>> Thursday, June 30, 2005

Here we go- here we go... I'm in LOVE!

I love it! Who ever will learn to bottle this stuff will be the richest person alive!!! Than again, that's probably the point- it's impossible to artificially reproduce this.

Before I give you the wrong idea, I must say that no, my gorgeous older man and I have not even been out yet. However we have been talking on the phone just about everyday. Funny, because I hate talking on the phone with guys (men) I like. I'm a very "tactile" person, I prefer getting to know someone new face to face. I like to observe...

Detail* He called me the very next day. I think that's the only way it should be. I even prefer them to call me immediately after I walk away. None of that 3 day waiting period nonsense, that' s for gun control, not love patrol.

Right- Back to being in LOVE-

Its awesome! What a high. Life is completely different now, yet nothing changed...
People seem prettier (yes, even on the train).
I run further in the park.
Birds sing for me. For ME!
My usual self satisfied smirk is now a BIG self satisfied smile.
The colors are more vivid- I'm so serious- I was staring at trees as I ran, and I couldn't believe how GREEN they looked.
The sounds are more alive... WE GOT STEREO PEOPLE!!!

Fine, I'm running ahead of myself, we haven't even been out yet. Who cares. What's important is that I feel niiiiice. Anticipation is the best.

Its like the energy in the air before a storm. Once you hear that first thunder the mystery is unvailed, you can guess what's coming...

Aaaah... I love being in love, SO good for your skin!


Why little pink pigs are flying over NYC.

>> Sunday, June 26, 2005

Little pink pigs!

Right, so all this talk about younger men... and you know what I did the other day!? I met an OLDER man! OOOH MY GOODNESS- I can see little pink pigs flying above NYC, because only under these circumstances was I going to catch myself liking an older man.

I know there are jaws dropping all over the world because every single person that knows me KNOWS that younger men are a religion to me almost. Its just the way it is! And now... this...

Before we get carried away, its not like I'm in love or anything close to it, its just that I actually met someone who I think is very sexy and who is OLD. Relatively speaking he is not old, I mean, he is only 35. But looking at my stats, that would be like a good 12 years older than the guys I like to date. Not to mention, eight years older than me! That's HUGE! Unthinkable, unimaginable!! Just impossible.

Another totally impossible thing is that I came up to talk to HIM! Now as forward, and feminist and liberated and all that nonsense that I am... I will NEVER do that. I will not go up to a guy unless he come up to me. Now, Jasmine had a post about that and I left a madwoman's reply saying not to EVER go up to a guy... another reason why the pink little pigs are making their flight...

I know this will never ever get serious (because that's what I do- I always specifically choose guys that I know I can never be serious with. I don't' do it on purpose, but for some reason its always like that). I'm just really surprised that I find him so attractive. He is one of those guys (men) that just makes you smile as you're on the subway and people just look at you and KNOW you're up to no good... hehehe

Ok, I'm going to go take pictures of the little pink pigs because its one of those rare occurrences, you know!? I'm kinda embarrassed about the whole thing... its just not something I would ever do.

P.S. talking about something I would NEVER do... Today for the very first time in my entire life I put on sun block. (SPF 15) soooo embarrassing ...little pink pigs...


My hero!

>> Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just another proof that younger men rock! (Hard)
As usual, I drove to the beach early Saturday morning to go running. It was a gorgeous day, pretty clouds, light breeze, just perfect! I parked, and was just standing near the car to change from my flip flops into sneakers and this ugly, UGLY bug flew into the open windows of the car and wedged itself into the corner between the dashboard and the glass.


I don't fear anything (of course not), except for ugly insects!!!!! Now I stress: UGLY insects. Cute insects I have NO problem with. Like, ladybugs, little ants, (I think of the cartoon Bugs), even daddy long legs spiders are OK. But weird ugly looking bugs, that make noises and fly in a weird disorderly fashion I just cannot stand.

This bug was SO UGLY. It was like grayish black, had a weird rectangular body... with weird mass of wings... I'm cringing right now as I write this. It made a buzzing noise when it flew, and its flight patterns were very unpredictable. Plainly speaking it seemed drunk of its ass. The stupid thing kept flying around bumping into the window, the ceiling... it was just a mess!

