See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya! OR would I??

>> Thursday, July 27, 2006

My crazy friend and I had an awesome time! Her only afternoon in NY were spent very successfully. Besides a major gossiping session with moi her other request was to get some shopping time in! And since the SLUT! - I mean - nice girl! has a perfect figure, you know the tall, toned, and tanned Scandinavian thing, everything she tried on was a perfect fit.
Of course no shopping experience is complete without a run through Sephora... where you can conveniently do your make up before going out to dinner!

My friend is single at the moment and of course we took the opportunity to talk bitchy about our friends that have DARED to go and get married!! I mean, what's next- BABIES!??? Just too much!! What was quite funny is that I realized that I always completely forget that actually have a boyfriend. What a weird and strange concept for me...

I've always said, until I have a ring on the finger, the guy is not getting any titles. So unless he is a "fiance" he is just a friend. This little philosophy by the way drove my very first boyfriend nuts, since I would introduce him as a "friend". Haha! Well, now since Nico, I've changed my tune a bit... I wish I could just Brand him all over with the following words:

"Ale's PROPERTY! You touch, you DIE!!"

Waw... he really brings out the best out in me! I love it!!

Speaking of branding someone with the words "my property"... I'm off to the windy city for my friend's wedding. Ahhhhh..... this one is really hitting "close to home". She was my absolute partner in crime through college!!! You have NO idea what kind of crazy things we did!!! No seriously. Oh well... I guess I'll always have the fond memories that involve... the kissing couch... 22 cannellonies... our 21st birthdays (we're 2 days apart) in the SHOWER... (DON'T ask)... sounds of champaign popping promptly every thursday at 6.45 pm... and boys boys boys for every letter of the ALPHABET!!!

Though thinking about it... even if I WANTED I would just physically not be able to do all these things that we did before. So I'm sure she is doing the right thing... oh YEAH and her guy is a great one, so I guess its aight! Mazeltof you crazy kids!


>> Wednesday, July 26, 2006

By the way, 10 coffees later I'm feeling better. Funny how I slowly seep back to life by Wednesdays! Get my work done on Thursdays... and well Fridays are summer Fridays, no one works.

Also today is a special day! My friend from Copenhagen is visiting. Well more like doing a "fly by" in NY on her way to one of our friends' wedding in Idaho. (Yes that's the one I am missing because I'm going to my other friend's wedding in the Windy City.) Not only all my friends are getting married, there just AREN'T enough weekends apparently in the year to accommodate everyone so there is overlap!!!!!!!!!!! OK, but this isn't what this post is about..

So anyway, she is here just for today and leaving tomorrow morning. So what could this mean? Taking full advantage of the city!!

Yeah, don't get too excited... even with 10 SP ambition- injections, all we'll do is just have a nice lovely evening of sake, sushi and SO much gossip. :)

Oh... just got an email from this guy I went on a few dates with a while back (when I was on my frenzied search for wedding dates). I wasn't feeling him (he was not arm candy enough to bring to weddings) so I told him I don't want to see him "romantically" anymore. He asked why, I said some non-sense about not wanting a relationship blablabblaaaaa (Seriously, I just didn't like him much).

What I SHOULD have said is: Sorry, I met this dude last night, we hooked up and well... you're out. That's the only kind of break-up excuse guys will understand. Unless there is another man in the picture they just can't imagine that we may choose not to be with them JUST BECAUSE.

Oh BOY! I can't wait till tonight, my friend and I can discuss men, and the difference in sizes of in the USA and Europe. FUN FUN!!


Would you care for a swim?

>> Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Monday takes 1st prize in the competition called THE WORST DAY EVER.

Right, there are no bad days in Sempre Primavera land, that's just not allowed, blablabla... but really, today took first prize so far this year for the WORST DAY. Will I give you a list of all the terrible things that happened? No, and that's because nothing happened. I mean, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing extraordinarily bad... but somehow it was just HORRIBLE. That's the freaky part. Nothing bad happened yet it sucked.


