>> Friday, October 12, 2007

A: Hiiiii!! Hiiiiiii!!!! I'm loving Paris, soooooo loving Paris!!!!!

V: Hey! Nice huh, so you arrived ok, how is the hotel?

A: Good good!!!!! We are having breakfast at this aHHHmazing terrace... coffee and chocolate croissont!!!!

V: Ahhh very nice... so, did you buy any shoes yet??

A: Honey! I got here late last night... and I told you, we just set down to have breakfast..!

V: Right, so did you get any shoes yet?

A: ...noooo! ...I did get boots... just now... HOW did you KNOW!???? ...at this gorgeous store just across the street... I'm going to pick them up later... I'm not gonna carry them around all day... like I said, we are just having breakfast..


It's not close enough to see, but she is wearing at least 8 inch heels!!! And they were thinner then pencils! I don't know where she was walking but I was hoping she'd get there fast before the wind blows her over and she'd fall and break!!!

Oh and...

Next week? Madrid!!!! (For the first time as well!) But this one is for work so won't be possible to play much and buy Zara sweaters in every color...

And how funny is this- Vito dear is going to Germany for work that same day!!! Sometimes I feel like we're some kind of movie stars with hectic work/travel schedule. heeeeeehe!


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