English lesson kids

>> Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ok kids, today we will learn 5 different ways to say the weather is (and will be for the next 10 days) TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!

Lets start with the simple observation that when we are using adjectives to describe something it is best to variate them, thus avoiding repeating the same thing over and over again which will diminish the power of description.

So, lets take the weather that is expected and pick out some nice adjectives to describe it.

For example, how would you say FREAKING RAIN for the next 5 days!!!!!?????

Well lets consult weather.com and see what they came up with.

According to them, CRAP WEATHER could be described by using the following:

"Partly Cloudy" - a safe optimistic way to say CRAP weather
"Cloudy" - see "Partly Cloudy" yet less optimistic
"Showers" - accenting Rain's benevolent functions
"Scattered Showers" - just another way to say RAIN all over the place
"Wind and Rain"- finally admitting that its CRAP weather yet somehow making it seem festive almost like a party... hey guys come on over! Wind and Rain will be here too! Bring Coronas!

This really sucks because I was really hoping to show off the surprisingly good NY september weather to Nico, and now baaaahhh! In fact I was really hoping to get some more bronzature going on too!!!! But fear not! Just another Sempre Primavera challenge... if it really does rain who cares! No one said you can't eat lobsters while it rains!! Or drink various beverages! (With little umbrellas in them!.. haha get it... umbrellas!!! hehehe)

Anyway, we'll see I guess... still plenty of time for the wather people to be wrong...


>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm kinda stressed. Do you know how stressful it is to plan perfectly wonderful romantic weekends!?

Well, I've planned, even if I'll have to pass it off later as something that just luckily happened...

So currently the trunk of my car is just about prepared for anything:
champaign glasses
eye drops
Terry towels
3 litter bottles of water
mini cooler
oh yeah and champaign....

And WHO else would you count on than your friends to help you through the stresses! My friend Dulce went even as far as booking herself and her guy into the very same hotel and eating at the very restaurant that I have reserved... All this just so I can have the reassurance that all is in "A" ok shape!!!! Well, that, and I guess she wanted to have a perfectly wonderful romantic weekend as well. Which it was, she confirmed.. weeehw.

But I'm still nervous about seing Nico... I don't know why!!!

wait... you think I like him... or something?



>> Sunday, August 27, 2006

Got my hair done! I mean... went to have the sun kiss it! (Highlights)

Then Wall Str and I went to the famous Loehmans store where we cleaned up. Seriously, I walked out of there with extremely large bags. I felt the need for a butler named Larry. Ok, fine I'm exaggerating a bit, it was just ONE large bag, but since I haven't been shopping in a while like a big deal.

It was the Italian label sale, so I got the cutest Ellesse skirt, a Golfer's skirt! Kinda short...ish... Here check out their sexy commercial on the website... www.ellesse.it

That's it, I really have nothing more to say right now... My mind is already on the weekend when you know who will be here!


>> Friday, August 25, 2006

So many things are in motion, all kinds of projects are swirling, and honestly that's how I like it! That's the only way I operate though. I did catch a cold from the over air conditioned office! Kaya suggested that it might be a virus. I said why would it be a virus and not AC? Well, new office, new people, new germs... she said. I said, sweet hart! DO YOU know how many people (ugly people) I come in contact with every single day JUST during my commute!?!?!? By 8.30AM I have propably seen EVERYBODY'S germs not only in NY but in the WORLD! Yeah! Its the AC!

ps: look at the counter on the very bottom... FREAK OUT TIME!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!! Don't worry, I'm booked for hair on Saturday, after that vaxing (for my CAR).... then.... just relax and princessify my mind! 4 hour a day commute with ugly people...? Ohhh... haha... that doesn't bother me one bit... I love the easy breasy sunny ferry ride... I love... I love... I love everything... everything is puuuuurrrrfect.... miaaaauuu... miauu..... Ok, I'll be ready.... just keep repeating... miauuu... miauuuuuuuu...


Seduction at the beach...

>> Monday, August 21, 2006

Since we here at SemprePrimavera spend a ton of time at the beach, we decided to share some tips on how to seduce your guy while catching some rays.

