Men are like walkie talkies...women are like Blackberries

>> Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I go running with a friend of mine every evening at the nearby park. During which time we like to discuss the nuances of relationships, men, women etc... I draw on his vast experience (of being a guy) and he likes me to confirm his own theories on women.

Last evening...

Ale: Is it true that men can only concentrate on one thing at a time?

Tino: OFCOURSE NOT!!! That's so ridiculous

Ale: Oh, really? I thought just one thing at a time, like I was talking to Nico on the phone other day, and then all of the sudden I started feeling that he was spacing out... I asked him if he turned on the TV and surely enough he did!

Tino: Nooooohhh! Its not true, see I will teach you: us men, we are always doing too many things at once, that's why sometimes we seem absent minded.

Ale: Such as...

Tino: Like yesterday my girlfriend kept talking to me about something and meanwhile I was literally thinking about like 50 different things in my mind!! Then she got pissed that I wasn't listening to her! I was like, do you know how many things are on my mind right now!?

Ale: Aha... Ok, so basically you're saying you can't TALK and THINK at the same time... meaning you can't do two activities at once.

Tino: What! I just said, I was thinking about like 50 different things!

Ale: Yeah, that's ONE activity, THINKING. Doesn't matter how many things you're thinking about, its still just one action- thinking.

Tino: .....oh yeah................ oh. All right then, we can't concentrate on more than one thing at once.

Tino: Well, and what about women?

Ale: Oh, we can't concentrate at all unless we are doing more than one thing at a time. Like I can't concentrate on a phone conversation unless I'm also emailing someone at the same time, I can't read my Financial Times unless I'm also listening to music... OMG! did I tell you, I was in Long Beach this weekend and found my favorite brand of deodorant at the local pharmacy??!!??!

Tino: There you go perfect example we are having a conversation about one thing and you are thinking about your weekend trip!?!??!!! That explains why my girlfriend sometimes just gets angry at me for no apparent reason, she is probably thinking about something I did before... or maybe will do in the future... you guys are NUTS!!!

Ale: We are not nuts, we are just more advanced.


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