Oh, and to totally get of the subject. For how much money would you swim across Lake Champlain??? (Just 12 miles accross in the widest part.) 100,000,000? 100,000?? Just name your number. (And yes, the little boat with your cheering team a doctor and a person feeding you as you splish splash will be provided.) Sooooo how much??? Anyone would go as low as $1000???


>> Monday, July 24, 2006

Waaaaahhhh!!! I wanna be an expat blogger!!! I was just thinking, I'm kinda bored with my blog... I mean apart from the trips I take my day to day activities just do not excite me. Now imagine how much more fun would my blog be if it was an expat blog! Most people on my side bar are either international or expats because its just so fun! Even going to the store for a loaf of bread is an adventure!!!

Like Friday I drove up to Lake Champlain, NY and while it was a nice outing, there was just something missing. I fully well realize that its all in my head and there were many Canadian tourists there who apparently were having lots of fun, but for me it just wasn't exotic enough. But here are some pics anyway (I stole from random people on Flickr... cus again, they're better than the ones I took...)

Well, I can't complain all that much, this is turning out to be a pretty eventful summer. I was in Cali end of May, in Europe end of June, this weekend was a three day weekend, next weekend will be as well, and Nico is coming in August and we'll be having a nautical get away in Long Island... Its all good!

Speaking of next week, I'm going to my cara amica's wedding in the Chicagoland area. I have the honor of being one of the bride's' maids and I totally love the dress! I'm NOT going to have a date at this wedding, as you remember it was a big issue previously

Doing OK with the weddings so far... This was #1, and #2.

OH Goodness... tomorrow is Monday... dont even want to think it!


That will be 25 ice creams please...

>> Thursday, July 20, 2006

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 50%

Well, you don't have the worst job in the world, but it's not great.And don't worry, you're not the problem - your company is.Start looking around for another job, even if you're not totally fed up.Because in time, you're going to be dying to quit!
Should You Quit Your Job?
The whole gold digging episode got me thinking. What the heck is all that appeal about money and especially getting it without really deserving it. Hmmm Precisely that led to to start thinking about my job and how I don't think I'm getting enough money (without deserving it). Well for me the job issue goes deeper than money, I think its just embedded in me to be a job hopper and perhaps the only way I will really gain job satisfaction is if I'm working for myself. Who knows... but what I do know for sure is that I'm getting a total itch for that job hop again. Maybe in some ways we never change? And if we don't is it really because we can't or because we just don't want to? (Welll, this is sempre primavera, where we believe we can do anything, so that means we don't want to... but than can we make ourselves WANT TO??)
Ok, whatever I just confused myself...
Ale: Nico honey... will you maintain me financially if I decide to quit my job?
Nico: Well what would you do all day long??
Ale: I'm thinking I'll go to the gym and work out all day so I can look really hot... and in the evenings greet you properly when you get home...
Nico: Sorry darlin I'm thinking you go work all day, go to the gym during your lunch hour and still greet me properly when you get home, how does that sound!?
Ale: FINE! So you don't want to maintain me financially... I'll still take it out of you in ICE CREAM currency!!!!
Nico: Just name your flavor...


Gold Digger!?? What's that??

>> Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Men are just so silly sometimes.

I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine about Gold Digging women. This friend of mine, who is rather rich (I think so) having various international properties, farms, and businesses, has actually has been through marriage and a divorce a long time ago, and currently is thinking about getting married again. He is a rather in shape, handsome kinda gentlemen in his early 40s. He definitely knows how to turn on the charm and I've seen him date a number of tall, skinny girls (models).

Just to keep in mind, he is not at ALL flashy with his money, though being around him for a bit, one figures it out. Anyway, he was complaining how all the ladies that he meets are very much interested in finding out about his financial situation. He went on to whine how NYC is full of either gold digging princesses, or gold digging non-princesses. So basically he just called all NYC women gold diggers weather they're rich on their own or not.