Firstly beach fashion is a wonderful excuse to wear UBER slutty short skirts and having it be perfectly OK. So take advantage and get on with that mini. Secondly guys are attracted to all our "girly" stuff such as special lotions, balms, little cute boxes with mystery substances etc... etc... Why? Why simply because they CAN'T have any, and they want some cus all that stuff smells pretty and sparkles. They'll roll they're eyes at you as you brush your hair, apply leave in hair hydrating sea mask, but once you close you're eyes they'll be trying to figure out where the heck the aroma of freshly peeled oranges is coming from.

But lets kid ourselves too much, all that spraying and applying may raise some curiosity, but the sure shot will come when you pull out that long neck from a mini cooler!

Anyone got any other techniques? And guys, do YOU do any seduction tricks on your ladies that I should be watching out for??
Cheers and happy seducing!


What would you do with an extra 20 hours...?

>> Friday, August 18, 2006

Do you know how much one can get done in a week free of a 4 hour commute. That's like what? 20 EXTRA HOURS!!!

Well here is how I put those hours to use:

FINALLY drew up a proposal to a non-profit organization that helps poor kids in Latin America, something I've been meaning to do for months now. This proposal has been so warmly accepted that I got started immediately on its execution. And guess what it entail? A blog for them! :) Finally I can stop talking about volunteering and actually DO something.

Inspiration is like throwing a pebble into a lake, little circles expend and pretty soon you have one turbulent lake! Besides this new activity, I actually made some progress in the realm of my OWN work. Some plans that were in my mind we FINALLY put on paper and then in action. All in all this has been a hugely successful week in terms of progress!

Not to mention some SERIOUS pool time, running, making fruit smoothies... and all kinds of time consuming beauty regiments. Re-la-x-action!

Oh yeah, and I still put in my regular 40ish work hours at the "office".
Simply excellent! Another thing I realized is that I am perfectly capable of working from home. I didn't think I would be considering the fact that all through college I was not able to study "quietly alone". I sought out the liveliest spot in the Library and the local coffee shops.

So that's the positives... the negatives is that it is now officially confirmed that a 4 hour commute poisons your life. Its ok soon enough it will all be over if my projects go well.

Now, how about drewling a little bit... These pictures were taken by the always lovely and talented Kaya when the girls and I were in SARDEGNA!!! Oh the times!!! We were BOSSES overthere, a villa with such a view, a deep blue JAGUAR (it was the only car with automatic transmission available). Cadiz, are you having some memory flashbacks??? I say you tell everyone what you did with the keys to the Jag on the last day.... hmmm :)

Now imagine working from home... from THIS home!! waaaaw... just imagine how productive I would be! ;-)
Wishing you all a sweet weekend!


Fancy a bit of play in the rain??

>> Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Would you just LOOK at that counter on the bottom of the page! Time is flying! During my "lunch hour break" I did a quick run of some of the outfits that will potentially make it into the weekend's repertoire... Uffff! That's why models get paid sacs of money since it is so annoying getting in an out of outfits while practicing a sexy smile... And YES, everysingle outfit Nico sees me in is planned to a T! Even if there might be a mid-afternoon impromptu shower of blessing from the sky and I should have to spontaneously throw on something unplanned I will have a perfect outfit ready!

Ohhhh he won't know what hit him! Yep, there is lots we can learn from vintage pin-up girls! :) You think she didn't know what she was doing when she put on these high heals and that short dress on knowing perfectly well that rain is expected for the day? Oh yeah, she knew!

*Painting of course by Earl Moran



>> Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First of all, I can not BELIEVE its the middle of August already!!! Tomorrow is Ferragosto! That's when all the Italians take a break from their hard jobs and go to spend a day in the country or at the beach. Well, actually its more like, they go to spend the entire day parked in traffic! Poverini!

However what I like about Europe is that there exits a certain togetherness. The entire country watches a certain concert, a certain movie... goes on a picnic on a certain day. Here in the US, everyone just does whatever the heck they want whenever they want. The only "togetherness" we feel is during Christmas shopping season, but that's because it is dictated to us by all the shops.

