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>> Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring "magic" is definitely in the air people!!! Sunshine, crazy birds are singing... clouds are on the run... love, romance, champaign.... its all here! See, I totally know what I'm talking about when I say I want it to be sempre primavera!!

So back to the current events at hand. The other day, as you might have noted from the rambunctious use, positioning and punctuation of a certain abbreviated frase... that perhaps I was a bit excited.


Right, well, excited I doubtlessly was, but not only that; I was also nauseous, nervous, lightheaded... and just about had an anxiety attack... I mean, I've been wishing this to happen for a bit now, I even ran through a little practice run of how it may play out if it happened, but wishing is one thing and for it to actually be happening totally different!!! Ya THINK!?!!

It happened around lunch time, thank goodness, because I immediately had to step outside for some fresh air. I got sea sick in the elevator... Once outside, I literally had to stabilize myself by death-gripping various building walls... It was pretty crazy I tell ya.

Needless to say, I did not eat a thing. I did have a Snapple (Raspberry Ice Tea) - you know, The Snapple Diet.

I've calm down by now (and had a full breakfast of eggs, cheese and sausage). Nico is all curious about the size of the red carpet and the stretchiness of the limo I'm getting him so I assured him all will be in top order and I'm planning everything for a super fun weekend!!!!

I didn't give him the details... but I'll tell you! Yes, I will surely be a really busy planning bee for the next few weeks, since there ARE so many things to plan to ensure he has the most fabulous time here in the city:

(not necessarily in order of importance)

1. My manicure
2. My pedicure
3. My deep conditioning treatment for hair at the saloon
4. My OUTFITS!!!!! (Will most likely involve shopping!)
5. A massage (I will be tired and stressed from all this planning!)
6. A few tanning sessions to get that perfect bronze glow!
7. A trip to Sephora to pick out the most seductive lip gloss so I can sexily re-apply all day long
8. Figure out when the heck La Perla is having a sample sale...

hm.... am I forgetting anything...??

Daaaam, he is SO LUCKY!! I'm SUCH a good travel planner!!!!!


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