Corner View: Simple Pleasures

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This is a picture of our little supplies stash for NYE 2010 spent in the French countryside.  A cozy dinner for 6 with fruits of the land and sea beautifully paired with 5 champs.  I love the simple life with it's simple pleasures!



Nostalgia ~ The Scottish Highlands

>> Monday, January 28, 2013

I know, I KNOW!  We just came back from a trip!  Like literally just 2 weeks ago, but I'm totally already thinking where to next!?

Scotland last August was absolutely incredible!  I loved the Highlands.  I'd SO live there.  I'm a very social person, yet at the same time I love big open spaces with nothing but cows.  And the sky!  The sky there is HUGE.  It feels like you can "breathe" there.  We really had a hard time remembering that we were still in ''Europe".  Ireland is on our list, as well as Norway and Sweden.  But these lands would need our undivided attention for at least a week.  I need to start thinking weekend trip.  Hmm... where to!?


Corner View: Five Scenes

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you have secret notebooks where you make schemes and draw intricate designs on hitting that goal you've set for yourself, hitting the sun or at least a few stars?  I believe very much in the power of the "written word".  I used to have a little 'plan' that I carried in my wallet during college years and let me tell you, it really works!  You write stuff down, then make it happen.  Simple.

I'm excited to see my friend J of Sparklingly draw up a really nice meaty plan for the year!  I have not done this in a while, not for 2 years at least!, so it's time to pick up some arms.

Unlike J, I keep my schemes TOP SECRET.  Why?  Simply because they are SO BOGUS, SO OUT THERE that literally I'll be laughed out of the Internets.  You know when I told my extended family that I'm moving to Europe with a gorgeous Dutch Man?  Exactly one month prior to departure.  I kept my year long world wind international relationship completely secret and only told them I'm leaving when the date was set. I didn't want to reveal anything lest they give me a reaction (fittingly) pointing out to how far fetched and crazy the whole thing sounded.  I did not want them or anything to break my concentration, my vision.

But that's me.  For many it helps to be kept accountable by witnesses.  I on the other hand am of the philosophy "If I tell you, I'll have to...." you know.  :)

All I'm going to say is that there is a NOTEBOOK.  There is even a ....PEN.  (!!!)

How is this related to the Corner View entitled FIVE SENSES?  Well, you know how a lion sees a dashing gazelle and MUST charge it, I read that even if the lion wanted, he could not, NOT go for it as his instinct completely takes over and makes him charge.  So I say, to get what you want in life you must focus all your five senses towards visualizing that whatever it is you want to accomplish and like a lion charge after it until you can feel and taste the warm blood oozing from behind your teeth.  :) :)      

Warning: Always practice safety, don't forget to wear your helmet when "charging" and maintain rigorous oral hygiene by brushing and flossing after each meal.

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>> Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And the pretty white fluffy snow is already begining to melt!  Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like to live where it snows all winter long...


If walls could talk...

If I had - excuse me- balls, I'd do something like this in the house!!!  More concretely I'm referring to the PHENOMENAL WALL!  Maybe I'll just settle for some tastefully placed Botticelli angels floating on the ceiling in the extension.  ...Nope, just kidding... I got no courage...


>> Monday, January 21, 2013

i need more rainforest in my life!


party time!

>> Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Jr.  We invited our friends with kids, which is most of them.  I made a strawberry cake and my signature carrot cake and fed everyone incessantly.  The kids were all very cute.  What I love about having other kids over is that they tend to just babysit each other and we can sit in peace and talk among ourselves.  There was even some kissing between Jr. and his little girlfriend Lanachka.  At the New Year's eve party, it was L taking initiative with the kissing, but yesterday Jr. was definitely the one on the offensive.

Today is birthday party "round 2" with the family and little cousins.  

note: Amsterdam friends - the usual drill, I don't expect you to show up without cars so we prefer to give you guys individual attention when you do grace us here ;)


>> Friday, January 18, 2013

just because we all needed a little photo of meeeeee to brighten our day!  i tried experimenting with green eye shaddow.  usually i mix it with plum but today i was just outa contol.  too bad you cant see the color very well on the photo. 


Conditioning training

>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jr!!!!  Two! I never thought of 2 being such a huge number before.

I'm desperately trying to suppress the involuntary panic rising inside me due to montage of various scenes depicting my baby Jr growing up fast and wanting to date, travel the world without us, go to high school, go to college that I didn't already pick out for him, be a rock star, wanting to ice skate, wanting to SLED, wanting to ski, wanting to..... uhhhg you get the point!

To calm myself I went on and bought myself 3 bracelets...  I feel slightly better...

On the other front, I tried to organize my closet (again), because that's one of the things I can influence and have complete control over unlike some other things/people, however I created more mess then began with. Oopsiii, maybe I need to buy another bracelet, I'm not yet in condition...

wait for me ladies! 
 We're still working on teaching him to say "lady" and not "mamma' when he sees a woman, and "man" not "papa" when he sees a man.  It was quite embarrassing when random guys would walk by and Jr. would point at them and say "papa"!!!


Corner View: Morning, Noon, Night

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ahhhhh... is what you say while laying on a beach listening to the waves and feeling the breeze and the sunshine.  We had a perfect getaway for some sun in the winter in the beautiful Cape Verde Islands.  We were too lazy this time to do anything besides the strict schedule of beach, nap, pool.  But I can't wait to come back again and do some island hopping there.

noon (2 hour nap - not pictured) 

 Like I said... ahhhhh.

Now back to snowy Holland :)

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Year of the Snake

>> Thursday, January 3, 2013

We survived!  I distinctly remember not sleeping pretty much through all of my twenties and never having much discomfort because of it.  It took about a week to catch-up on sleep from merely going to bed at 3am on NYE.  I mean 3am!?  That's nothing, and still I feel I need a week of rejuvenating relaxation.  (Few days to go and WE ARE OFF!) 

Yes, I know I always talk about "getting older" but to be honest I very much enjoy the benefits of not "having" to stay up till 6am partying, not "having" to have a crazy party planned that involves helicopters, jets and private yachts.  It's just like relief I STILL feel every Sunday night when I realize that I don't have last minute homework to complete since there is NO SCHOOL for me Monday!!!!  I'm DONE with school!  Same with staying up till 6am shenanigans- I'm no longer required to do this!  :) Pheeew

Oh yeah, and the point of all this was to show off my skirt! I love Pink Tartan, surprisingly out of Canada.  

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