A bit to start with...

>> Friday, June 30, 2006

Just to start out by saying: Dreams do come true! You just have to imagine what you want really hard and in details... and not to FREAK out when they materialize in front of you one day...

Yes, I know, how sweet... bla blaaaaa, where is my barf bag!? But its TRUE!!! You know how you sometimes day dream about a situation, or a moment, or a feeling...? And you think how nice it would be to live them!? Well, I just have to say so many of these dreams saw daylight... or moonlight ;) Just incredible! I don't know what's sweeter to have such awesomeness happen to you, or to have the awesomeness you dreamt about come true..? Well, either way, this is TRULY SemprePrimavera in action! Or...shall I say: in BLOOM!

And to carry on with some pictures...

I love Europe, its style, its relaxed way of being and moving. The way time is taken to enjoy... Sure there is nothing in the wold like the energy of New York, but I prefer to feel my own energy not feel like a drop that is being carried away in a crazy flow of a Niagra Falls.

Brasilian stuff??

Who knew there were beautiful beaches out there!?!

(These two pictures were not taken by me, but are VERY similar in subject and the effect I was trying to achieve, except better, so I decided to use them instead.)

This one of the sunset is my own "work".

And for the inquiring minds that want to know and so there is no doubt about it... there was so much ice cream had that I was literally afraid of the authorities stepping in to make some arrests because so much ice cream consumption definitely has to be illegal! Yep.. definitely has to be those unadulterated European ingredients! Ohhhhh...!


And the humidity hit my face

>> Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yes, that's how you know you're back. Rolling your sexy carry-on down that ramp feeling your face getting oilier by the nano second from the wonderful all enveloping himidity... yep, that's how you know you're being welcomed home!

Its all good though... after spending a few days in FANTASY LAND!!!!!! there is really nothing that can disrupt my post-trip bliss...


Action/Adventure Bitte!

>> Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So tomorrow I will be in Germany! Hoooraaay! Eww- Lets do this better... HOOOOORRRAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!

Ok, a little better...

I'd like to be able to say that there are no bounds to my excitement and anticipation, but honestly, at this point, I just simply CAN'T WAIT.

I think we all choose the kind of genre our Romance story resembles... There are, after all, lots to choose from: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Chick flick... I choose mine to be an Action/Adventure one! (Ha! and y'all know what kind of "action" I'm talking about!? *note to kids- I'm TOTALLY talking about flying on a jet plane, and such..)

So Action and adventure... here I come!

Some questions to ponder... which I'll have the answers to when I come back- I think..

1. Will we make it out of the apartment?
2. Will we give each other bloody noses while discussing world cup?
3. Will Ronaldo loose any weight on the WC cafeteria food?? (Well, I guess this is just my personal question.)
4. Will I get to meet any of his friends? (They live in a different city.)
5. Will there be hot single guys? (This one is WallStreet's request.)
6. Does his espresso machine have a foam making capability??? (I couln't tell from the picture he sent me... and I haaaaaave to have my cappuccio in the mornin'!) ...gosh, is it me? or everything I say just sounds dirty...?... sorry, i'm guessing its just me...
7. Did he block out time for shoe shopping? (Like I specifically requested on page 25 of my "pre-trip" planning notes I sent him.)

Hmm... well that's about all... I guess I'm not going with too many questions after all...

Ok, only hours left to be counted...


I love you!

>> Monday, June 19, 2006

Ok, I'm going to give you a play by play RE-play of Sunday's game Brazil vs Australia...

28 minutes to kick off - arrive at the bar - way to full- people chargin COVER price - get disgusted go next door.
27 minutes to kick off - next door bar - too full - the screen is not big enough- leave
26 minutes to kick off - go across the street - grab some space at the bar - big huge scree - perfect!
25 minutes to kick off - order a cerveza fresca!! ufff its hot... 11:35 and already 90F!!
(never mind the drinking part before noon... hey... beer is not even a drink really... its food... so... like breakfast!)