"Well, dear friend" I told him, "Not to be rude but if you're a 40 yr old man, regardless how handsome you maybe, if you insist on dating 22 yrs olds you should probably EXPECT that your money would be a pretty huge factor!"

"OK fine, but say I was their age, I am sure they would be into my money anyway!!"

"Honestly, I really don't understand why you are so bitter and aggressive about it? Isn't it logical that a person wants to find a partner with whom they can enjoy a certain style of life? In other words, why shouldn't pretty girls want to marry rich boys??? In fact, I think it is wonderfull that they know what they want and are honest about it with themselves! How unfair would it be for them to meet a nice guy, fall in love, marry them and then divorce them because of being dissatisfied after a few years since the life style is not as they expected?"

"Well if they loved the guy in the beginning, they should love him even if he can't buy them lavish things." Clearly my friend was missing the entire point...

"OK, that's the whole thing!!! You must watch what you're doing FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Don't hang around with guys that are not of the financial status that is acceptable to you... one can fall in love with anyone, so why not a good looking rich guy!! If you know what you are looking for in life, and if it is a certain lifestyle, than you hang around boys with correct amounts in their bank accounts and fall in love with one of them!" DUUUHH!!! "That's not gold digging, that's called being honest and planning ahead. In fact these girls are doing the guy a huge favor! They're choosing to fall in love (or be with) those that can give them what they want! What's wrong with that??"

"Well that's just shallow!"

"Its not shallow its smart! Being together with a guy because he has curly eyelashes... now that's shallow! Being with him because he is rich (AND perhaps has curly eyelashes) now that's just smart."

"So would you want to marry a rich guy? And you would not consider a poor guy?"

"Of course! Exactly! Logical!" DUUUUUH!!!!!! "Sure, I would chose a guy who has a nice personality, and that I get along with, so that in case he happens to loose all his money there would be other good qualities to enjoy, but would I ever consider dating a guy that was below me financially? The answer to that is a very simple NO."

Yes women care about money. So what!? Isn't it logical and natural?? Women have "motherly" instincts and just like a tigress makes the tiger do it 300 times in a short period of time before she is able to conceive (thus assuring that she will mate only with those that will give her strong healthy children) the same way women want to be with someone with money. Money that will assure that their children will be taken care of and will get to go to stnooty colleges etc.. etc... It all very primal! As much as we think we have evolved... we really have not, things just have new labels now.

In fact men should be proud that their woman chose them using her head, and the fact that she is interested in their money shows that she is SERIOUS about building a life with them not just having a fun screw or two! Cus lets face it guys, having a big... you know what, while extremely important, is just not enough to build a life with.

So lets applaud all the "gold diggers" and congratulate them on being smart, serious women!
And last remark to my friend: "Stop whining and being a typical "guy" that wants women to lie through their teeth and say that they love you for your balding head and not for the fact that they you are a potentially great life partner! If you want a woman to lie to you, go to a whore house and request what you like. If you want to build a life together with a serious woman, print out your bank account statements while humming a happy tune! Hopefully you have cable so she doesn't have to wait to long for them to download!!!

Ok, kids, class dismissed.


The Brooklyn Diet!

>> Monday, July 17, 2006

How delicious does that look!??????? Believe it or not, but these wonderful delights can be found in good ol Brooklyn, on Emmons Ave.

My friend Dulce was brave enough to order the chocolate mousse pyramid while I was delusional enough to think that ONE single piece of baklava would be enough for me.. yeah... NO! We so ended up sharing the wonderful pyramid that held a treasure inside (white chocolate mousse!) .

All I know I want these tables for my pattio!!!
Like NOW!


>> Sunday, July 16, 2006

You know what I just realized?... I lost my "little black book"!!!