After the initial 10 minutes of being disgusted watching it behave stupidly in my car... I opened (quickly) all the windows and doors hoping that it would have enough sense to fly out. (Although by the looks of it, this bug did not promise intelligence.) Anyway, it did not leave, but just alternated between the left and the right wedge of the dashboard. Ewwwewww!

I tried poking at it with some LONG twigs that I found near by, but it did not help. It would just buzz angrily, and I swear it was giving me dirty looks with its red, bloodshot eyes. I knew I needed backup... Looking around I spotted a nice young gentleman sitting on the railing of the "Beach staff" hut. I guess he was waiting for his shift to start or something. I marched all the way across the parking lot and asked him if he had a minute to help me with a certain situation with my car. To which he should have replied: "My mommy says not to go to cars with strange ladies... But no, the lad came along.

As we walked to my car, I explained the graveness of this problem and the degree of ugliness of the bug. He listened very attentively, not once giving me the condescending look as if to say- you silly little girl, scared of an iti-bitti bug. He even said it was a good idea that I called him over because they just recently were trained on the various new breeds of insects for the long island area that can be harmful and he would be able to identify it. Awww, soooo smart! (And a good way to make me feel ok about going nuts over some stupid bug.)

At the car he carried himself as a real knight in shining armor (as I stood WAAY back). He almost bare handedly exiled the offensive insect out of my vehicle in under 10 seconds.
Thaaank you, thank you thaaaank you!!! I sang while clapping my hands in a "rescued damsel in distress type way". He blushed, and said it was NO PROBLEM! Awwww, sooo cute!

Lesson to all ladies: Younger men are just better!

Younger men try to impress you, while older guys expect you to be impressed.
Younger men will treat you like a princess, older men will treat you like their maid.
Younger men assume that you are smarter, older men will NEVER admit you know something that they don't.

Older men (and by that I mean more than 3 yrs older) are just annoying. Its just all over for me when they begin to give me the lecture informing me that the sky is in fact blue. WAAAW, REALLY??? you don't say!?! So annoying. My personal favorite-- when they try to translate the italian menu for me.

Lesson to older men: Honeys, NOTHING that you say or do will impress the girl. (don't flatter yourself thinking that it might.) What WILL impress her is seeing you genuinely TRY to impress her. In our minds we are laughing at you the moment you open your mouth! So the only favor you can do yourself is not to sound so self assured- at least that way you have a shot at looking LESS silly.

Younger men: You're great. Please submit photos, and a brief paragraph to Sempreprimavera HQ at sempreprimavera.blogspot.com - Thanks-

p.s. I'm not in a bad mood or anything... just teaching everyone how to live, yet again- you're welcome! :)


Matchmaking Grandmama

>> Thursday, June 16, 2005

So I visited my lovely grandparents last weekend. They're awesome. However it's always a bit of a pain lately to be having conversations with them. After the proformatory congratulations on my splendid career and discussing my new client acquisitions in South America and such, the conversation always makes it turn to the BOYFRIEND situation. OHHH GOOOSH-- here comes a MAJOR EYE ROLL.

When discussing my "love life", my grandma actually uses this term: "situation". Apparently its a "situation" that needs to be resolved immediately. I tried telling them my stories about the foreign boys I find everywhere, and the younger men that are still in college and still think that they will change the world... but apparently these stories do not amuse them (not even half as much as they DEFINITELY amuse me). So my Grandmother calles me into the kitchen for a "private conference" and basically proposes to intercede for me with this "lady" who will send some eligible batchelors my way. Hmmm... ok, whatever Grandma, anything to make you happy.

