Would you care for a swim?

>> Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Monday takes 1st prize in the competition called THE WORST DAY EVER.

Right, there are no bad days in Sempre Primavera land, that's just not allowed, blablabla... but really, today took first prize so far this year for the WORST DAY. Will I give you a list of all the terrible things that happened? No, and that's because nothing happened. I mean, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing extraordinarily bad... but somehow it was just HORRIBLE. That's the freaky part. Nothing bad happened yet it sucked.


Oh, and to totally get of the subject. For how much money would you swim across Lake Champlain??? (Just 12 miles accross in the widest part.) 100,000,000? 100,000?? Just name your number. (And yes, the little boat with your cheering team a doctor and a person feeding you as you splish splash will be provided.) Sooooo how much??? Anyone would go as low as $1000???


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