way there he ducked into a local deli "to grab us a few Snapples" but emerged with a bouquet of little pink roses with red trim. Very nice! At that point I decided that should he ask me out, I would say yes! After all, he was cute, polite and now even sweet!
He apparently had different ideas, and thought the bouquet of roses would actually get him and invitation to come upstairs! Um... r-u-kidding!? Anyway, we had a nice good night kiss at the building door and after he tried a bunch of times to ask me what my apartment number was, he decided to give up. He did say that he'll be back to wait for me underneath the building and sooner or later I would agree to invite him up. At which point I was VERY glad that the building we were standing next to wasn't even MINE! (Always use the building around the corner for such purposes!)
Though the question still stands, what the heck was so difficult in asking me for my number and taking me out to a few dinners? Yes it would have been a bit of a time investment on his part, but that's just the bare minimum come on! Anyway, living in NYC and meeting all these boys that didn't even want to risk a time investment of 3 weeks and perhaps $300 worth of dinners, I realized that I would only take a guy seriously if saw some investments!
That's why it was SO easy to fall for Nico so fast, even to MEET me for the first time he had to cross the Big Water on an Iron Bird!


Fancy that?

>> Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ok I'm not one of those girls that obsesses about the kind of wedding she'd like, etc, etc, etc... BUT, since we're ALREADY on the subject why don't I share a few ideas that...JUST popped into my head...

So how about forgoing the traditional route, and instead renting out a quaint little chalet for your closest 50 friends and family.

Lets see, there should be some a way to cool down after dancing and drinking like crazies...

Oh yeah, and there'll be lots of food too...

And why not have a bit of a view!?

Now... all I have to do is pick out what I will wear!!!!

Oh yeah, this isn't really crucial or anything, but at SOME point I'll need to notify Nico of all this too. OR MAYBE it can be one huge surprise!!!!!?!!!! ....No wait, that won't work, since he'll be paying for it all too...

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