I don't know to me it just feels like being abandoned by everyone. I should live in a provincial town where everyone is in my business!! Then I feel loved! My neighborhood is actually like this here in Staten Isle. Just the other day I was in the pool and some random neighbor called me over and said: "Soooooo, I hear your boyfriend is coming by your parents' house??? When is he going to be here?? Is he going to be here for the neighborhood party?? We all want to meet him!"

Funny thing is, I don't mind that somehow she found out about my guy, let alone that he is coming here, or that apparently it has been discussed by the neighborhood consortium and that his presense is now expected at the yearly neighborhood party. I don't know, it makes me feel safer, like if say, Nico kidnaps me to his private island of the coast of Bora-Bora, my neighbors will be able to track me down! I probably won't want them too, but still, its comforting to know.

That picture on top was rudely stolen from the internet somewhere just to illustrate the whole Nico kidnapping me to Bora-Bora thing...

Ok, people I'm done working for today... (what...!? I started at 6am! for real) Anyway, I'm going to go grab a cold Corona from my fridge, slice the heck out of a lime and head on over to the pool...


The invisible enemy cries in defeat....

>> Friday, August 11, 2006

Yes perhaps some (all) people may consider this a medically definable disease called delusion, but these people most likely have never lived in NY. Otherwise they would find it perfectly normal to understand that all things that take place in NY are specifically designed to torture people that live there precisely for the fact that they live there.

Oh! You think you're glamorous that you work in Manhattan? Really? Well, we'll make sure you spend at leat 4 HOURS commuting on various forms of PUBLIC transportation with very "public" looking people! Then we'll see if you'll be able to feel glam in your posh office after that..!

Oh, so you decided to move to Manhattan to be close to your posh job and to all the "MARVELOUS" things the city has to offer, wich supposedly include theater and all kinds of exotic restaurants. (Personally I suggest you eat in a Mexican restaurant for an authentically exotic experience since all chefs in Manhattan are in fact from Mexico.) Anyway, you want to enjoy all that??? Well we'll stuff you into a tiiiiiiiny tiiiiiny apartment!!! OH WAIT! That's not enough!! For complete satisfaction we'll CHARGE you extraordinarily for it!!! But don't worry, that forever backing up garbage truck right outside your window that will never stop making these loud beeps, will be there free of charge for you to enjoy... always!

Yes, all bad things that happen to you while you're in Manhattan is the result of this invisible enemy trying to suck the life out of you! Why? For its own evil fun!

Well, today, I won! Working from home, I saved 2 hours of commute time this morning, OH AND 2 hours of commute back... I worked in my pajamas with my laptop on the verandah from 6am to 11am, since its a summer Friday (short work day) I'm done for the day! I have 10 mins till the pool opens and that's where I'll be enjoying the sun!!! Life as it SHOULD be!!! Screw Manhattan!!!!! Not today invisible enemy!!! You can kiss my a$$ when I flip over to tan my back.

*Bad mood is NOT permitted on Sempre Primavera, but aggressive and violent outbursts SURE! Why not!


>> Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow! LOTS of stuff is happening job wise. Or shall I say jobS wise, since I'm currently dabbling in a few different arenas... Well, the on going fiasco at my current job finally culminated in a visit from the FBI apparently, or is that allegedly?? Anyway, I wasn't there because I was "working from home". I guess I'll never know... since I was told to continue to do so untill further developments... FINE with me, its August, and I'd rather answer annoying emails from my chair by the pool! In fact, I totally think going "into" an office is a TOTALLY overrated old idea that is on its due course toward eminent extinction in the very near future. As it is the colleagues I work most closely with are not in my "physical" office anyway, they're in other timezones and other countries.

My second project is going on... we'll see how that will play out.

And MOST importantly and excitingly, I finally took the "Starbucks Prophesy" to heart and put the plans for my own company into action! I am already working on a first project. Slowly but slithering on!

The other order of business is that Nico is coming soon and I still have not picked out all of my outfits, or decided what color should my toes be!


Men are like walkie talkies...women are like Blackberries

>> Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I go running with a friend of mine every evening at the nearby park. During which time we like to discuss the nuances of relationships, men, women etc... I draw on his vast experience (of being a guy) and he likes me to confirm his own theories on women.