0 minutes to kick off - make friends with Australian fans sitting next to me - tell them I really hope Australia can score at least ONE point...
15 minutes - SCORE!!!!! (ANOTHER BEER)
Half-Time - thank goodness!!!!!! Take pictures of my... shirt...

For all the foreigners, let me translate what the shirt says on the bottom:
"World football"

Ok, game back on...
Ronaldo is so fat....
Those Aussies are really Cute actually.....!!!
Wow!!!! I forgot what I was even doing here...! Oh yeah, cheering Brasil! so..YEEEEEYYY!!!!!
Ronaldo goes on the bench... yeah, he was panting...
Gooooooal!!!!!!! YEEEEY!!!!
and double yeeeey that game is almost over....

Sorry, but this game was just not magical for me.. or maybe I was spoiled on Saturday by the game USA vs. Italy.. now that's DRAMA!!! A mountain of yellow cards, exciting passing, footwork, pulling, pushing, BLOOOD, THREE RED CARDS!!!!! and not to mention Italians scoring two goals! One for them and one for the Americans.... eeehheheeee But jokes aside, I was impressed with how our guys played, and it was beautiful how we have all kinds of nationalities, faces and colorful last names on our team!

Game over... left me wanting more... something... more...
So we went over to a sweet little cafe for some Cafe' Glisse'!! Yummmmm, coffee and a ice cream just like back in the old country!!! And this here people is the magic of America, you can cheer the Brasilian team then go around the corner to have a French desert... and maybe shop for some Colombian artisan purses... All within the RADIUS OF FEW BLOCKS!!!!

America IS beautiful!!!

Where else can you see Brasilian, Aussies, Koreans and the French cheering their teams... SIDE BY SIDE?? Maybe we're not so ignorant and EVIL... maybe we actually have the RIGHT IDEA!!!!!!!!


Playa, Sol y Palmeras!

>> Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just some shots from the beautiful Santa Barbara.

This place is just unbelievably gorgeous. You know when you look at a chocolate cake with a ton of frosting and cream and strawberies peeking out... you can almost feel the sugar rush in your temples. Well, when you look out over the hills in SB a very similar rush happens...

Here is Marvin choking the pillow at the hotel... would probably help if he closed his eyes.

Back in reality, NYC prognosis is F90+ temperatures, so I hope to spend the day at the pool. Tomorrow however I'll be watering myself with some very cold beers watching Brazil play Australia. Looking forward to some exciting footwork... You know what they say... Brazilian players got the footwork because they're all good samba dancers... we'll be watching out for Kaka'! I wonder if his young beautiful, Paulista socialite wife will be there? You know coaches are divided on the issue of player "doing it" during WC with their wives/giflfriends...but Brasil's coach is all for it!


How to make a man fall in love. (So EASY!)

>> Friday, June 16, 2006

We here at Sempre Primavera headquarters work round the clock to research important and illusive issues. And once again, we are pleased to announce that we have arrived at yet another breakthrough!!!

Yes, today... we have arrived at some very VERY special info! After extensive watching of 70s movies with French babes such as BB; paying attention to what Marcellos, Alains and other sexy Euro-men told their hysterical co-stars as they inevitably left them standing in the rain with mascara runs...; after surveying tons of Italian guys in the hills of Tuscany...and amalfi...and lazio...and sardegna..... oh just stop me!....; and after reading a number of classics such as Anna Karenina and not so much classics (YET!) like Bergdorf Blondes.... and last but not least, we listened between the lines as Shakira sang about shaking hips... we have FINALLY figured out WHAT MAKES MEN FALL IN LOVE!

What IS IT THAT drives a man totally wild? As much as men like to insist that all they really want or need from a relationship is great "ice cream" in bed, what REALLY hooks them real deep (and of course we are in the big leagues here) is something else... Precisely that "something else" is very hard to define... but fear not! SPHQ is here to break it all down for you!.... in a simple.... 35 points...?!?... I know the list may look a bit too long, but I promise you after you're done reading it, you'll know exactly what needs to be done!

