A Tale of Two Cities... Ale's Style

>> Friday, March 31, 2006

You know what you get when you're friends compete with each other!? MORE PRESENTS!!!!

Hahaahaha. JUST kidding!!!

So my lovely New York girls Dulce and Wallstr showered me with wonderful birthday presents on Wednesday! Then we went out for yummy Mexican dinner with Margheritas and sizzzzling fajitas, chimichangas and my staple mexican food choice, Mole Poblano! (Yes, I like my meat with chocolate!)

So here is the rundown of the wonderful presents I got:

1. Gorgeous white Kenneth Cole bag!
2. Front Row - Biography of Anna Wintour (The Vogue editor for those of you that are still in denial that Vogue is a publication that really has the power to fix a lot of world's problems... I'll elaborate one day.)
3. Moroccan cook book
4. Vietnamese cook book (So I can experiment with my own fusion cuisine that's so hot right now!)

I never like to make big deals about my birthday, I guess that goes back to my family who have never been big on any holidays or gift giving. Don't get me wrong, we give lots of presents to each other, its just never specifically for birthdays, or christmas or anything. If someone's birthday is coming we simply just assign "Birthday" tag to whatever presents we happen to give that person starting with 3 month prior to the actual date. So its not a big surprise if ON the actual date there isn't any present exchange. Its just how my family is. We are also not big on surprises, we tell each other who is getting what and when. And I don't mind really, gives you more magical anticipation time.

BUT! I have been trying to start my own traditions and I think gift exchange with pretty wrapping paper and the surprising gasps are all great fun. And I think my family is also keen on this new development... who knew!

Anyway, back to my lovely birthday month! Yes today is the last day of March, and my b-day is officially over. I was going all mushy and sentimental and my New York girls don't do mushy so they kinda gave each other knowing looks and decided to "explain" the gifts...

"Ale, you're forgetting! We're NOT your Chicago girls, who are sweet and nice and want to give you cute gifts because its sweet and nice to do..."

"... amm.... no?" I didn't think so...

"Please, how could you think that we turned sweet and cute, are you crazy!! Think about it...
first of all the white purse is so that you look cute enough to be seen in public with us..." said Dulce

"And the cookbooks are really so you can invite us over and cook dinners! HELLOO!!!!" said Wallstr.

"OH! And... I expect you to finish reading 'Front Row' sometime soon cus I want to read it!!!" Dulce added.


"I LOOOOOVE you guyyyys!!!!" By that moment I was almost on the verge of tears because THIS is my New York girls, now I know for SURE there's love!!!!!

And yes, while I love my friends from the two cities and they love me (!!!!!!!) we will express it differently. For example if a Chicago girl wears stilletos its to look hot, if a New York girl wears stilletos is to kick ass and be as far away from the nasty dirty pavement as possible. Its just a different dynamic.

When Chicago girls give you presents for your birthday its sweet, when New York girls give you presents its because really they're planning on using it AND to compete with the Chicago girls...

Of course I'm only joking. Friendship and love is NOT measured by presents! But I do know my friends love me from both cities because it SAID SO IN MY BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!!! And we have established earlier that HAND written cards ALWAYS tell the truth!!!!

Message to my Chicago girls: Love you! MUAHH!

Message to my New York girls: Love you! Ewwww, whatever shut-up, MUAHH!!!!!



>> Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ahhh... today we are having a bit of Costa Rica nostalgia... The Volcano Arenal. I am ready for a vacation! Better put: I'm ready for an adventure. Something that will make your blood circulate, make you sweat a bit... like I'll can't believe we went repelling of waterfalls! Can't wait to do that again, what a rush!

Where would you rather be right now!? If time or money was not an issue... anywhere... tell me!

Oh by the way, Kaya took that picture. She is just a visual genious! I believe it was from the porch at our cabana place while having breakfast. Desayuno "Americano"- two eggs, hot dog, fruits and toast... and coffee... of course! We would call it, our breakfast with the Volcano.


