"The world is a looking-glass..."

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Today I'm going to do an exercise in viewing the world positively even though I would like to complain and point out the ugly parts. This is after all what Sempre Primavera is about. Presently I'm reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray, and it is basically about the pursuit of happiness by following the lives of a few very different people. There is a phrase in one of the first chapters of the book (and its a long one, my version has 609 pages) that has really caught my attention.

"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face."

I'm sure everyone has heard a variation of this thought at one point or another, but books have a very strange way of speaking to you specifically about something that you are contemplating at the moment. For me that is definitely true. I have started Sempre Primavera to write about "my world" in a positive way and by displaying it publicly thus make it "official" - to myself-

So, lets take a look at the proceedings of this Tuesday morning...

Tuesday morning! (EYE ROLL)

Only Tuesday!!! I have 4 more days of putting up with complete nonsense till I get myself to the beach early Saturday morning and do something productive like lay in the sand. Ugggggh! I have to sit in the stupid office and make myself be creative and smile when I'm speaking with my clients and make small talk with the doorman. (Who by the way thinks I'm the nicest, sweetest, ray of sunshine- OOOHHO little does he know!)

I have a HUGE headache.

This morning's commute to work involved a ferry. So it took me 2 hours to get to work (to which I didn't want to go in the first place!) Blaaaaah! Part of the commute involved taking the subway... and we all know how I feel about that . Yes today was no exception, UGLIES everywhere. 2 HOURS to go somewhere you don't want to go all the while surrounded by ugly angry people that don't want to go where they're going either!!! Some people go through clinical death and get to experience Hell. Well, honeys, I EXPERIENCE IT EVERY DAY! But I will not dwell on this, there are plenty more bad things to discuss...

My coffee did not taste right this morning! Why can't I live in Italy, the land of perfect cappuccinos, UNFAIR! (The "invisible enemy" is just making a special project out of torturing me.) I mean, this coffee is an INSULT! HORSE PEE!

Today is humid and I am realizing that I'm sick of all my clothes so I must go and get myself a whole new wardrobe! But BOO HOOO- I hate shopping in Manhattan, the crowds, the mess, the fact that I have to lug my shopping bags around like a peasant!!!! Bleeeeh!

Oh well--- and what do I have to look forward to as a reward for all this suffering!? Nothing! Traffic for two hours to go to Long Island. Everything SUCKS! etc...etc...etc... !!!!!!!

Sempre Primavera processing... stand by for output... stand by... COMPLETED:

Tuesday morning! (Smile, show teeth)

Wow Tuesday already, watch out! I have 4 more days to be productive at work and how sweet it will be to play hard on Saturday, in the SUN! Yey!!!! Come to think of it, I will play hard no matter what!!! Haha. I have to hurry and finish this project that I'm working on that THANK GOODNESS involves using my brain and being creative. (Like, dudes any kind of activity that involves burning calories is cool with ME!) YEAH BABBBBY!!! I also can't wait to talk to a few of my clients in South America about a new project that we have planned! The one where I visit them and where they'll take me to party! Also, the nice doorman just makes my day because he totally worships me! He runs to open the door for me, presses the elevator button and is just NICE. Hey, after all I AM his SUNSHINE! Hmm... I think I'll make him sing that song to me today!

I have a headache... but nothing a good coffee won't take care of. Ahhhh, sure one will have a headache after a marathon PARTY that this weekend was! I mean, the beach, South Hampton, party, strolling back in at 6am!... Hey, I'm lucky to have survived such craziness. Lucky to be alive after that! What's a little headache as the price for such high life. I don't even need my head! Whatever, just take it!

This morning's commute was AWESOME! Yeah, it took much longer, but I guess that's because its a "sceenic route". Ahh, how nice it was to take a ride on the ferry over the water with sunshine... A bit of newly developing humidity was making a romantic halo above the water in the distance... Ahhh, I just lost myself thinking of traveling to new places in the Caribbean... or south pacific! How great it is to be inspired! Plus there were already tourists, more specifically a group of Italians, and the guys were not a bad sight either. Ok, yes there were uglies on the train as usual, but there was also this lady wearing the most amazing turquoise dress with huge intricate silver earrings and necklace. Other people looked rather cross... I must have looked so deliriously happy that I noticed a few people couldn't help it but to smile back. HA hA suckers! I'm happy and you're NOT! :)

My coffed didn't taste right this morning. Ahh I remember the cappuccinos I had in Italy... in fact later, I will go down a block to this restaurant that actually has pretty darn good capuccos and I will make schemes the next time to go to Italy.

It's so humid today. I think I'd like to purchase a few new pieces for the summer... GREAT, I will go this weekend since I will be in Long Island and can go to one of the nice clean and spacious malls.

Oh waw! so many things to look forward to... finishing my project at work so I can totally enjoy myself on the beach all weekend long and to top it all off on Monday I shall be sporting my newly purchased attire! Life is GREAT! etc... etc... etc... etc...!!!!

And there we have it! Two ways to see the same thing in the mirrow... which one to chose is up to us. True, the happy version takes more energy. As you can see it is longer, but like I said - Any activity that burns calories is GOOD FOR YOU!


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