>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My dad sent me an email saying that I should just update the website with just a 'few words' about what's going on and what I'm doing, and I shouldn't wait till I have enough time to sit down and write 'long stories'.

Ok, ok, you're right...

So let's do a brief run down:

Two weeks ago I went to ballet! Saw Romeo & Juliete. It WAS MAGICAL!!!! Ahhhhh No, Vito did NOT take me... he said something like, there would be only two circumstances in which hw would go to ballet, over his dead body OR if his mom would make him. I don't know seems a bit dramatic (but note taken about having his mom make him go next time!!!!)

I went with my work collegue Tina. She also has Eastern European back ground so I figured she would be into culture, art, and other such glamorous things. I was right!

This is the muziekteater, super gorgeous building on the Amstel river.

Then last week Vito and I went on a long weekend to Valencia, Spain! Ahhhhh.... what most wonderful few days ever! We were like real spaniards eating lunch at 2.30pm taking a siesta and heading out to dinner at 10pm!

More pictures will follow!
ok, there were my 2 words for the day :)



>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vito and I went house hunting last weekend. You know, just checking to see if the market has anything good to offer...

This one was kinda cute and inviting, but I don't know... what do you think?


That's Muiderslot, one of the castles in Holland


No me dejes madrid!

>> Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just came back from Madrid. What did I learn?
Traveling for work is not a vacation rather an extension of your work day to 24 hours. (No, I'm not complaining, just commenting.)
I can eat LOTS of olives, wait, we all knew that already...
Drinking beers at 12.01 is perfectly acceptable.
...accompanied by jamon serrano eaten with your bare fingers... in fact that's exactly how top executives do it.
Let's make it an early night means midnight, and early in morning means 10am.
I forgot how much I like Spain!!! Waw, I guess the last time I was in Spain was a long long time ago. Ok, I was in Barcelona 2 yrs ago, but that's NOT Spain (THEIR WORDS not mine).
I can't wait till Vito and I are there together!!!


>> Friday, October 12, 2007

A: Hiiiii!! Hiiiiiii!!!! I'm loving Paris, soooooo loving Paris!!!!!

V: Hey! Nice huh, so you arrived ok, how is the hotel?

A: Good good!!!!! We are having breakfast at this aHHHmazing terrace... coffee and chocolate croissont!!!!

V: Ahhh very nice... so, did you buy any shoes yet??

A: Honey! I got here late last night... and I told you, we just set down to have breakfast..!

V: Right, so did you get any shoes yet?

A: ...noooo! ...I did get boots... just now... HOW did you KNOW!???? ...at this gorgeous store just across the street... I'm going to pick them up later... I'm not gonna carry them around all day... like I said, we are just having breakfast..


It's not close enough to see, but she is wearing at least 8 inch heels!!! And they were thinner then pencils! I don't know where she was walking but I was hoping she'd get there fast before the wind blows her over and she'd fall and break!!!

Oh and...

Next week? Madrid!!!! (For the first time as well!) But this one is for work so won't be possible to play much and buy Zara sweaters in every color...

And how funny is this- Vito dear is going to Germany for work that same day!!! Sometimes I feel like we're some kind of movie stars with hectic work/travel schedule. heeeeeehe!


Ahhh Paris... je t'aime!

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cafe' creme...

Near the Louvre - I didn't actually go IN... that's for next time... maaaaaybe...

Walking towards the Sacre Cour'...

Ahhh... here we are up close...

Just grand, Paris is grand, if Amsterdam is cute and cozy... Paris is GRAND!


Pictures of my new.... BOOTS coming soon...
Oh and Alexis and I couldn't stop singing THIS song:

Joe Dassin... for those of you that are not in the know.
In a strange way I have my lovely parents to thank for the very first introduction to Paris. When I was young we watched just about all the French movies that were around sooooooo this visit to Paris was actually like coming back to a place I've visited already long before. I'm glad it did not disappoint! It really is just like in 'the movies' and even better! ;)

And this is wild, fancy a drive through Paris in a Ferrari driven by an F1 race driver??? Make sure to watch the very end... it explains why he was racing like a manicac... hehe

Can't wait to go back!!


>> Friday, October 5, 2007

Well time is drawing near.... GIRLS TRIP!!!! We are going to PARIS this weekend! All for Pleasure, no business. AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh
I just love it, I think it has been my dream to be able to say these words: "I'm going to Paris for the weekend". LOVE it!!
As you can tell I'm supper excited, I've heard so many different "reviews" half and half both of which totally opposing and now I can't wait to find out which side I'll be on....
More importantly there are many questions to answer:
Are the women all pretty?
Is the food all fattening??
Is shopping completely amazing???
Are all the men gay?
Well stay tuned for some revelatory citizen reporting from the location! MEEEE!!!


Speaking of eating...

>> Thursday, October 4, 2007

Last weekend Vito and I went out for my friend's Birthday to this huge floating Chinese restaurant called Sea Palace. It was also a nice chance for Vito to meet more of my friends all at once. We were a big rowdy group of 12 or so. The food arrived at the table and it was simply a FEAST!

After quite a few rounds of beer we began to reflect on all the food... and how the restaurant is so HUGE... and how it is floating in a canal... and what would happen if it started to float away....??? Well one bright individual suggested that once we have eaten everything from the big kitchen we'd probably would have to start eating each other...

Everyone immediately looked at the tallest and biggest person at the table...

"You're big, you'll last us longer!"

"Nah, you all would not be able to finish me in one sitting so I'd just spoil... what a waste."

"How about you girls!?" The next candidates were Alexis and Face..

"Nah! We're not fatty enough, we're vegetarian!"

Vito speaks:

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I would definitely choose to eat myself first since I'm so tasty."

"WHAT!?" I turned around to give him a threatening look as if to say "What!? and I'm NOT tasty???"

"Oh don't worry darlin' you can always have a piece of me"

OH THAT VITO! The audacity!!!


Food complicates EVERYTHING!

>> Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Well well well. Just as everything is really lovely and nice I have to go and complicate things!

So.... I must announce that I have decided to make.... a cookbook! I know what you are thinking, you have to be a cook to make a cookbook, but no, I'm making one about WANTING to be a cook. How you like that!? :) And I'm announcing it because than I have to be held accountable to the ENTIRE WORLD! (yáll) Otherwise I'll just laydown on a beachchair and sip virgin strawberry daqueries.

And I'm not allowed to disclose anyfurther pictures but here is one of the beautiful cookie-cakes that we had at AMSTEL HOTEL for High Tea!!!!

Oh! And just to make it even more entertaining... I've decided to give myself a deadline: End of November! THIS November!

So exciting I can't stand it myself!

Ciaoooo bambini


>> Monday, October 1, 2007

This is where I went running in the mornings while I was in Boston. Pretty!
Coming back felt really normal and nice, even though I was greeted on arrival with some very aggressive looking dark clouds. Today however it was GORGEOUS!

All I wanted to do was be a complete homebody for a while, but OH how quickly the travel bug stirs... and I'm already so excited about PARIS next WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time for me, I think I will really like it actually. When I was little I got a doze of French movies, I wonder if it will be similar to what I already have constructed in my mind...

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