>> Friday, August 25, 2006

So many things are in motion, all kinds of projects are swirling, and honestly that's how I like it! That's the only way I operate though. I did catch a cold from the over air conditioned office! Kaya suggested that it might be a virus. I said why would it be a virus and not AC? Well, new office, new people, new germs... she said. I said, sweet hart! DO YOU know how many people (ugly people) I come in contact with every single day JUST during my commute!?!?!? By 8.30AM I have propably seen EVERYBODY'S germs not only in NY but in the WORLD! Yeah! Its the AC!

ps: look at the counter on the very bottom... FREAK OUT TIME!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!! Don't worry, I'm booked for hair on Saturday, after that vaxing (for my CAR).... then.... just relax and princessify my mind! 4 hour a day commute with ugly people...? Ohhh... haha... that doesn't bother me one bit... I love the easy breasy sunny ferry ride... I love... I love... I love everything... everything is puuuuurrrrfect.... miaaaauuu... miauu..... Ok, I'll be ready.... just keep repeating... miauuu... miauuuuuuuu...


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