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>> Thursday, July 27, 2006

My crazy friend and I had an awesome time! Her only afternoon in NY were spent very successfully. Besides a major gossiping session with moi her other request was to get some shopping time in! And since the SLUT! - I mean - nice girl! has a perfect figure, you know the tall, toned, and tanned Scandinavian thing, everything she tried on was a perfect fit.
Of course no shopping experience is complete without a run through Sephora... where you can conveniently do your make up before going out to dinner!

My friend is single at the moment and of course we took the opportunity to talk bitchy about our friends that have DARED to go and get married!! I mean, what's next- BABIES!??? Just too much!! What was quite funny is that I realized that I always completely forget that actually have a boyfriend. What a weird and strange concept for me...

I've always said, until I have a ring on the finger, the guy is not getting any titles. So unless he is a "fiance" he is just a friend. This little philosophy by the way drove my very first boyfriend nuts, since I would introduce him as a "friend". Haha! Well, now since Nico, I've changed my tune a bit... I wish I could just Brand him all over with the following words:

"Ale's PROPERTY! You touch, you DIE!!"

Waw... he really brings out the best out in me! I love it!!

Speaking of branding someone with the words "my property"... I'm off to the windy city for my friend's wedding. Ahhhhh..... this one is really hitting "close to home". She was my absolute partner in crime through college!!! You have NO idea what kind of crazy things we did!!! No seriously. Oh well... I guess I'll always have the fond memories that involve... the kissing couch... 22 cannellonies... our 21st birthdays (we're 2 days apart) in the SHOWER... (DON'T ask)... sounds of champaign popping promptly every thursday at 6.45 pm... and boys boys boys for every letter of the ALPHABET!!!

Though thinking about it... even if I WANTED I would just physically not be able to do all these things that we did before. So I'm sure she is doing the right thing... oh YEAH and her guy is a great one, so I guess its aight! Mazeltof you crazy kids!


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