>> Monday, March 27, 2006

My birthday weekend was fabulous! Well I should say my birthday month, since I've been receiving surprises all through out. On Saturday I got a few sweet ones in the mail!

A sexy card from la bella Cadiz, and a GORGEOUS bracelet from la bella Kaya! Orange is the new darling shade! Thank you thank you I love it girls!

The rest of the weekend was a perfet blur of hugs, kisses, flowers and fizzing champaign buzz!!! Better pictures than words...

More presents!

I made lunch on sunday for my grandparents and family.
Risotto with scallops in wine and garlic, baked tomatoes stuffed with crab meat and sesame seared tuna.
And for desert... I should say... Deserts, ice cream with wild berries in rum, and a cupcake tower! After an unsuccessful (downright dangerous) improvisation with banana flambeying... I decided to keep it safe and stepped out to a local Italian bakery for some birthday cupcakes.

Uff... I'm so glad the kitchen cabinets are somehow fire resistant...

Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of champaign... My grandma's glass bubbled the most and we decided it was simply another affirmation of my grandma's magical powers!

I was dying to tell her about the Nico developments... but for now its only a roller coaster which I don't want to take her on... since it's not suitable for babies, pregnant ladies or those over 65.



Someone brought this site to my attention: www.americangirlsareeasy.com. Two American girls travel all around Europe keeping a diary of events; the result is what seems to be a pretty comprehensive guide on "how to find a guy in Europe, and leave him there". They basically profile different European guys and what its like to date them... including what kind of competition to expect from the local girls and how to get along with his mother. Very interesting... Some guys get pretty good reviews, however, the girls do recommend LEAVING them in Europe.

browse around, German guys get a hilarious review, we'll see if its true.. I love the suggestions on how to get in "good" with la mamma of the Italian guy.

I haven't dated any German boys before, but I've dated others profiled, and let me tell you, they're totally on.

Love it! Good job girls!

Side bar update: New section "Be Vogue Aproved" for some fashion inspiration...

ps: psst... happy b-day to me! yey! pictures of celebratory lunch manana...


Ale the Travel Planner!

>> Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring "magic" is definitely in the air people!!! Sunshine, crazy birds are singing... clouds are on the run... love, romance, champaign.... its all here! See, I totally know what I'm talking about when I say I want it to be sempre primavera!!

So back to the current events at hand. The other day, as you might have noted from the rambunctious use, positioning and punctuation of a certain abbreviated frase... that perhaps I was a bit excited.


Right, well, excited I doubtlessly was, but not only that; I was also nauseous, nervous, lightheaded... and just about had an anxiety attack... I mean, I've been wishing this to happen for a bit now, I even ran through a little practice run of how it may play out if it happened, but wishing is one thing and for it to actually be happening totally different!!! Ya THINK!?!!

It happened around lunch time, thank goodness, because I immediately had to step outside for some fresh air. I got sea sick in the elevator... Once outside, I literally had to stabilize myself by death-gripping various building walls... It was pretty crazy I tell ya.

Needless to say, I did not eat a thing. I did have a Snapple (Raspberry Ice Tea) - you know, The Snapple Diet.

I've calm down by now (and had a full breakfast of eggs, cheese and sausage). Nico is all curious about the size of the red carpet and the stretchiness of the limo I'm getting him so I assured him all will be in top order and I'm planning everything for a super fun weekend!!!!

I didn't give him the details... but I'll tell you! Yes, I will surely be a really busy planning bee for the next few weeks, since there ARE so many things to plan to ensure he has the most fabulous time here in the city:

(not necessarily in order of importance)

1. My manicure
2. My pedicure
3. My deep conditioning treatment for hair at the saloon
4. My OUTFITS!!!!! (Will most likely involve shopping!)
5. A massage (I will be tired and stressed from all this planning!)
6. A few tanning sessions to get that perfect bronze glow!
7. A trip to Sephora to pick out the most seductive lip gloss so I can sexily re-apply all day long
8. Figure out when the heck La Perla is having a sample sale...

hm.... am I forgetting anything...??