A day later I receive a call from my Grandma:
"Ale, are you alone?" - she says in a secretive voice
"Yes Grandma, what's up" - I whisper back
"My lady found a perfect guy for you!"
"Oh really..." - exaggerated, fake, joyful surprise
"Well, how old is he?" - That's my first question always... if he is more than 3 years older than me, I don't want non of it...
"Hmm, well... ammm, I think he is around your age..." - Grandma is obviously sensing what's about to come...
"HOW OLD Grandma" - I insist
"Well... like 35 ish or something"
"Grams, 35 is NOT my AGE!! (I'm 27, and if anything my age range is 24-30) And he is not a GUY he is an old MAN"

But, whatever, I come down, lets just carry on for amusement sake:

"Ok, so where does he work?"
"Manhattan sweetie!" - Grandma says in a proud tone, happy that she finally knew the answer
"NO Grandma... where does he work? as in: "What line of work is he in?? as in: "How goal oriented is he? (and let's not kid ourselves- as in: "How much money does he make????"
Common' now Grandma!!"

My grandma looks a bit confused as if to say... "what are you talking about child... who cares you just need to hook up with a guy immediately, it doesn't matter what he does"

Oh, and another very important question:
"So...this guy, is he HOT?"
"Well, honey, what to you mean "hot"? looks are so personal to preference, everyone likes different things..." Grandma assumes here role as the wise elder.

"WRONG again Grams! MY guy has to be considered HOT by EVERYONE! By WOMEN, MEN... OLD LADIES and BABIES!!!!!"

"OK, FINE I GOT IT!!! You think I'm ancient or something??"
You want an extremely sexy, foreign, college age guy, whose father owns the country they live in?"



At a sample sale in NYC...

>> Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I hate public sample sales! That is sample sales that are NOT by invitation only. Today there were about 100 girls standing in line to get inside the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale! Uggh- I was so annoyed. Plus, some of these girls were so fat!!! I just felt like telling them not to bother because nothing in there will fit them so don't waste time! Uff, I wish I had my camera with me so I could have taken a picture of the zoo.

Anyway, lesson kids: don't be fat, cus I'll make fun of you. (unless you're a cute chubby guy... I have a thing for chubby guys...).

Lesson number 2- do NOT have public sample sales, its tacky! and rude to the fat girls who don't know any better, cus they won't be able to fit! For example, my butt doesn't fit into Dolce and Gabbana ... even laying on the floor with two hot (but gay) sales guys trying to zip me in... so I won't go to D&G sample sales... (for another few months...)

For those of you that don't care about sample sales and are not intimately familiar with D&G and DVF... Good for you!! I mostly go to these things just to give the other girls dirty looks and be able to make fun of them later! (Oh, and maybe get those D&G jeans and sell them on ebay at an inflated price... shhhhhh)


>> Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mexico rose
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Questions with three answers

>> Friday, June 10, 2005

Cadiz wanted to see the answers to these... It was difficult for some reason for me!

Three screen names you have had: Ale is the only screen name I've had.

Three things you like about yourself: Ahh, I like SO MANY things about myself, maybe better frased: Three things you like MOST about yourself:

  • My sky high self-esteem and confidence
  • My ability to count on myself to reach goals
  • My ability to see beautiful things in everyone
Three things you don't like about yourself:
  • Laziness
  • stubbornness
  • That's it...just two :) hehe

Three things that scare you:
  • Affecting someone I love negatively

Three things you are wearing right now:
  • Hawaii print shorts
  • Black wife beater
  • Silver bracelet

Three of your favorite songs:

  • Anything Shakira sings
  • But I do have a most favorite song, but I forgot the group and the name of the song

Three new things you want to try in the next twelve months:
  • A new spa treatment
  • To learn German (well, that's not new, I've tried that last year too)
  • Sailing
Three things you want in a relationship:
  • Loyalty
  • Common goals
  • Obedience (kidding. no i'm not)

Three things you can't do without:
  • Ocean
  • My family's approval
  • A nice deep tan
Three places you want to go on vacation:
  • Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef
  • Madeira Islands
  • Lamu, Kenya
Three things you just can't do:
  • Enjoy eating cakes
  • Be by myself
  • Stay seated for longer than 15 minutes

Three kids' names:
  • I want to adopt, so I'm thinking they might come with names?
  • But I do like Julianna, Marcello, Simon

Three things you want to do before you die:
  • I'm beginning to get frustrated with these questions... how can you just number these things... I don't know, there is only one thing and one thing only that I am interested in doing... and that is laying on the beach, I don't really care about getting anything else done.

