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>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina.

Apparently this is the ONLY glacier in the world that is NOT diminishing in size. HA! Take that global warming! So does that mean I can continue to let my water run as I brush my teeth....?

The whole green vs not green products etc. I personally think we are way to advanced in ruining the earth to be able to reverse the damage, however learning to live "greenly" is probably a good idea if BY SOME DIVINE MIRACLE the world will somehow self rejuvinate and basically give us another chance... Wheather this miraculous intervention will happen or not is totally out of our hands.

Personally, the reason I'm sold on using natural products, made the "green" way is because corporate, penny pinching, evil fat cats can just shove their parabens up their fannies cus even though I think Penelope Cruz is pretty she is MOST probably using some home made beauty concoction her grandma taught her rather then your 6Euro trash that you make her advertise.

Anyway, JUST not to be taken for a fool, we should not buy this nonsense. They have a choice to make their products healthy and good, but they choose to peddle cheap sh-it. Seriously how DARE them knowingly choose to make and sell crap!???? Well because they think that if we see Penelope's face on it we will buy it no matter what. And you know why they think so? Well, clearly because they think we are IDIOTS.

So that's it! boycott all this nonsense.

ditto for nasty food with "additives"...

ditto HOLLYWOOD! look people how many times do I have to say it... if you keep watching idiotic crap on TV and paying good money to watch similar idiotic crap in the movies, they'll keep making it! Same goes to the rest of the world. I understand you don't have enough money to organize your own movie studios and it's easier to buy ready made hollywood nonsense, but come on, can you at least try???

Well, i'm glad I got this off my chest, so basically, since we can't shop for clothes, shoes, food, COSMETICS... it's time to pack our bag (on second thought don't bother brining your yukky sinthetics..) and move to the deapth of AMAZON. Yo, I rather take my chances with Anaconda jumping out and eating me... rather then the slow and sure strangulation that we are undergoing every day in today's world!!!!!!!


Depressing? Nah... there really are good products and companies out there, unfortunately not many and we have to seek them out with our own energies.

anyway, lets get back to some really important pressing issues, such as regular partying! ...which will recommence... ...... ......NOW!!!!


MARCH Babies!!!!

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

What a fabulous day! I have to admit something... I LOVE Birthdays!!

I just think that there is no way you could go wrong on that day! It's a day to reflect on the year and celebrate all the achievements all the good things and toast to the next year! (Kind of like a very PRIVATE New Years Eve!). I know some people tend to be sad or depressed that they're getting older or for whatever other reasons. I think you should always be happy especially on that day.
Birthday is simply a chance to remember all the great things in your life and infact say thank you to the people in your life. Even if you've had a terrible year lets say, Birthday is a chance to close the chapter and make new plans for the next year! Next year being a brand new chance to make it a great one!

Well enough philosophy. I love Birthdays. I love presents, little presents,
big presents, shiny presents, drinkable presents, EATable
presents!!! All prents are ALL GOOD with me!!
And... best of all... Birthdays come complete with their very own PARTY! Well since this is my big 3-0 I have decided to party year round! ha!
Speaking of celebrations la Bernadetta and Rainirio gave birth (well SHE gave birth and I believe Rainirio stood by trying to be helpful?) anyway, gave birth to little Nate-baby! In fact it's the second Nate-boy I know under the age of 2. How adorable, I had instructed B to have the bay ON my birthday but I guess she was 5 hours late... it's ok! Close enough! March babies rock! Though I don't think she was worried about it as she was in labour...
Hmm... having babies is deffinitely NOT a party, I mean the word "labour" should be a complete give away that it's WORK!! Labour - not party- but work! Just sayin'......
Anyway back to ME.
People are asking me how it feels to be 30. Well I say GREAT! I now no longer have to make excuses for being so glam, fab, elegant, nor do I have to wait for special occasions to wear big rings and furs! Thank you very much!
Now I just have to really make myself believe that I'm grown up enough to have a mercedes in midnight blue (the color is all the rage this spring btw), a yacht, and donate obscene amounts to non profit causes. (All the starts to it!) ;)
Ok, I will now let EGO out as it's feeling stifled in this livingroom...


A walk in the "park"

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Monday in the middle of crazy snow storm... there came through some sunshine and beautiful blue skies! I just can't get enough of the dunes!!

This is what it looked like in the morning. I took a picture, I knew you'd ask :)


The Russian Mistique

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love this painting... a copy used to hang at our dacha in Ukraine.
On Saturday we attended the Russische sprookjes, volksverhalen en legenden exhibition at the Groninger Museum. It was a collection of a number of famous Russian artists that worked on illustrating old folklore, stories and legends. I was pleasantly surprized at the amount of paintings and drawing that were brought in. Ahhh was so good to see all the illustrations to the stories mom read to me everyday at badtime. Russian folklore is incredibly rich. I mean you have your beautiful girl, the good looking prince, mystical animals and forests that help our main charachters fight the bad guys, Kashei and Baba Yaga. Then of course there are countless humourous stories featuring Ivan, the idiot who always outsmarts everyone! High sea adventures, stories of glory, honor and bravery. Ahhhh....