Daaaam, he is SO LUCKY!! I'm SUCH a good travel planner!!!!!


>> Thursday, March 23, 2006

omg omg ...OMG! O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




OMG!!!!!!! OMG... OMG.... OMGOMG!!!!!!!! Omg... omg omg omg... o...m........g............... ___________________________ BREATHE!!!!!!! .... wooOOooh..... OMGOMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nico is coming to town!!!!!


>> Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DO YOU KNOW WHAT!? Mr. Highcontrast is here in NYC!!! I'm so excited! He'll be here for a couple of months on a work project. What a sight for sore eyes is he!!! So tomorrow we are going out for a bite of the big apple! If you see a super hot sexy guy and a girl that's totally happy and is hanging herself on top of him... yep that would be us!

Speaking of happily hanging yourself on guys... guess what!? I will now be quiet about ignoring Nico... because its TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I got his birthday gift for me... aaahhh. It was even wrapped in a pretty glittery paper! .... AAAHHhhhhh And to think that I read somewhere that guys from Germany are terrible gift-givers. NOT true!

PS: OH! and!!! Since Highcontrast will be in NY, that means I'll have arm candy date to bring to the wedding #2!!!!!!!!! YES!!!

(As you can imagine I choked the heck out of Luck this morning! See, told you it works!!)


>> Saturday, March 18, 2006

My resolution to ignore the Nico "situation" went to crap last week after Monday morning I found a card from him in the mailbox. And once again, the "situation" being the fact that we have never actually MET in real life, and that we work together (yes, this is one of those "global office" companies, where you don't actually have to see your coworkers in real life to carry on tight interaction on common projects.... thanks to the wonderful world of internet, the one time I wish it didn't exist!).

Sure it makes it incredibly easy to interact with just about anyone anywhere on the planet... but while it allows you to graduate past a certain point, it offers no consolation when you just want to reach out and grab that person's ass... That's where you get a rude reminder that your nose is not going anywhere beyond that smooth LCD screen right in front of it! And that's really the "SITUATION".

It could have been a perfectly nice flirtation with some mystery person if there hasn't been constant reminders that he is indeed very real. Such as frantic phone calls (from me usually) because a client is freaking out therefore EVERYONE else must start freaking out... Then there are also these pesky digital cameras; the sluts that whore themselves at cable speeds to any PC or laptop... which make it so easy to photograph every instant of your life and download in seconds... The so easy to use online photo sharing programs that lubricate the entire exchange offering up instant gratification for both parties...

I don't know. It all seems so dirty to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned. With all these modes of communication, no wonder our generation is mutating their brains with new freaking dendrites!!! I'm surprised we haven't grown a brand new HEAD!

To make the story short, in such a world of online communication its no wonder that receiving something in the mail written by hand is such a big deal and makes it hard to write that person off as some fantasy flirtation from "out there". (Just the other day in fact, it was a rare occasion of me having to deposit a check and well, my hand cramped up from writing a few words and numbers on the deposit slip!)

OK, I got completely off topic, being that I'm trying to ignore the urge to get mad at ...the fact that the internet apparently made it so easy to get to know someone and now I totally can't wait to meet him in person... and since we are all so conditioned to have instant gratification how is it now I must be a good girl and chill and wait!?!?! That, and the fact that I'm an Aries and we just don't have the chemical combination to do that!!!!!!!

Again, aimless whining... the point of this post was to simply say: after a minor relapse, I'm going back on a tight regiment of ignore Nico "situation" rehab program consisting of planning a company launch, all the while manicuring those nails to perfection, starting right now!

And thank you fer yerrr supperrt (trying to sound Irish)


Luck of the Irish?