Three celebrity crushes:
  • Elijah Woods - (...what!? He's 22.)
  • Brandon Fraser
  • Marat Safin
There we go! Done! and what a way to finish... with a mental picture of sweat dripping from Marat...


"The world is a looking-glass..."

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Today I'm going to do an exercise in viewing the world positively even though I would like to complain and point out the ugly parts. This is after all what Sempre Primavera is about. Presently I'm reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray, and it is basically about the pursuit of happiness by following the lives of a few very different people. There is a phrase in one of the first chapters of the book (and its a long one, my version has 609 pages) that has really caught my attention.

"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face."

I'm sure everyone has heard a variation of this thought at one point or another, but books have a very strange way of speaking to you specifically about something that you are contemplating at the moment. For me that is definitely true. I have started Sempre Primavera to write about "my world" in a positive way and by displaying it publicly thus make it "official" - to myself-

So, lets take a look at the proceedings of this Tuesday morning...

Tuesday morning! (EYE ROLL)

Only Tuesday!!! I have 4 more days of putting up with complete nonsense till I get myself to the beach early Saturday morning and do something productive like lay in the sand. Ugggggh! I have to sit in the stupid office and make myself be creative and smile when I'm speaking with my clients and make small talk with the doorman. (Who by the way thinks I'm the nicest, sweetest, ray of sunshine- OOOHHO little does he know!)

I have a HUGE headache.

This morning's commute to work involved a ferry. So it took me 2 hours to get to work (to which I didn't want to go in the first place!) Blaaaaah! Part of the commute involved taking the subway... and we all know how I feel about that . Yes today was no exception, UGLIES everywhere. 2 HOURS to go somewhere you don't want to go all the while surrounded by ugly angry people that don't want to go where they're going either!!! Some people go through clinical death and get to experience Hell. Well, honeys, I EXPERIENCE IT EVERY DAY! But I will not dwell on this, there are plenty more bad things to discuss...

My coffee did not taste right this morning! Why can't I live in Italy, the land of perfect cappuccinos, UNFAIR! (The "invisible enemy" is just making a special project out of torturing me.) I mean, this coffee is an INSULT! HORSE PEE!

Today is humid and I am realizing that I'm sick of all my clothes so I must go and get myself a whole new wardrobe! But BOO HOOO- I hate shopping in Manhattan, the crowds, the mess, the fact that I have to lug my shopping bags around like a peasant!!!! Bleeeeh!

Oh well--- and what do I have to look forward to as a reward for all this suffering!? Nothing! Traffic for two hours to go to Long Island. Everything SUCKS! etc...etc...etc... !!!!!!!

Sempre Primavera processing... stand by for output... stand by... COMPLETED:

Tuesday morning! (Smile, show teeth)

Wow Tuesday already, watch out! I have 4 more days to be productive at work and how sweet it will be to play hard on Saturday, in the SUN! Yey!!!! Come to think of it, I will play hard no matter what!!! Haha. I have to hurry and finish this project that I'm working on that THANK GOODNESS involves using my brain and being creative. (Like, dudes any kind of activity that involves burning calories is cool with ME!) YEAH BABBBBY!!! I also can't wait to talk to a few of my clients in South America about a new project that we have planned! The one where I visit them and where they'll take me to party! Also, the nice doorman just makes my day because he totally worships me! He runs to open the door for me, presses the elevator button and is just NICE. Hey, after all I AM his SUNSHINE! Hmm... I think I'll make him sing that song to me today!

I have a headache... but nothing a good coffee won't take care of. Ahhhh, sure one will have a headache after a marathon PARTY that this weekend was! I mean, the beach, South Hampton, party, strolling back in at 6am!... Hey, I'm lucky to have survived such craziness. Lucky to be alive after that! What's a little headache as the price for such high life. I don't even need my head! Whatever, just take it!