Here are three princesess representing Gold, Silver and Iron. Just to illustrate how Iron has always been thought of as an extremely important element.

I was excited to show Vito a bit more of the culture from which I'm coming from... though I think the only thing I convinced him more is of my snobby, elitist attitude :P So what if I mean it when I say I'm a princess. To be perfectly honest (and don't go around repeating this) I would also be very happy with a simple countess title. (See, don't say I'm a snob.)

There were also a big exhibition of Chinese ancient bronzes. Very prettily done, with mysterious white gauze curtains... hanging mysteriously 'round. Of course Vito and I couldn't resist playing some hide and seek. Almost knocked one of the stands over...

And... here is me with my true treasure find! A scarf that I got in Argentina, I met the designer who is awesome, her entire line is based on Patagonia inspiration.


Happy feet!

>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

I was in DIRE need of pampering!!! I mean, it took 3 WEEKS to get an appointment at this beauty salon... I mean hello, do they seriously not realize WHO I AM!?? Ugh! After Argentina I've been just waiting to get my pedi done... I literally had to sleep with my (extra fluffy white) spa socks on so that the world does not see my NAKED (as in no COLOR) toes!!! ...Not that the "WORLD" sleeps with me, but you know what I mean, I myself did not want to even look at them, see I try to block out all the depressing images.

Also, I couldn't let Vito see my toes, I mean, I have him convinced that my toes are naturally pearly pink, I can't let him know the real truth! ("Real" truth, btw is a genius frase made up by my little brother. Whenever (always) he doubted the authenticity of our explanations for why a certain thing must be done, like not eating in front of TV or brushing teeth everyday- he would always ask: "Are you telling me the REAL truth?" goodness, nothing can get by kids these days.

So yes, must not let Vito know "REAL truth".... ;) ....oh right, he reads this blog...hi honey!...

ps: so now I got "Easter toes"! I love Chanel...
psps: I wanted to take pictures at the salon, but forgot in all the commotion. I do have to say that since we got Chanel pedicures we did not want to risk ruining them so we wore our little spa flip-flops to walk down the street to our dinner... IN THE FREEZING RAIN. Ahh... the stuff we do for beauty!


>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

In exactly ONE week it'll be my b-day. Hint: it's a BIG round NUMBER! I don't mind it's ok, it's ok (repeat ten times, stop, repeat again.) But really I actually don't mind because I still look 17 and trying desperately to dress appropriately and even put away my very mini-minis just so I can arrive at looking my actual age! People say, Oh it's GREAT! you're so lucky you look young, when you're 50 you'll look 35. Yeah right! I'm sure it doesn't work that way... I'll probably look 20 till 35 and after that I'll start looking 50. So basically I will skip out on everything between 35 and 50!? That's not fun.

Lets see, here are advantages for looking way younger...

1. Paying for a 16 and under juniors pass to go to the pool... at 26
2. Skiing at a big discount on a junior pass (16 and under).... at 28
When I was in my senior year of High School my family moved from NY to Chicago. I got hit on by ALL kinds of FRESHMEN! Imagine the embarrassment when some little boy with his cap on backwards would stroll into my AP English and hand me a note from his "friend". YES a NOTE! Like, if you like me check the BOX. But I thought it was funny... I always kinda had a thing for younger men.... Though maybe its because they were the only ones that would approach me...

However, I annoyingly had to try really hard to look older (my age) to be taken seriously... like wearing fake glasses to a job interview (I got the job... then slowly fazed out the glasses). Getting carded EVERYWHERE (well now in Europe this does not happen of course). Here I can drink all kinds of drinkies to my heart's delight and not have to show my id. I can have like 21 beers a night and no one will even blink! Just kidding! That was only that one time! (ok, two times..)

Well before we party hardy for my birthday.... we shall party on over a 4 DAY WEEKEND for Easter! whoohooo! Also my b-day party will have to be sometime in April since many of my superfabulous and glamorous friends are traveling.... China, North Carolina, Paris... Sydney! (Ha! don't you love it, NC is now an exotic destination!)

Hope the weather will play along. Snow is expected on Saturday! BTW the picture above, I took in my neighborhood this winter. It never actually snowed, but it was just FROSTY everywhere.

Weird Holland.



Major party poopers

>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008


One of the cockiest firms, the oldest investment firm, Bear Sterns have been stabbed with a needle and all the HOT air has pfffffed and escaped out. Bear sterns was sold to jp morgan for chump change. All the employees with their fancy stock plans are now being counseled by grief councilors (provided by Bear Sterns) about what to do as you see your life savings go out the window.

Now this is a VERY good lesson to everyone. Have you not been listening ot your mamas? DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO STRANGERS! You give your money to strangers, you will not see it ever. You go to work be happy that you have a place to go to everyday that pays you. BUT don't turn around and give that hard earned money BACK to the people that riped it out of their loins to give it to you in the first place!??? WHY?