Men want/need/desire a woman... (in no particular order)

- who will kiss them and the next moment diss them
- who is JUST like their mother but is NOTHING like her
- wise like their grandma and annoying as their little sister
- who treats them like a KING and a bit like a stable boy
- who obeys them like they're God and gets seduced by them like they're Devil
- who is very beautiful yet insecure
- who is a strong independent woman yet needs them like there's no tomorrow
- who behaves like a Goddess and right after like she is Godless
- who is high maintenance yet down to earth and relaxed
- who looks sweet in a pastel dress and just as well with some whips and chains
- who is the embodiment of politeness and the biggest smart ass
- who tonight has a big round butt but come tomorrow morning it fits into jeans of size 1
- who is always agreeable yet knows how to throw a perfect tantrum
- who knows when to smile and when to fake a cry
- who shy and demure, yet aggressive at the same time

....shall I continue..?

- who is very smart but asks them for advice
- who can cook dinner better than a 5 star
- who can demand and say thank you very much
- who speaks softly and laughs really loud

uffff... i'm getting tired writting all this... and a bit dilusional... BOY I'm feeling a major personality disorder coming on.. OH I forgot the most important one!

of course:
- a woman who is always simply herself! (PROVIDED she is doing all of the above.)

Yeah... well.. I promised you that you will know exactly what to do after reading this... and people the real lesson here is that: SOMETIMES its - better - to - just - not - know!

remember!!! sometimes its better to just NOT know...!

good night- peace out cub scout!


>> Wednesday, June 14, 2006

KAKA' JUST SCOOOOOOOOORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gooooo KAKA' !!!!!!!!!!!! YEEAAAH!!!!!

-half time brasil leading croatia 1:0!!


KAKA' JUST SCOOOOOOOOORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gooooo KAKA' !!!!!!!!!!!! YEEAAAH!!!!!

-half time brasil leading croatia 1:0!!


Fly birdy fly!!!!

>> Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm really becoming a bit of royalty! I've started noticing that in the last year or so... I mean I get aggravated when certain little comforts are not immediately available, when I'm not served with a proper amount of ceremony at a restaurant, or when I have to wait for something in line with mare mortals.. etc, etc, etc.

Like for example, I was getting extremely annoyed at being in Economy class during my flight to LA. (AS IF I've ever flown first class.) However, the people next to me were definitely not cute enough, except for Wallstr of course, the food was lacking! (No literally... there was NO food at all, only for ordering... like I'm going to give you $5 bucks after having payed hundreds already!!).

Anyway, I was just thinking, where the heck is this all coming from? I've never been a demanding litl brat...

But really is it too much to ask not to contract SARS on a freakin' plane!??? Seriously this chick next to us kept coughing up a lung in a very un-elegant manner!!! Ewww!!

*After further harassing of Nico... he finally told me that I should bring a guide book with me just in case... since he really is not from around there (being that he is just on a work project) so I should probably prepare something if its not ok to just wing it... than he yawned...

I think he is just pulling my leg... but what if he's really not? Ok, I'm SO making my own plan, so if he drops the ball, I'll take over!

By the way, that's Marvin on the photo, my traveling duckie. If you press him on the tummy, he quacks in a very repramanding manner at you! He is awesome!

PS: the game US vs Czech R. was just a painfull disgrace... so sad... why can't the US just join the rest of the world in playing some good foot ball... and maybe using the metric system!!


>> Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh my gosh.. I'm so exhausted!! What a weekend...

Well, I was totally trying to pump Nico for information on what the plans are and he would just NOT give any hints!! Men really don't get it! Like seriously HOW am I supposed to get ready for romance and surprises when I have NO IDEA what we are doing thus, have NO IDEA what outfits to put together nor weather or not I should practice my surprised facial expressions!!!?!?!! (Surprised looks are just so much more natural looking when practiced.)

