>> Monday, March 27, 2006

My birthday weekend was fabulous! Well I should say my birthday month, since I've been receiving surprises all through out. On Saturday I got a few sweet ones in the mail!

A sexy card from la bella Cadiz, and a GORGEOUS bracelet from la bella Kaya! Orange is the new darling shade! Thank you thank you I love it girls!

The rest of the weekend was a perfet blur of hugs, kisses, flowers and fizzing champaign buzz!!! Better pictures than words...

More presents!

I made lunch on sunday for my grandparents and family.
Risotto with scallops in wine and garlic, baked tomatoes stuffed with crab meat and sesame seared tuna.
And for desert... I should say... Deserts, ice cream with wild berries in rum, and a cupcake tower! After an unsuccessful (downright dangerous) improvisation with banana flambeying... I decided to keep it safe and stepped out to a local Italian bakery for some birthday cupcakes.

Uff... I'm so glad the kitchen cabinets are somehow fire resistant...

Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of champaign... My grandma's glass bubbled the most and we decided it was simply another affirmation of my grandma's magical powers!

I was dying to tell her about the Nico developments... but for now its only a roller coaster which I don't want to take her on... since it's not suitable for babies, pregnant ladies or those over 65.



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