Seduction at the beach...

>> Monday, August 21, 2006

Since we here at SemprePrimavera spend a ton of time at the beach, we decided to share some tips on how to seduce your guy while catching some rays.

Firstly beach fashion is a wonderful excuse to wear UBER slutty short skirts and having it be perfectly OK. So take advantage and get on with that mini. Secondly guys are attracted to all our "girly" stuff such as special lotions, balms, little cute boxes with mystery substances etc... etc... Why? Why simply because they CAN'T have any, and they want some cus all that stuff smells pretty and sparkles. They'll roll they're eyes at you as you brush your hair, apply leave in hair hydrating sea mask, but once you close you're eyes they'll be trying to figure out where the heck the aroma of freshly peeled oranges is coming from.

But lets kid ourselves too much, all that spraying and applying may raise some curiosity, but the sure shot will come when you pull out that long neck from a mini cooler!

Anyone got any other techniques? And guys, do YOU do any seduction tricks on your ladies that I should be watching out for??
Cheers and happy seducing!


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