What I am trying to say is that I'm super excited and apparently Nico reserved something or other but he won't tell me any details. Since by nature I'm totally take charge and control type, I'm doing my own research and putting together a program, just for my own personal tranquility... and well, so I have SOME sort fo guide line as to what kind of outfit planning must take place :)

This weekend infact I was just running through some potential color palette ideas, as well as the colors for my pedi and mani. And as you all Vogue reading peoples know, mani and pedi should NOT match!! This is all hard work, I'm tired!


I want to do Kaka... badly!

>> Friday, June 9, 2006

World Cup has started! So? Who are we cheering for?? I have not decided yet. I always cheer for Brazil because my Brazilian friends introduced me properly to the whole craze... And in 2002 I remember the lovely time cheering Brazil with my Brazilian landlord and all their family and friends. Brazilian are definitely crazy about their soccer, really, it feels like they would actually die for it.

Yet, I think its boring if one team is always the favorite and always wins, yet its pointless to cheer the clear looser as there is no way they could take to top spot. Nico obviously is cheering Germany and when there I will be cheering them as well, but I still want to pick my own team.

Brazilians are just so adorable though... Like how CUTE is Kaka!?? haha and with a name like that too...! (yes Kaka is a player and you though I was just being gross in the title..)

uffff Decisions Decisions....


Dumb ass questions deserve a...

>> Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Ale: Hey Nico! Guess what!? I'm planning on getting a hair cut... shaving my head actually!! Are you going to break up with me??

Nico: Ohh noooo! NO WAY! I would never break up with you over your hair cut! ...I am sure I would be able to come up with MUCH better reasons to dump you!!

Ale: ..Ahhmm... Great! ...I guess... huhh?....

*note: no I'm not shaving my head, I'd look good (think Natalie Portman), but I'm not going to do that.


>> Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Time to start freaking out. YEY!!!! My trip is nearing!!!

This Saturday will be a much needed visitation of the vulgar russian beauty salon to get my fix of world news, new ways of forming sentenses using only profanities... cappuccinos and little french chocolates!! (An decadently vulgar russian restaurant "caters" their saturdays). Its like french country side trashy-chic. I love it, makes me feel so relaxed and envigorated!

Plus my hair has gotten way to long. I'm going to tell Nico that I'm shaving my head, and see what he'll have to say. (heeehehe, yeah, I know... I'm 5!)

Another curiosity... after all that carb eating in california... I actually lost 5lbs. Hmmmm... must have been those hills in San Fran...


Quick 10 overview

>> Monday, June 5, 2006

I'm back. I can't believe its over!! Bummer! Though at the same time I'm glad and I'm even looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Yep, I must have picked up some exotic virus from the lovely fellow passengers on the flight back. Is sars still a problem? I'm not sure, I've been away from the world for a week...

The pictures! I hope to go through them in the next day or so and put up the gorgeousness that we saw!

Some of the highlights of our trip included:

1. Girls' night out in Santa Barbara... under-aged boys trying to hit on us... (no.. WAY underaged)

2. Making our limo driver 30 mins late to a wedding she was supposed to work after taking us around wine tasting.

3. "Tasting" enough wine to be able to float... fly... and perform other similar tasks.

4. Pacific Highway one between San Louis Obispo and Monterey... on EMPTY. (What! gas costs a lot now days, so we decided we just won't use it!)

5. The most gorgeous beach in Carmel!

6. San Fran has got way to many dam hills! (Good workout for the ass, which is probably necessary considering their many good yummy restaurants and the Ghirardelli chocolate sold in all forms and shapes all over the place.)

7. Gilroy has got AWESOME fruit wine and champaine!!! And tastings are free!

8. Its hot in L.A

9. Paradise Cove is a nightmare on a weekend!!!

10. The "other" side of Malibu rules.

And very important lesson we learned from a BABY: if you want someone to like you, smile and laugh alot!
Duhhh! (Oh, sometimes gurgling sounds may be good too.)

Hasta man~ana banana



>> Saturday, June 3, 2006

Wow, we're in LA now, its so hot! 96F!!! Going to be in Malibu on the beach... a bit sad that our trip is coming to a close, we'll have to make it count to the last minute! :)

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