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>> Monday, June 5, 2006

I'm back. I can't believe its over!! Bummer! Though at the same time I'm glad and I'm even looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Yep, I must have picked up some exotic virus from the lovely fellow passengers on the flight back. Is sars still a problem? I'm not sure, I've been away from the world for a week...

The pictures! I hope to go through them in the next day or so and put up the gorgeousness that we saw!

Some of the highlights of our trip included:

1. Girls' night out in Santa Barbara... under-aged boys trying to hit on us... (no.. WAY underaged)

2. Making our limo driver 30 mins late to a wedding she was supposed to work after taking us around wine tasting.

3. "Tasting" enough wine to be able to float... fly... and perform other similar tasks.

4. Pacific Highway one between San Louis Obispo and Monterey... on EMPTY. (What! gas costs a lot now days, so we decided we just won't use it!)

5. The most gorgeous beach in Carmel!

6. San Fran has got way to many dam hills! (Good workout for the ass, which is probably necessary considering their many good yummy restaurants and the Ghirardelli chocolate sold in all forms and shapes all over the place.)

7. Gilroy has got AWESOME fruit wine and champaine!!! And tastings are free!

8. Its hot in L.A

9. Paradise Cove is a nightmare on a weekend!!!

10. The "other" side of Malibu rules.

And very important lesson we learned from a BABY: if you want someone to like you, smile and laugh alot!
Duhhh! (Oh, sometimes gurgling sounds may be good too.)

Hasta man~ana banana


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