>> Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow! LOTS of stuff is happening job wise. Or shall I say jobS wise, since I'm currently dabbling in a few different arenas... Well, the on going fiasco at my current job finally culminated in a visit from the FBI apparently, or is that allegedly?? Anyway, I wasn't there because I was "working from home". I guess I'll never know... since I was told to continue to do so untill further developments... FINE with me, its August, and I'd rather answer annoying emails from my chair by the pool! In fact, I totally think going "into" an office is a TOTALLY overrated old idea that is on its due course toward eminent extinction in the very near future. As it is the colleagues I work most closely with are not in my "physical" office anyway, they're in other timezones and other countries.

My second project is going on... we'll see how that will play out.

And MOST importantly and excitingly, I finally took the "Starbucks Prophesy" to heart and put the plans for my own company into action! I am already working on a first project. Slowly but slithering on!

The other order of business is that Nico is coming soon and I still have not picked out all of my outfits, or decided what color should my toes be!


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