>> Friday, March 17, 2006

We don't believe in Luck here at Sempre Primavera. As you may have guessed, Luck is not something that happens, its something that we MAKE happen. We grab it by its skinny throat shake it up a bit, lean into its silly little face and yell in a commanding tone:


Luck pees itself from fear and panic... and than jumps up to go and "happen" ....

Haha, nooo we are not so vicious and violent here at SP, usually we just flirtatiously kiss Luck on the cheek, bat our lashes and say: "Ciao, Sexy... happen today!" But yes, if that by chance does not work on first try, you better believe strangulation WILL follow.

What the heck was I saying... oh yeah...

Being it St. Paddy's day and all, four leaf clovers, and green beer... luck is supposed to be in the air... and well that's just it! If you think its in the air than it IS. Luck is like happiness, everyday you must decide to be happy; and everyday you must decide if you want to be LUCKY.

So today's assignment kids, is to be LUCKY! (not "get" lucky, that's tomorrow's lesson!)

And if you want to gag from all this positive thinking than MY JOB IS DONE!!!!

I'm gonna go and be lucky now!
Happy St. Patricks day!


my blog is sick... no, really... its not working...


ohhhh Santa Barbabra!!!!

>> Wednesday, March 15, 2006

e-mail excerpts...

To: Ale
From: Bambi

Ciao Bimba! come stai!? listen... give me your address quick....

To: Bambi
From: Ale

WHAAA!!! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED AREN'T YOU!!!!!!!!!!! you're sending me an INVITATION aren't you!!!!!

*side note: I knew Bambi, my friend from Idaho, is engaged since last year... I knew she was getting married... just didn't think she was getting married like NOW

To: Ale
From: Bambi

Si si.... getting married. And guess what! the Bachelorette party is in Santa Barbara! You and WallStr coming!?

*Bambi knows I LOVE that place, a few years ago during my brief sojourn in California we had some fun adventures out there involving a pools, hot tubs, wine tasting, cows, hot tubs, champaign, more cows... surfboards... sufboys... Coffee... more cows... etc.... In fact the only two post cards that I have on display in my office is one of my love Napoli (Italia) and one of Santa Barbara!

To: WallStr
From: Ale

Hey, guess what, Bambi is having her bachelorette party in Califor...

To: Ale
From: WallStr

Heck YEAH! I'm totally down! Lets Go!!


ahhhh... you are looking at a proud owner of a ticket to California!

And something interesting, these tickets are about a third more expensive than tickets to Germany right now! and flying time is only an hour less...!! So in THEORY, if you're in NY its less expensive, and just about the same logistically, to date someone in Germany than in California.... whaddayouknow!

Waw.. I really must like this guy to sit back, behave myself and let him take the lead without trying to control and manipulate the situation... ahhhh


>> Monday, March 13, 2006

OMG! Like the coolest thing happened this morning!!!!!

So, this whole weekend I was super busy NOT thinking about Nico and NOT doing anything about him...


I got a manicure with the brightest tangereen color you can imagine!... (In fact I think I'm getting a tan just by being near my hands...)

Went running in the morning AND in the evening...

The rest of the time I worked on the "starbucks project", OK, FINE, honestly... I just THOUGHT about working on it... but it did distract me from Nico so- yey! good job me!

This morning as I was emotionally preparing for going into the office. (As you all know, no matter how much I may enjoy my job, Mondays just suck!) Anyway I checked the mail.... and there was a big red envelope....

Hmmm... Cadiz? (She is the good friend that sends me cards once in a while! or it could also have been ReRe my only another friend that I can expect a hand written something from...) We all know is that unfortunately the hand written word is so hard to come by now days!! WELL, no, it wasn't Cadiz or ReRe.... as I flipped over the envelope I saw the international stamps!!!


It was from NICO!!!!!!!

It was a card just to say "hi".... I loveiloveiloooooove cards just to say 'hi'!!!!!!

eeeeeeee...... (that's me screeching with joy!)

