>> Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh my gosh.. I'm so exhausted!! What a weekend...

Well, I was totally trying to pump Nico for information on what the plans are and he would just NOT give any hints!! Men really don't get it! Like seriously HOW am I supposed to get ready for romance and surprises when I have NO IDEA what we are doing thus, have NO IDEA what outfits to put together nor weather or not I should practice my surprised facial expressions!!!?!?!! (Surprised looks are just so much more natural looking when practiced.)

What I am trying to say is that I'm super excited and apparently Nico reserved something or other but he won't tell me any details. Since by nature I'm totally take charge and control type, I'm doing my own research and putting together a program, just for my own personal tranquility... and well, so I have SOME sort fo guide line as to what kind of outfit planning must take place :)

This weekend infact I was just running through some potential color palette ideas, as well as the colors for my pedi and mani. And as you all Vogue reading peoples know, mani and pedi should NOT match!! This is all hard work, I'm tired!


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