This morning's commute was AWESOME! Yeah, it took much longer, but I guess that's because its a "sceenic route". Ahh, how nice it was to take a ride on the ferry over the water with sunshine... A bit of newly developing humidity was making a romantic halo above the water in the distance... Ahhh, I just lost myself thinking of traveling to new places in the Caribbean... or south pacific! How great it is to be inspired! Plus there were already tourists, more specifically a group of Italians, and the guys were not a bad sight either. Ok, yes there were uglies on the train as usual, but there was also this lady wearing the most amazing turquoise dress with huge intricate silver earrings and necklace. Other people looked rather cross... I must have looked so deliriously happy that I noticed a few people couldn't help it but to smile back. HA hA suckers! I'm happy and you're NOT! :)

My coffed didn't taste right this morning. Ahh I remember the cappuccinos I had in Italy... in fact later, I will go down a block to this restaurant that actually has pretty darn good capuccos and I will make schemes the next time to go to Italy.

It's so humid today. I think I'd like to purchase a few new pieces for the summer... GREAT, I will go this weekend since I will be in Long Island and can go to one of the nice clean and spacious malls.

Oh waw! so many things to look forward to... finishing my project at work so I can totally enjoy myself on the beach all weekend long and to top it all off on Monday I shall be sporting my newly purchased attire! Life is GREAT! etc... etc... etc... etc...!!!!

And there we have it! Two ways to see the same thing in the mirrow... which one to chose is up to us. True, the happy version takes more energy. As you can see it is longer, but like I said - Any activity that burns calories is GOOD FOR YOU!


>> Saturday, June 4, 2005

Shakira at Bryant Park
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Oh... there is a ZOOM button!

Here are my two little pictures, but it's important to visually document this. It got wilder on the second set that she did and maybe next time I can look into putting a little video on here, that way we can see the butt shaking and the "snake" move. But I guess Good Morning America already provide that service. :)


She also had some cute, cute boys doing the musical accompaniment. I want me some of that flute player... raaarrr.

I seriously can't wait for the CD on Tuesday! I wish I had it now as I'm jetting of to the Hamptons. (Yes, because that's the kind of life I lead.) hehehe

Ciao Belli!


>> Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Long Island Wine Country


Long Island Wine Country



What's really great about NYC in the warm spring and summer months, is getting AWAY from it! (Sorry, lovers of new york) The Memorial Day Weekend is the official "start" to the get away. The weather this weekend was incredible. High sky with gorgeous cotton candy clouds, light breeze, and temperature in the perfect 80s! Lovely!

WallStr, Dulce and I made plans to go to Vineyard hopping in the Long Island Wine Country!
Aaaaahhh, what a beautiful day it was, and Memorial Weekend is actually the perfect time to stock up on wine for those summer parties.

Ok, here is the list of the Veneyards that we have visited. Well, at least those are the ones that I remember...

Laurel Lake had free tasting, and the tasting room was nice, its on the picture above.

Laurel Lake Vineyards
3165 Main Road, Rte. 25
Laurel, NY 11948
Phone: 631-298-1420

Moscato Sparkling NV$15.99/BOTTLE
This pineapple, aromatic sparkling wine blends soft acidity with sweetness, all of which adds to sipping pleasure. -- this was one of the many bottles we collectively bought but it was the MOOOST delicious! Aromatic! Sparkling!

Paumanok Vineyards
1074 Main Road, Rte. 25
Aquebogue, NY 11931
Phone: 631-722-8800

This was the third place we went to and I was already dizzy, but managed to pay attention to the explanation of the name "Paumanok" which means, Long Island.

Peconic Bay Winery
31320 Main Road, Rte. 25
Cutchogue, NY 11935
Phone: 631-734-7361

Jamesport Vineyards
1216 Main Road, Rte. 25
Jamesport, NY 11947
Phone: 631-722-5256

This was the one that we didn't really like. Wine was not the best we've tried and it was full of really rowdy people that were NOT wearing nice outfits, which annoyed me.

We went to the fifth one as well, which was my favorite! ROANOKE VINEYARDS, 3543 Sound Ave. (They don't have a website yet.) We got delicious asiago cheese and bread to go with our wines, and everyone was super friendly and talkative. (And they didn't even comment on my slurred speech! - just kidding, Ale never slurrs.)

Can't wait to do it again next year!!!


Map of Vineyards

As you can see, we just in the begining...
Here- all the "intelligent" info you may want before going: www.liwines.com

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