>> Wednesday, July 26, 2006

By the way, 10 coffees later I'm feeling better. Funny how I slowly seep back to life by Wednesdays! Get my work done on Thursdays... and well Fridays are summer Fridays, no one works.

Also today is a special day! My friend from Copenhagen is visiting. Well more like doing a "fly by" in NY on her way to one of our friends' wedding in Idaho. (Yes that's the one I am missing because I'm going to my other friend's wedding in the Windy City.) Not only all my friends are getting married, there just AREN'T enough weekends apparently in the year to accommodate everyone so there is overlap!!!!!!!!!!! OK, but this isn't what this post is about..

So anyway, she is here just for today and leaving tomorrow morning. So what could this mean? Taking full advantage of the city!!

Yeah, don't get too excited... even with 10 SP ambition- injections, all we'll do is just have a nice lovely evening of sake, sushi and SO much gossip. :)

Oh... just got an email from this guy I went on a few dates with a while back (when I was on my frenzied search for wedding dates). I wasn't feeling him (he was not arm candy enough to bring to weddings) so I told him I don't want to see him "romantically" anymore. He asked why, I said some non-sense about not wanting a relationship blablabblaaaaa (Seriously, I just didn't like him much).

What I SHOULD have said is: Sorry, I met this dude last night, we hooked up and well... you're out. That's the only kind of break-up excuse guys will understand. Unless there is another man in the picture they just can't imagine that we may choose not to be with them JUST BECAUSE.

Oh BOY! I can't wait till tonight, my friend and I can discuss men, and the difference in sizes of ...cars.... in the USA and Europe. FUN FUN!!


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