ANYWAY, now, we are going to take a deep breath, and settle down... maybe I need to BEEF up my "do nothing" action plan... its hard not to get excited about Nico.



>> Saturday, March 11, 2006

My birthday is coming up soon, and yes this makes me an Aries. I absolutely do not believe in this whole astrology stuff, but I sure love everything that they say about an Aries.

We're stubborn, energetic, impatient, good at starting things but get bored before we finish them, strong, beautiful, loyal, like things our way.... super confident and inspire the same in others.

And as a true Aries I love even the "negative" personality traits that I have. I feel proud of being stubborn as much as I'm proud of being energetic. I believe its naturally up to me to start grand things and just as naturally its up to others to finish up all the details. I'll have no problems going through all the details of preparing a great dinner but if you think I'm doing the dishes!? You're DELUSIONAL.

However. I've noticed many times that I'm so impatient that I take matters in my own hands to force a resolution in ANY way I can! Which is NOT a good thing because sometimes I try to force things that are beyond my control by simply sabotaging the whole situation. Because at least if I sabotage it, I'm in control, and its almost easier to have a negative resolution immediately than having to wait "indefinitely" twiddling your thumbs....

Like the whole Nico thing. We're emailing and exchanging lots of pictures about everything. (Like I even sent him a picture of me having lunch at a cafe near my job, and he took a picture of the shop that changed a tire on his car...) But I'm just getting so impatient sometimes Sometimes I just want to stop talking to him completely.

STOP! (not you... just a mental command to myself...)

Don't despair from all this whining (which is very un-sempreprimavera-esque!). Thank goodness, I AM and Aries, and an Aries knows that in order to really "resolve" a situation, and every situation has a solution (as Phyllis Fogg would constantly remind Passparetut) one needs to make a plan of action!

Operation: "Get Nico"

Plan of Action: Do nothing (The most difficult for an Aries... thus the steps below are of uttemost importance.)

Step 1: Distract yourself from sabotaging the "could be international love affair" by~

a.) Getting a new manicure - a good one can distract you for a good 6 days
b) Actively look for a "local" boyfriend - that will take forever... good distraction
c) Start a company - somewhat tiresome but will definitely motivate you to do "a)" since you can write it off as a business expense under 'customer relations'. AND all the extra networking that must be done could lead you to inadvertently executing "b)" !!!

hmmm.... maybe this is what I've been waiting for to help get motivated to do "c)"!!!!! You SEE its SO GREAT to be logical!!

ok, before we get too excited we need a step 2 and 3... step 1 needs friends to cuddle with...

Step 2: Drive Nico up the wall while he drives you up the wall by making you wait... for who knows what...

a.) Visit the solarium, get a nice bronze going on and take pictures... hehehe... take that!
b.) umm... whatever "a)" will be good enough

Step 3: Increase your work out regimen to 2x per day. To burn off that extra energy.... that afflicts every Aries as Spring rolls around... and from Nico driving me up the wall.

Ahhhh.... there! I feel more in control already!!!! I freakin just LOVE the way my mind works! (haha yes, modesty is not something that afflicts an Aries... honesty is better!)

With these thoughts I'm immediately going ahead with the above steps!!!!! Immediately!



My friend Dulce would like to wish everyone a very happy Weekend by submitting a photo of her dancing pineapples...?!!?

Weekends are considered SPECIAL holidays here at SP. You know why!? Because week days are considered just regular holidays. Just in case you just got confused, don't worry, its like you hear, EVERYDAY MUST be a holiday.

So lets have a pineapple-ishious Weekend! Weather in NY is a whooping 68F and rising! Let's do this people!

Of course you're all just dying to know what Ale will be doing this weekend... Well, all I have to say is, I'll be working on what the Starbucks cup told me to work on! (TOP secret... ok, only till MONDAY!!!)