Last evening...

Ale: Is it true that men can only concentrate on one thing at a time?

Tino: OFCOURSE NOT!!! That's so ridiculous

Ale: Oh, really? I thought just one thing at a time, like I was talking to Nico on the phone other day, and then all of the sudden I started feeling that he was spacing out... I asked him if he turned on the TV and surely enough he did!

Tino: Nooooohhh! Its not true, see I will teach you: us men, we are always doing too many things at once, that's why sometimes we seem absent minded.

Ale: Such as...

Tino: Like yesterday my girlfriend kept talking to me about something and meanwhile I was literally thinking about like 50 different things in my mind!! Then she got pissed that I wasn't listening to her! I was like, do you know how many things are on my mind right now!?

Ale: Aha... Ok, so basically you're saying you can't TALK and THINK at the same time... meaning you can't do two activities at once.

Tino: What! I just said, I was thinking about like 50 different things!

Ale: Yeah, that's ONE activity, THINKING. Doesn't matter how many things you're thinking about, its still just one action- thinking.

Tino: .....oh yeah................ oh. All right then, we can't concentrate on more than one thing at once.

Tino: Well, and what about women?

Ale: Oh, we can't concentrate at all unless we are doing more than one thing at a time. Like I can't concentrate on a phone conversation unless I'm also emailing someone at the same time, I can't read my Financial Times unless I'm also listening to music... OMG! did I tell you, I was in Long Beach this weekend and found my favorite brand of deodorant at the local pharmacy??!!??!

Tino: There you go perfect example we are having a conversation about one thing and you are thinking about your weekend trip!?!??!!! That explains why my girlfriend sometimes just gets angry at me for no apparent reason, she is probably thinking about something I did before... or maybe will do in the future... you guys are NUTS!!!

Ale: We are not nuts, we are just more advanced.


Did it again!

>> Monday, August 7, 2006

Another extremely faaaHHHbulous weekend! Yes, well any weekend that involves the beach and tropical drinks will just be sooooo good!

Jazz and I went to long island, and I just have to say as much as this young lady seems like a diva-diva, she was promptly waiting form me at the appointed hour of 9am in the morning in front of Balthazar with my coffee in hand!! (Yes, that's AM people... AM!!)

After doing an excellent job on our tans, we proceeded to Long Beach for some lunching! All you lunch enthusiasts get ready for a real treat!!

I had summer salad, greens, tomatoes, goat cheese, and slices of orange... oh was so refreshing and a bit of sweet to it!!!

Jazz's salad had jumbo shrimp and asparagus in it.... we licked those plates clean... which apparently excited the next table full of 18 yr old boys eating big buffalo burgers (which I've had there before and they are supper yummy as well).

For drinks I had a pina colada and Jas a mango daquiry. Sweeeeeet, lip licking goodnes!!!!

We discussed my man and when it would be appropriate timing to start asking for more presents.... and (guys shut close your ears) how to do it in a way that its TOTALLY his idea....

We also discussed her no good for nothin' ex... (well he was definitely good for one thing... but nothing irreprlacable that can't be procured from another able young gentleman.)

We have concluded that no relationship is a failed relationship if girl got Chloe shoes out of it!!!
But as we like to say here at Sempre Primavera. "Thank you very much... NEEEEEXT!!!!"

Here is Jazzy with her Divaesque hat... single (able) young gentlemen... please bring your bottle of Coppertone cus this baby needs some lotion on her shoulders so they don't burn! Quickly!!

Is that a law journal she is reading??

Probably... I glanced over and didn't see any pictures so I'm assuming it was!


Belle rose

>> Friday, August 4, 2006

Oh my goodness! The count down to Nico's visit is on... at the end of this month he is here... Which leaves me less than 27 days to get ready! You know, the usual, getting my tan the perfect shade of golden brown, wardrobe changes, hair, etc, etc, etc, ................ etc. Yes, being naturally beautiful is a good start, but I do believe the extra little somethings that could be done, just gives you that extra bit of mystery... or something like that.

Btw, I don't know if anyone noticed but I added a little counter on the bottom of the page so we know exactly when Nico is coming. Its on the bottom because I don't want to be staring at it the whole time.

