>> Saturday, March 18, 2006

My resolution to ignore the Nico "situation" went to crap last week after Monday morning I found a card from him in the mailbox. And once again, the "situation" being the fact that we have never actually MET in real life, and that we work together (yes, this is one of those "global office" companies, where you don't actually have to see your coworkers in real life to carry on tight interaction on common projects.... thanks to the wonderful world of internet, the one time I wish it didn't exist!).

Sure it makes it incredibly easy to interact with just about anyone anywhere on the planet... but while it allows you to graduate past a certain point, it offers no consolation when you just want to reach out and grab that person's ass... That's where you get a rude reminder that your nose is not going anywhere beyond that smooth LCD screen right in front of it! And that's really the "SITUATION".

It could have been a perfectly nice flirtation with some mystery person if there hasn't been constant reminders that he is indeed very real. Such as frantic phone calls (from me usually) because a client is freaking out therefore EVERYONE else must start freaking out... Then there are also these pesky digital cameras; the sluts that whore themselves at cable speeds to any PC or laptop... which make it so easy to photograph every instant of your life and download in seconds... The so easy to use online photo sharing programs that lubricate the entire exchange offering up instant gratification for both parties...

I don't know. It all seems so dirty to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned. With all these modes of communication, no wonder our generation is mutating their brains with new freaking dendrites!!! I'm surprised we haven't grown a brand new HEAD!

To make the story short, in such a world of online communication its no wonder that receiving something in the mail written by hand is such a big deal and makes it hard to write that person off as some fantasy flirtation from "out there". (Just the other day in fact, it was a rare occasion of me having to deposit a check and well, my hand cramped up from writing a few words and numbers on the deposit slip!)

OK, I got completely off topic, being that I'm trying to ignore the urge to get mad at ...the fact that the internet apparently made it so easy to get to know someone and now I totally can't wait to meet him in person... and since we are all so conditioned to have instant gratification how is it now I must be a good girl and chill and wait!?!?! That, and the fact that I'm an Aries and we just don't have the chemical combination to do that!!!!!!!

Again, aimless whining... the point of this post was to simply say: after a minor relapse, I'm going back on a tight regiment of ignore Nico "situation" rehab program consisting of planning a company launch, all the while manicuring those nails to perfection, starting right now!

And thank you fer yerrr supperrt (trying to sound Irish)


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