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>> Thursday, October 4, 2007

Last weekend Vito and I went out for my friend's Birthday to this huge floating Chinese restaurant called Sea Palace. It was also a nice chance for Vito to meet more of my friends all at once. We were a big rowdy group of 12 or so. The food arrived at the table and it was simply a FEAST!

After quite a few rounds of beer we began to reflect on all the food... and how the restaurant is so HUGE... and how it is floating in a canal... and what would happen if it started to float away....??? Well one bright individual suggested that once we have eaten everything from the big kitchen we'd probably would have to start eating each other...

Everyone immediately looked at the tallest and biggest person at the table...

"You're big, you'll last us longer!"

"Nah, you all would not be able to finish me in one sitting so I'd just spoil... what a waste."

"How about you girls!?" The next candidates were Alexis and Face..

"Nah! We're not fatty enough, we're vegetarian!"

Vito speaks:

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I would definitely choose to eat myself first since I'm so tasty."

"WHAT!?" I turned around to give him a threatening look as if to say "What!? and I'm NOT tasty???"

"Oh don't worry darlin' you can always have a piece of me"

OH THAT VITO! The audacity!!!


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