>> Thursday, July 6, 2006

ATTENZIONE! Attenzione! New pizzaiolo in the neighborhood... wait no, shhhhh... if the all the Italian pizzerias on Staten Island find out I'll have Joeys and Vinnys knocking on my door to collect "fees" and such. Of course they will all have to drive in from New Jersey since that's where the real "boys" have migrated to, nevertheless they'll be here to collect. Shhhh...

Ha, look at me feeding the stereotypes... bad girl! But what I'm trying to say that this as delicious as it is lovely creation of my own hands is definitely worthy of a drive across the bridge. And if the pizza doesn't fill you up, I'll serve you a heaping portion of narcism for a complete experience! (Again kids, repeat after me- self praise is only a healthy exercise in being truthful... its a good thing!)

And here we are trying to be artistic and capture the sun in a wine glass (with water... ) Eww.. the glass has my greasy fingerprints all over, no wonder the sun didn't want to go in.

Well there you have it! Another lavish production of haute couture of cuisine Ale style.

Note to self: pick up some Chianty on the way home.


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