Wedding # 1

>> Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The wedding was absolutely amazing! I think this is the first wedding that I have been too that I enjoyed myself! Even at my cousin's wedding, it was weird, maybe because they were together for about 10 years so having an actual wedding seemed like a surprise, like "What? You mean you guys WEREN'T married??"

Pet and Luc's wedding was just gorgeous. St. Barts chapel was the perfect size, tall candles were lit down the isle... After the ceremony, the couple got into a vintage white limo (Bentley 1952) and was whisked of to the reception hall. (Exactly 2 blocks away, but whisked nevertheless!)

A huge part of the reason it was all so much fun, I think is because I knew a lot of the people. I also know both bride and groom for a VERY long time.

I know I was vowing and saying that no wedding will be attended by me without a date, but this was a special case... AND actually I knew that I would have a "quasi" date...

So let me do the run down on the logistics:

1. Outfit- Friday 5.45pm after the conversation with WallStr (it was her brother's wedding) I realize that I had a slight time miscalculation and that the wedding was in fact the next day!!!!

Slap the cellphone shut, run out of the office... Dial trusted advisor/psychologist Cadiz on that same cellphone... "Omg... OMG Cadiz...!!!! I've got exactly 11 hours to get ready for a wedding!!!!!!! And considering that the stores are closing in about 1.5 hours that just drastically decreased my get ready time!!!!"
"What's the matter?? Are you crying? Suffocating??"
"No...no.. I'm just running to Union square... and its FREEZING!!!"

Anyway, to cut the jib-jab shorter, dear Cadiz stayed with me as I ran into the store and frantically grabbed dresses of all different shades, colors and sizes into my arms and swished into the dressing room under the glare of the dressing room girl who realized it would be up to her to sort through this mound of clothes when I was done... ops.. sorry... but its an EMERGENCY!!!!

Why not wear something I already have? Maybe a question a young, naive reader could pose... No, no nOOOO! Can't do that! Its against the NYC play rule-book! Read again, commit to memory!! Chop chop!

I will not bore you with the details of the discarded dresses (as I bored poor Cadiz who was glued to my ear via the cellphone the WHOLE time), but what I finally ran out with was the most PERFECT little black cocktail dress ever seen on the face of this EARTH. Yeah, I know black, how boring, but it so was NOT. Spaghetti straps, and its made with two different kinds of material, super divino!! Plus it was an afternoon wedding, thus very appropriate. I put it together with a strand of fat pearls, my new BCBG black high heels... and my loooong white coat with white fur collar. Was very simple and classic, and I was so totally happy with the look.

2. Date - Well, WallStr specifically told me that I was NOT allowed to bring any dates. (How sweet of you to try to ease the pain of the situation.) I would be sitting at the table with all the cousins that would be without dates themselves.

However, a friend of ours came that I havn't talked to in like 2 years due to some ridiculousness... that I was really hoping this meeting at the wedding would resolve, came and well since he didn't know anyone else and had to sit next to me... :) everyone assumed that we were a couple. Also the fact that we carried on bickering like an old married couple did not do much to discourage these thoughts.

3. Drama - One of WallStr's cousins from Germany is super CUTE! However the bad friend that she is she tried setting him up with another friend of hers... BOOO!!!!

4. More Drama - After the reception we (a bunch of friends and cousins) made our way to Brooklyn to continue on withe the festivities. A quick stop to the liquor store and I was just about having flashbacks to being sixteen. Anyway, at the apartment we were diligently making each other drinks, especially me making drinks to the girl that was supposed to be a set up for the German cousin... yes, I was desperately and shamelessly trying to take her out of the action. She in her own turn was desperately and shamelessly attached to the German cousin's arm the ENTIRE TIME!!!!!! Uffff, I bet he thoroughly enjoyed two chicks fighting for a piece of him... I'm sure everyone in Germany will hear about it. (I just hope Nico won't be one of those people!!!!)

