What would you do with an extra 20 hours...?

>> Friday, August 18, 2006

Do you know how much one can get done in a week free of a 4 hour commute. That's like what? 20 EXTRA HOURS!!!

Well here is how I put those hours to use:

FINALLY drew up a proposal to a non-profit organization that helps poor kids in Latin America, something I've been meaning to do for months now. This proposal has been so warmly accepted that I got started immediately on its execution. And guess what it entail? A blog for them! :) Finally I can stop talking about volunteering and actually DO something.

Inspiration is like throwing a pebble into a lake, little circles expend and pretty soon you have one turbulent lake! Besides this new activity, I actually made some progress in the realm of my OWN work. Some plans that were in my mind we FINALLY put on paper and then in action. All in all this has been a hugely successful week in terms of progress!

Not to mention some SERIOUS pool time, running, making fruit smoothies... and all kinds of time consuming beauty regiments. Re-la-x-action!

Oh yeah, and I still put in my regular 40ish work hours at the "office".
Simply excellent! Another thing I realized is that I am perfectly capable of working from home. I didn't think I would be considering the fact that all through college I was not able to study "quietly alone". I sought out the liveliest spot in the Library and the local coffee shops.

So that's the positives... the negatives is that it is now officially confirmed that a 4 hour commute poisons your life. Its ok soon enough it will all be over if my projects go well.

Now, how about drewling a little bit... These pictures were taken by the always lovely and talented Kaya when the girls and I were in SARDEGNA!!! Oh the times!!! We were BOSSES overthere, a villa with such a view, a deep blue JAGUAR (it was the only car with automatic transmission available). Cadiz, are you having some memory flashbacks??? I say you tell everyone what you did with the keys to the Jag on the last day.... hmmm :)

Now imagine working from home... from THIS home!! waaaaw... just imagine how productive I would be! ;-)
Wishing you all a sweet weekend!


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