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>> Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm really becoming a bit of royalty! I've started noticing that in the last year or so... I mean I get aggravated when certain little comforts are not immediately available, when I'm not served with a proper amount of ceremony at a restaurant, or when I have to wait for something in line with mare mortals.. etc, etc, etc.

Like for example, I was getting extremely annoyed at being in Economy class during my flight to LA. (AS IF I've ever flown first class.) However, the people next to me were definitely not cute enough, except for Wallstr of course, the food was lacking! (No literally... there was NO food at all, only for ordering... like I'm going to give you $5 bucks after having payed hundreds already!!).

Anyway, I was just thinking, where the heck is this all coming from? I've never been a demanding litl brat...

But really is it too much to ask not to contract SARS on a freakin' plane!??? Seriously this chick next to us kept coughing up a lung in a very un-elegant manner!!! Ewww!!

*After further harassing of Nico... he finally told me that I should bring a guide book with me just in case... since he really is not from around there (being that he is just on a work project) so I should probably prepare something if its not ok to just wing it... than he yawned...

I think he is just pulling my leg... but what if he's really not? Ok, I'm SO making my own plan, so if he drops the ball, I'll take over!

By the way, that's Marvin on the photo, my traveling duckie. If you press him on the tummy, he quacks in a very repramanding manner at you! He is awesome!

PS: the game US vs Czech R. was just a painfull disgrace... so sad... why can't the US just join the rest of the world in playing some good foot ball... and maybe using the metric system!!


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