>> Monday, March 13, 2006

OMG! Like the coolest thing happened this morning!!!!!

So, this whole weekend I was super busy NOT thinking about Nico and NOT doing anything about him...


I got a manicure with the brightest tangereen color you can imagine!... (In fact I think I'm getting a tan just by being near my hands...)

Went running in the morning AND in the evening...

The rest of the time I worked on the "starbucks project", OK, FINE, honestly... I just THOUGHT about working on it... but it did distract me from Nico so- yey! good job me!

This morning as I was emotionally preparing for going into the office. (As you all know, no matter how much I may enjoy my job, Mondays just suck!) Anyway I checked the mail.... and there was a big red envelope....

Hmmm... Cadiz? (She is the good friend that sends me cards once in a while! or it could also have been ReRe my only another friend that I can expect a hand written something from...) We all know is that unfortunately the hand written word is so hard to come by now days!! WELL, no, it wasn't Cadiz or ReRe.... as I flipped over the envelope I saw the international stamps!!!


It was from NICO!!!!!!!

It was a card just to say "hi".... I loveiloveiloooooove cards just to say 'hi'!!!!!!

eeeeeeee...... (that's me screeching with joy!)

ANYWAY, now, we are going to take a deep breath, and settle down... maybe I need to BEEF up my "do nothing" action plan... its hard not to get excited about Nico.



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