Fancy a bit of play in the rain??

>> Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Would you just LOOK at that counter on the bottom of the page! Time is flying! During my "lunch hour break" I did a quick run of some of the outfits that will potentially make it into the weekend's repertoire... Uffff! That's why models get paid sacs of money since it is so annoying getting in an out of outfits while practicing a sexy smile... And YES, everysingle outfit Nico sees me in is planned to a T! Even if there might be a mid-afternoon impromptu shower of blessing from the sky and I should have to spontaneously throw on something unplanned I will have a perfect outfit ready!

Ohhhh he won't know what hit him! Yep, there is lots we can learn from vintage pin-up girls! :) You think she didn't know what she was doing when she put on these high heals and that short dress on knowing perfectly well that rain is expected for the day? Oh yeah, she knew!

*Painting of course by Earl Moran


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