>> Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First of all, I can not BELIEVE its the middle of August already!!! Tomorrow is Ferragosto! That's when all the Italians take a break from their hard jobs and go to spend a day in the country or at the beach. Well, actually its more like, they go to spend the entire day parked in traffic! Poverini!

However what I like about Europe is that there exits a certain togetherness. The entire country watches a certain concert, a certain movie... goes on a picnic on a certain day. Here in the US, everyone just does whatever the heck they want whenever they want. The only "togetherness" we feel is during Christmas shopping season, but that's because it is dictated to us by all the shops.

I don't know to me it just feels like being abandoned by everyone. I should live in a provincial town where everyone is in my business!! Then I feel loved! My neighborhood is actually like this here in Staten Isle. Just the other day I was in the pool and some random neighbor called me over and said: "Soooooo, I hear your boyfriend is coming by your parents' house??? When is he going to be here?? Is he going to be here for the neighborhood party?? We all want to meet him!"

Funny thing is, I don't mind that somehow she found out about my guy, let alone that he is coming here, or that apparently it has been discussed by the neighborhood consortium and that his presense is now expected at the yearly neighborhood party. I don't know, it makes me feel safer, like if say, Nico kidnaps me to his private island of the coast of Bora-Bora, my neighbors will be able to track me down! I probably won't want them too, but still, its comforting to know.

That picture on top was rudely stolen from the internet somewhere just to illustrate the whole Nico kidnapping me to Bora-Bora thing...

Ok, people I'm done working for today... (what...!? I started at 6am! for real) Anyway, I'm going to go grab a cold Corona from my fridge, slice the heck out of a lime and head on over to the pool...


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