To elaborate: I lost my phone during my drunken stupor of the World Cup final in a classic move of it falling out while I was in a cab. Its not a big deal since I am constantly on email with all my "important" people so I just emailed them to send me their numbers. Out of my 180 numbers I've recovered about 100 of them. The ones that are still missing are: my headhunters' numbers which I'll get when they call me next month (they keep tabs on me quarterly); my ex - managers - I'll just call them in the office; the only phone numbers that I lost and seems like for good are all my ex-boyfriends... I really don't delete people from my life (my phone). I believe in staying on good terms even after the relationship is over, and even if I haven't actually talked to many of them in years, it is still nice to send happy b-day and merry christmas text messages, and plus its good to know that they're in your phone and are accessible at any moment if need be. Well... no more. Ooops...

I guess my little black book has been cleared, hmm funny that it took me a whole week to actually realize it.


Don't you love snow days!? the summer!!!!???

>> Friday, July 14, 2006

The airconditioning is so strong in the office that I find it extremely useless that my chair has wheels since the wind from the conditioner keeps blooooooowing me to the other side of the office! I proceed to stand up and fight the wind to wheel my chair back to my table... OH... what's that??? I cant recognize where my table is since it is currently overcome by and ICEBERG OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!!

That's ok, I always have my ice pick and ice boots handy (in the summer) so I'll just put them on, rope myself and try to climb on top of the iceberg, I mean, why should an ice mountain stand between me and my work??

It was a long and arduous climb... but luckily I had the beautiful Northern Lights keeping me company! I did encounter a few polar bears, but they were friendly and licked my face with their pink tongues... I was rather freezing so one of the bears's tongues got stuck to my cheek. That was an uncomfortable 20 minutes...

I also met some penguins and they were playful as ever. I inquired after what could possible be making them so gay, and they said that they LOVE spending their vacations in NYC during the summer since its so freezing in all the offices. They were especially looking forward to playing over at the large financial corporations since the're the frozen landshaft offers good ground for sledding. "Ahhh, yes, carry on my gay penguin pals."

Ok, enough goofing around, what I'm trying to say is: TURN THE FRKN AIRCONDITIONER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nico honey, can you please bring me some hot chocolate and my raindeer mittens!


Mahhhh siiiii, NY sa festeggiare!!!!

>> Monday, July 10, 2006

What a crazy finale!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad at the last minute I decided to cheer the Mamma's boys. I decided I felt passionate enough about not wanting the roosters to win to cheer for the mammones. AND WHAT A TREAT!!!! Honestly, I did not expect Azzuri to pull it off, but once they got that first goal, I KNEW they were taking it home (..home to mamma obviously...)!!!!!!

It all about the Mediterranean sun and salt. It does something to people that is not possible to explain unless you've tasted it. This game was nuts because the two Mediterranean spirits were fighting each other. It wasn't a game of kick-ball this was a game of emotional strength.

I'm not about to comment who played better, whose technique was better... they both played well, this was about who kept it together and who failed to stay strong in the head.

As far as I am concerned Italy played stronger because they didn't fall apart after the first French goal. They collected their emotions into a fist and went forward and scored! I think after that goal they all realized that they can really take this thing! And this feeling is very important because it grips you and if you go with it you will be unstoppable!! On the opposite side, if you loose this belief for even a second... its OVER for you. I think in this case its what happened to France. They were hoping to ride it out on the one goal... but it didn't happen. They played a great game, but because in their heart they lost that feeling of sureness it brought them down.

And once again, it all about blindly KNOWING you can do it. This again is exhibition of what we are trying to promote here at sempreprimavera, what exactly happens when you believe anything is possible??? Well that's what happens! You DO IT! YOU GET IT!!!!

A bit heavy of a discourse for the day after the big game... as I'm sure those of us who celebrated still feeling the effects of the birras... as I am for certain... Mammamia!

So I leave you with some party shots!!! It was CRAZY I tell you!!!!! CRAZYYYY!!!!!!!!

Nothing happens in NY without police involvement...


>> Saturday, July 8, 2006

Totally right on...TOTALLY!

