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>> Friday, June 30, 2006

Just to start out by saying: Dreams do come true! You just have to imagine what you want really hard and in details... and not to FREAK out when they materialize in front of you one day...

Yes, I know, how sweet... bla blaaaaa, where is my barf bag!? But its TRUE!!! You know how you sometimes day dream about a situation, or a moment, or a feeling...? And you think how nice it would be to live them!? Well, I just have to say so many of these dreams saw daylight... or moonlight ;) Just incredible! I don't know what's sweeter to have such awesomeness happen to you, or to have the awesomeness you dreamt about come true..? Well, either way, this is TRULY SemprePrimavera in action! Or...shall I say: in BLOOM!

And to carry on with some pictures...

I love Europe, its style, its relaxed way of being and moving. The way time is taken to enjoy... Sure there is nothing in the wold like the energy of New York, but I prefer to feel my own energy not feel like a drop that is being carried away in a crazy flow of a Niagra Falls.

Brasilian stuff??

Who knew there were beautiful beaches out there!?!

(These two pictures were not taken by me, but are VERY similar in subject and the effect I was trying to achieve, except better, so I decided to use them instead.)

This one of the sunset is my own "work".

And for the inquiring minds that want to know and so there is no doubt about it... there was so much ice cream had that I was literally afraid of the authorities stepping in to make some arrests because so much ice cream consumption definitely has to be illegal! Yep.. definitely has to be those unadulterated European ingredients! Ohhhhh...!


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