*wonderful picture of the aromatic roses has been borrowed from Flickr. These actually are exactly the ones that grew in my grandparents' summer house.


The Fairy Tale

>> Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Yo yo! Ok so here is the magical story of how the princess met her prince...

They met through their friends at a Hawaii themed Royal Ball thrown in the honor of one very exotic princess who could herself be from Hawaii or Bali... or any other super exotic place with big colorful flowers. Anyway, they fell in love at first sight among the garlands of the above mentioned flowers.

How wonderful it was! And even though they are from very different kingdoms, both their families welcomed the other with open arms!

"THANK goodness they're getting married and will be out of our hair!!!!" - exclaimed the royal families

The Prince and the Princess decided indeed to wed and invited all to join in the happy occasion at a nearby Castle! Lots of distinguished guests came from both far and near and it was surely an affair to remember.

Red carpets and Silver carriage brought the happy couple to the Castle - of course!

Everything was beautiful and lovely!!

Isn't it SOOOO romantic!!!?! Isn't Marriage just so magical and wonderful???!!! Don't we all just want to fall in LOOOOOVE??? Oh yes... for a midnight snack the Prince took the Princess to another Castle adorned with Golden Arches...

HAHA!!! Welcome to the married life honey!
No, but seriously, the happy couple are now honeymooning in Hawaii... perhaps because that was the theme of the party they first met at??? We can only guess... Ahhhh Romance...!


>> Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Ahhh so the windy city this past weekend was no where near windy. They were having a heat wave. Teps in the high 90s, as in 99F!!! Even more humid than NY. Even the Lake seemed like a mirage giving off no coolness what so ever.

What wasn't a mirage and was definitely real is seeing my friends and no heat and humidity could prevent hugs and kisses all around!

Kaiya and I went to breakfast on Michigan Ave. I had a lovely omlette with salmon, and Kaiya one with mushrooms and cheese. Both VERY delicious. Also, I was very proud to find that all my training (in eating hot souce) paid off and I was actually able to keep up with her in pouring tabasco all over my food!

After breakfast... which really kinda ran onto lunch hour we headed to the bride's (Re-re's) house to be usefull... or uselessly distracting... or something... The bride was indeed operating at elevated levels of stressfulness, but not too much so to forget to pour us some lovely glasses of pear brandy from her brand new dark wood bar that was chanelling Earnst Hemingway. Loving it!

After helping out (getting drunk) with a few details for the set up of the rehearsal dinner that was to take place in the pool area we skiped over to the church. Mr. Wedding Coordinator for the church explained to the bridal party what we were to do and of course mentioned the fact that he has coordinated quite a few weddings in his years with the church, though never his own... and in fact... he was still looking for that special "bride's maid". (!!!! wow, could this be considered sexual harassment??? and in the Holy House non the less..)

The bride and groom seemed nervous actually... it was super cute. I myself had flashbacks of this recurring dream I've been having since I was 16 where I walk down the isle to get married and at the last moment just walk out! (Though I havn't had this dream for a few years now so maybe I've been cured.)

Back at Re-re's we all ate lots of food and mixed our beers with 7up to keep refreshed. It was very excellent to spend time with everyone and take tons of pictures!

How about these pic? The French Reviera?? Nah... still Windy City! More to follow...


What a totally fabulous weekend with my darling friends!!! Of course the wedding was gorgeous!!! There were fantasy castles, princess like bride and groom who graced us with a song... and even though it was a heat wave in the Windy City we the guests, graced them with a dance. There were swans, peacocks, and gargoyles and naked nympth statues. And the food..... let me just say... watermellon peacock and chocolate covered strawberry pyramids fit for the pharaoh himself. Waaaahhhhw! Loved it...!!! Yes as Cadiz says, I will have pictures, but tomorrow, because today I'm majorly jet lagged.

*Funny how I'm only jet legged upon returning home to NY from a good time! Its only ONE hour time difference, but somehow I guarantee I'll be jet lagged till net weekend. :)

Visit the maid of honor Cadiz for her version of the festivities. Pictures manana!

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