What Your Soul Really Looks Like
You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or even a completely different life.
You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.
You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.
Your near future is calm, relaxing, and pretty much what you want. And it's something you've been anticipating for a while now.
For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.
Inside the Room of Your Soul


>> Thursday, July 6, 2006

ATTENZIONE! Attenzione! New pizzaiolo in the neighborhood... wait no, shhhhh... if the all the Italian pizzerias on Staten Island find out I'll have Joeys and Vinnys knocking on my door to collect "fees" and such. Of course they will all have to drive in from New Jersey since that's where the real "boys" have migrated to, nevertheless they'll be here to collect. Shhhh...

Ha, look at me feeding the stereotypes... bad girl! But what I'm trying to say that this as delicious as it is lovely creation of my own hands is definitely worthy of a drive across the bridge. And if the pizza doesn't fill you up, I'll serve you a heaping portion of narcism for a complete experience! (Again kids, repeat after me- self praise is only a healthy exercise in being truthful... its a good thing!)

And here we are trying to be artistic and capture the sun in a wine glass (with water... ) Eww.. the glass has my greasy fingerprints all over, no wonder the sun didn't want to go in.

Well there you have it! Another lavish production of haute couture of cuisine Ale style.

Note to self: pick up some Chianty on the way home.


>> Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Today was just a total bliss...

Started out with mega croissont dipping in nutella with about 3 cups of coffee. Believe it or not but at 8.30am it was already too humid and hot to sit on the verandah! And I must have my coffee hot, I don't care that the thermostat is bleeding colors. After breakfast I decided to go have a dip in the pool. After the dip I felt refreshed enough to go for a run in the park. I ran once around and decided that I should get back to the pool and not be so ambitious, it was just too humid. I ate some more... swam... ate again... swam... ate more... swam. Actually there are just two activities that I know of that make me lose lots of weight yet make me so hungry at the same time... yeah... one of them is swimming.

Then the game started Italy vs. Germany. Obviously very important! Watched from the pool and as you can imagine the outcome was less than pleasant. I had to council Nico from dropping off into great despair. I love Italy and all, but I can just imagine the entire Italy team on their celulari calling casa to talk to la mamma!!"

"Mamma!! Mamma!!!! Abbiamo vinto!!!! abbiamo vinto!!" Mommy!! Mommy!!.... we won!! And I can almost hear la mamma on the other line:

"Bravo, bravo amore... ma mettiti la giacca che ti viene il rafreddore!!!" bravo my love... now put on that jacket before you catch a cold

Is that the type of men you want as the winners of the world cup??? Nooooooo! Ok, ok I'll stop now... just because I feel qualified to be a fan of quite a number of teams, doesn't mean I should make fun of the few teams that I chose not to cheer for.

Mmmmm, I'm on the verandah now... and smelling some good stuff on the grill... Its time to go see what my neighbors are up too!!! Some cold beers and spicy sausages would be in order right now! Its 4th of July or ain't it!!?


Sooo.... tell me...

>> Monday, July 3, 2006

Nico and I were invited to his parents' house while there. Everything was going smoothly, they're extremely lovely and funny people, the soft evening sun was reflecting of the glass table top on the verandah... and the heinekens kept coming, all good. Then Nico's mom asked what seemed to be a very simple question:

Mom: So what did you guys do today?
Nico: Went to the beach.
Mom: Yeah, that was in the afternoon, what did you do in the morning?
Nico and Ale: ...........(crickets)............

Yeah, somehow the truthful, aerobics in bed, didn't seem to be the appropriate answer.


WC = water closet

>> Sunday, July 2, 2006

OK, World Cup is officially over for me, Brazil is OUT!!!!!!! This is just HORRIBLE!!!!!! I'm gonna grab my ax and go chop up some trees in the nearest park... (I can't vandalize any cars... my neighbors in the cute cul-de-sac will not appreciate it.) Maybe later I'll drink more brasilian beer till I can't see infront of me anymore...

Just kidding kids! The only thing I'll be choping up is some lettuce for my super healthy salad and drinking some sparkling peligrino water... still this world cup really is a WC - a real freakin' toilet... Nothing against the frenchies... but still.... this suuuuuuucks!

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