>> Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Ahhh so the windy city this past weekend was no where near windy. They were having a heat wave. Teps in the high 90s, as in 99F!!! Even more humid than NY. Even the Lake seemed like a mirage giving off no coolness what so ever.

What wasn't a mirage and was definitely real is seeing my friends and no heat and humidity could prevent hugs and kisses all around!

Kaiya and I went to breakfast on Michigan Ave. I had a lovely omlette with salmon, and Kaiya one with mushrooms and cheese. Both VERY delicious. Also, I was very proud to find that all my training (in eating hot souce) paid off and I was actually able to keep up with her in pouring tabasco all over my food!

After breakfast... which really kinda ran onto lunch hour we headed to the bride's (Re-re's) house to be usefull... or uselessly distracting... or something... The bride was indeed operating at elevated levels of stressfulness, but not too much so to forget to pour us some lovely glasses of pear brandy from her brand new dark wood bar that was chanelling Earnst Hemingway. Loving it!

After helping out (getting drunk) with a few details for the set up of the rehearsal dinner that was to take place in the pool area we skiped over to the church. Mr. Wedding Coordinator for the church explained to the bridal party what we were to do and of course mentioned the fact that he has coordinated quite a few weddings in his years with the church, though never his own... and in fact... he was still looking for that special "bride's maid". (!!!! wow, could this be considered sexual harassment??? and in the Holy House non the less..)

The bride and groom seemed nervous actually... it was super cute. I myself had flashbacks of this recurring dream I've been having since I was 16 where I walk down the isle to get married and at the last moment just walk out! (Though I havn't had this dream for a few years now so maybe I've been cured.)

Back at Re-re's we all ate lots of food and mixed our beers with 7up to keep refreshed. It was very excellent to spend time with everyone and take tons of pictures!

How about these pic? The French Reviera?? Nah... still Windy City! More to follow...


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