That's why NOBODY will see any of my.. MILLIONS (of pennies)!!! I will take the pennies and buy land, houses, gold chunks, little islands of the coast of south america. But I'll never give that money to "uncle"!!!!

Anyway, I just hope that this is a good lesson for everyone. Don't let other people make decisions about your moneys. They're smarter then you??? Of course they're not!!! They're all IDOTS!

Party on!

ps: oh just in case you are worried sick about the top executives at Bear Sterns... DONT WORRY!!! THEY have been quietly selling off their company shares since last year!!!! so much for inside trading being a no-no. Sure you make an example of a poor polish girl Marta, but no problem, all the fat cat criminals at Bear Sterns will not be touched. BS! yes isn't it funny show the Bear Sterns and bull shit carry the same initials "BS".


The party has started... un deux trois!!!

>> Monday, March 17, 2008

It's official!

Like take today for example. The party started out at approximately 7.22am as I stepped onto the party train. It was PACKED! I mean EVERYONE wanted to be IN! I moseyed on upstairs to the "lounge" to lounge until it was my stop.

I then spent about 9 hours partying at this other place (that I party at every day from 8.30 to 5.30)... It was... fun... ! ehem....

Then I partied again on the party train. It was even MORE packed! What a meat market!

Now I'm home, and just having a chill- afterparty.

Party on you party animals!
*picture is really of the station I go to everyday.


Ahh the open road!

>> Sunday, March 16, 2008

It seems like such a long time ago, just a few weeks ago we were driving around Argentina...
As you can note, blogging has been going very poorly for me. I really think I need a new angle. The whole "sunny all the time" is not really working. I'm thinking maybe to take mom and dad's advice and rename this blog. "Party all the time".... Or jet setting all the time, something that I actually DON'T do everyday but, lets say, strive to. Maybe I can just pretend I'm really really rich, and write all the stories with that twist to it??? A bit "fake it till you make it" type deal???
Any suggestions on a new 'angle' for the blog?


intermission 2

>> Thursday, March 13, 2008

things that are not right with the world.

- people that use email service other than gmail need to stop. I know it's creepy to see ads relating to your private emails on the side bar, but it's even more annoying if i can't see your name on the left side bar with a little green dot next to it.

- coffee should be HOT. Now get it right people. Just because some lady burned herself and sued McDonalds does not mean everyone should now serve luke warm coffee. It should be HOT. It should not be BOILING but it should be HOT. GET IT RIGHT!

- it should not rain when i'm wearing a skirt

- or nice boots/shoes

- basically it should just NOT rain when i'm going to work, or to a party or anywhere else that involves getting there by being outside. If I'm using my private underground network of connecting passageways, then by all means, it may rain.

- please do NOT make a leaning tower of pisa out of my FOOD! Have you not heard that architectural food is OUT!

- just because the fashion now days is total crap, it does not mean you have to follow suit (haha get it) and fill your stores with similarly sub par articles!!!

- tip for wearers: if it makes 9ft stick models look chubby, chances are it's making you look like a WHALE. Don't wear it just because it's "in fashion".

-tip to fashion designers: if you insist on designing clothes meant for the unfortunate women who were born with no boobs, no ass and with bones protruding out of their shoulders and ribs good luck. cus i'm not buying your clothes. (and neither will any other woman with a kick ass figure because she would like something that fits HER not her refrigerator.)

note: I've reviewed Fall 2008 RTW collections and we have some hope.... the clothes still look like the designers had no rulers and just cut any which way, but the shapes are at least more resembling a human body rather then... a BALL.... or a kittie litter box.

please can someone make PRETTY clothes? is that so hard? stop taking drugs they're obviously bad for you!!!!

some things in the world are still done correctly:

- when I ask you to suggest a cocktail that I may enjoy (that it should be sweet but not too sweet, should not include, pineapple juice, orange juice or vodka) do understand me from half a sentence and bring me an excellent cocktail with tanquerey and wild berries.


PATAGONIA!!!! pictures worth thousand of words

>> Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Posted by Picasa


Buenos Aires

>> Monday, March 3, 2008

I must say I feel really good to be back. That is, I'm not all depressed that vacation is over and it's back to "real life". I think it's because I like my "real life". Though I feel that Holland is my home now, I still felt like coming back would be simply continuing the party else where! Hmm... what do they say, that the "honeymoon" period with a new place is 2 years? Well, I'm just reaching year 1 so we still got some time :)

Now... Argentina! Some spoilers: icebergs floating in turquoise waters, no money in ATM machines, lots of MEAT, psychodelic multi-tone mountains, towns of 4 streets, floods, mudslides and other natural wonders, wine ice-cream! airlines on strike, big water and last but not least, cross border document issues.

We'll start from the very begining.

Buenos Aires (BsAs)

And I couldn't resist to snap a pic of few very sexy locals! ;)


This place was amazing! Olsen, Scandinavian Restaurant in Palermo. It was just oozing sexyness. The food was fantastic and their cocktails were out of this world.

Place/Contact: Gorriti 5870 - Palermo, Buenos AiresTel: +54 (11) 4776 7677

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