5. Yet More Drama - I totally grabbed German cousin's butt. But in a very professional manner under the pretext of massage giving.... Set up girl did NOT appreciate that... oh well, don't worry it was my exit move as I realized no surgical equipment no matter how sharp would be able to remove her off of him... (Bravo, I appreciate a good competitor.)

6. Sleeping arrangements - well, all I know is I went to sleep all by myself in this huge big bed with a super soft warm comforter... and when I woke up... there were 3 more people with me- GOOD MORNING!!!

7. In the morning I actually had to get going since my car was parked in a garage in Manhattan and I didn't feel like paying an extra $27 bucks so I made sure to leave about 4 hours in advance to allow just enough time to get out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan on a Sunday train schedule... and like a proper hooker sporting the outfit from the night before... with mascara smudges... Classy.

All in all what a freakin' GREAT TIME!!!

It gives me hope for the next 3 weddings that are looming in the near future! Yet... I think I'm learning a lesson that if I ever get married, it will be an elopement.

One down people, 3 more to go!

Legal Note: Sorry people the pictures were not taken by me, but are correct to the story :) I did take non incriminating blog postable pictures specifically for the purpose... but my camera is missing in action some where... don't ask... I'm still depressed about it...


>> Saturday, March 4, 2006

I almost made the biggest guff-up ever! I almost forgot that I have a WEDDING to go to today!!!!!!!!!
The 'fist' wedding in my series of 4 that I have to attend... anyway, I thought it was April 7th, but its TO-DAY...
Gotta RUN! Good one Ale, good one-


Starbucks the prophet

Today we are going way back in time... we're going back to March 6th in the year... 2005. This was the sempre primavera post #2. Seriously, what is so difficult about staying put? For me it used to be not only about changing jobs but also about changing scenery. West coast? Gold coast? as long as it was a different coast, I was in!

I thought those days were over, unitl today, when my Starbucks cup spoke to me...

Hmm... Starbucks cup has a point...

Its funny how if you've been thinking about something for a while, everything around you starts to point you in that direction...

I can motivate the living daylights into ANYONE, why not myself?

And with these happy thoughts, I wish ya'll a happy weekend! Get motivated people! I want you all to do something usefull, and come back and tell me about it! Ok, now go!

OHH ALMOST FORGOT!!! Go to www.shakira.com to listen to her new song: "My thighs don't lie..." Awesome, that's the Shakira we know and love! Shake it baby!!!!


Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!

>> Wednesday, March 1, 2006

March is HERE!!!!

In some parts of the world, like Europe, it is officially SPRING! Here at Sempre Primavera we like we support the idea of spring being March 1st to May 31st. So guess what HAPPY Primavera!!!

March especially is a very VERY exciting month. For many reasons.

- It marks the arrival of Spring
- I was born in March (probably THE most important event in March - ever)
- Lots of energy in the air, re-birth, re-awakening.... and all that other good stuff

There is also another reason why THIS March is exciting...

- Its my anniversary month of Blogging!!! (The official date is March 4th, and we will have a proper party on that day as well.)

So I wanted to hurry up and be the first one to wish happy anniversary, and happy Birthday really to three other very special people, who are also March (blogger) babies...

Not only are they March blog babies, they also happen to be my first 3 blog pals and people that made this blog world a "real" place for me in different ways. They've made my blogging start such a great one, and I now have many more blog friends that are not only entertaining and make me smile, but also inspire, teach and challenge. I think part of the reason I blog, is because I enjoy following the events in their lives.

Sometimes I may think twice before telling my real life friends about a certain something, just to be cautious not to annoy, depress, anger or bore them (its possible considering I talk to my friends 24/7 and report everysingle little detail...twice a day), but you guys- I feel free to bore, annoy and anger you ANYTIME!!! ;) I think that's also part of the reason that I'm very honest on the blog about my thoughts.

So THANK YOU to all my blog pals! And a very special Thank You and HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to my fellow March Babies: CADIZ, VIKING and JAZZ!!!! Hey, when are we cracking open the Moet Chandon??!

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