>> Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gorgeous days of Spring have began!  The other day we had 19.2C which was the warmest March 22nd in the Netherlands EVER.  Ok, but this is not really the point of my post.  What I'm trying to get at is that due to such freaky warm weather we had the door wide open at the house and we have not installed the screen door yet.  This GINORMOUS, GIGANTICUS, ENORMANCE bumble bee flew inside.

The dumb thing buzzing REALLY loudly bumping his head against the window on the opposite side of the door.  He was huge, he was so huge that you can see the hairs on his individual paw fingers.  I mean, the hair on his paw fingers had hair.  I have never seen such a huge bumble bee!

Unfortunately both Vito and I do NOT do bugs or insects.  Usually I fake cry and get him to take care of those beasts but this time I tried that, he just looked at me and said Uh-uh!  I'm not going anywhere near that thing!

Now all this dialogue is happening as we stand in the hallway behind the closed glass door clutching our child to our hearts.  The child by the way looked pretty willing to wobble into the room and take care of the hairy beast himself.  And me in spite of being a panicky, over protective mother actually for a second considered letting him.  I mean the alternative would have been us moving out of the house...

Then the bumble bee flew out of the door back into the street.

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