>> Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We are here, Wallstr and I that is, in San Fran!!! Oh my goodness.... we spent an awesome time in Santa Barbara... as you can see we are alive after the limo driven wine country ride... than on our way north to San Luis Obispo... and up highway 1 through Big Sur and etc... AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we were in Carmel, California... GORGEOUS!!! We are having such an unbelievable time its .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

ohhh, Nico misses me... just in case ya'll were concerned, and I'm sure you were..

Oh and btw why no one said its hard to walk in San Fran... all these dam hills up and down and up and down... we are going to have buns of steel (even more than now).

sooooooo we are now going to go and have some drinks and some Italian food... and relax our legs...

Be good!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses from SUNSHINE filled californiaaaa
Ale and Wallstr



Ciao Ciao Bambino...

>> Friday, May 26, 2006

We made it people! Last day!!

Next week WallStr and I will be in Cali indulging all kinds of good vibes!!! And I won't forget to drink one (bottle) for each of ya!

Everyone enjoy the Memorial Day weekend! And dear Europe and Asia... I think you guys should take Monday off just so that we can all collectively not be working and thinking sunny thoughts!

A bit of excited screeching is in order right about now...


ciao! see you in June! Please miss me! ;)


>> Thursday, May 25, 2006

I love California!

It's funny but I think that the world is divided into two groups of people: those that love california and hate NY and those that love NY and hate California. The two are mutually exclusive, its the craziest thing ever. When new yorkers ask me why I love Cali I usually tell them, its for all the reasons they probably hate it.

So lets list the reasons I LOVE it just to be clear:

1. Weather is perfect ALL the time. Its sunny, its not humid and its never unpleasantly hot or cold.
2. Its GORGEOUS. Palm trees, blue skys, mountains, beaches.
3. People are relaxed.
4. When stuck in traffic you can flirt with your traffic neighboor (while in NY you'll still be in traffic yet no cute neighbors to speak of.)
5. Coffee Bean (Same idea as starbucks but it TASTES GOOD and they have cool fireplaces right in the middle of the shop)
6. In and Out Burger. A fast burger joint like that makes me PROUD to be an American (sorta.. American.)
7. Cowboys!!!
8. Vineyards
9. REAL strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables. (As opposed to plastic ones served up here.)
10. My Good Mood!!!!

I CAN'T WAIT! PLUS, I get to see some friends I haven't seen in a while...

On the Nico front... that boy is simply fantastic!! He has been mentioning "bookings" of some sort, for some stuff... but will not tell me what exactly that he is planning... Why, I do believe he is trying to seduce me!!?!! (I think he forgot he did that already... ahem... that's fine, I will not protest.) He's gold, I just want to hand cuff him to me!!!!


>> Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You know what totally annoys the heck out of me!!???? (Besides everything in and around NYC)

UGLY brides!!!

You know what annoys me EVEN more!???

SMILING ugly brides!

What's setting of this rampage session of abuse? Well... first of all, I can not wait till next week when I'll ELEGANTLY be drinking myself silly in Santa Ynez Valley with 9 other girls being driven to and fro in a limo... I will have to wear a tag with the hotel's address on my person because I plan on achieving the level of intoxication at which speech is clinically not possible! I plan on blacking out even as the midday california sun beats down hard through the tinted limo windows...! I can not wait!!!!

But really, I was just trying to browse pictures of Hamburg (Germany) and came across some wedding photos... First of all, I'm sick and tired of hearing about weddings, and GOING to weddings, and hearing about other people going to weddings. Secondly, I'm tired of people treating weddings as some kind of trendy event. Blaaaahhhh!!!! Oh, and what designer dress did she wear, and what did the bridal party wear... and who was your photographer.. and who was the florists. Bla blaaaaaaa It seems like no matter how much the Bride and Groom try the wedding will still be a criticized to death by the guests most likely those that are seeing the couple for the first AND last time anyway!!!

But yeah, back to the smiling, ugly bride's issue. Yeah, they piss me off.

OK FIIIIIINEEEE!!!!!!! Honestly, REALLY honestly, THAT bride in particular pissed me off BECAUSE .... it was HER skinny ass that was happily getting married in Hamburg with her trendy dress and trendy guests and trendy euro fiance'... and she was some dock rat from San Francisco!!! I say dock rat, because her hair looked like it belonged on a dock rat!!

Lesson kids: Competitive JEALOUSY in women towards other women is the ONE SINGLE FLAW that brings us down!!!!

That's why historically men have been dominating the scene in politics... etc etc.... because they stupidly STICK up for each other through the most idiotic dumb ass crap... and we women... just CAN'T handle seeing another woman succeed with a man... Its a natural reaction, its chemical it just happens... Apparently this subconcious desire to procreate drives us to 'ATTACK' our supposed competition. Well I guess its good for the men, because if we didn't tear eachother down on their behalf we would take over the world and not need them at all!

Ok... that was a bit heavy for a Tuesday morning, but what the heck...


>> Monday, May 22, 2006

Mondays are a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially after a SUPER weekend!!

and its not helping one bit that I'm off on a trip next week... or that I have europe booked for june... ufffff


Who's your daddy!?

>> Saturday, May 20, 2006

My very first boyfriend would tell me that I should act "more feminine". Apparently the fact that he couldn't beat me in arm wrestling was bothering him too much... or maybe the fact that I would make fun of him for that... in front of his friends... Ha! Yes I was a mean young lady.
Well, he would try to tell me what to do and how to act and I would just laugh in his face, because that just doesn't work for me.

My friends and family actually would always make comments about how the only guy that would be able to tame me would have to be a Neanderthalical Iceman type from the jungle... who would drag me around by my hair. And in fact I always found that to be kinda hot... yeah, I even let my hair grow long in preparation for the ocasion! Amm.. yeah...anyway.

I always insisted though that I like nice sweet guys! I always have! I guess I just always attracted the macho types... yet when confronted with my apparently even MORE macho self, they would just break! "Ooops, I did it again" I'd say, and quickly move on before their hysterical mothers would get a hold of my address... rraaarrrr!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in a relationship there is always a masculine and a faminine factor. If my previous guys insisted on acting like bitchy little girls... well I had no choice but to assume the masculine portion and tell them to shut-up sit still.

Ok enough philosopy, I just have to report that the other today arrived an envelope with my tickets that Nico arranged for me. Yeah, I quietly sat there for a while staring at them...

If someone asks me "who's your daddy!?" I have a ready answer!
(AND no dragging by the hair was necessary!)



>> Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Half way through the week people!!!! Sun is finally out but somehow that's just making it more annoying to be inside! Where did I go wrong when at 5 yrs old I dropped the idea of being a marine biologist, now I could have been working on a floating research center!???

Instead I'm working on a floating pile or sh..t! (Oh, that's Manhattan if you'all didn't get it.)

Haha, I knew sooner or later my true feelings about NY would come out! :) Don't WORRY! Sempre Primavera is still within! Maybe like an animal I'm instinctively feeling that my time here may be coming to a close??? Maybe because Florida residence will be completed in a few months??? Is it really possible???? Will I actually really leave this place??

Carry on!

ps: YES it is Budweiser Beer. As elegant and fancy as I am, I totally drink it!, and it IS good, I don't care what anyone says!


Immature Book review #3678?

>> Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This weekend was completely dead, not a leaf was making a sound in the lifeless alley... Nah, it was nice and relaxing not to do anything! But now I have to pay for that relaxation with a complete brain drain! So I'll try to concentrate and remember the smart things I read a little while ago...

Killing Pablo- a book Dulce let me borrow. Honestly, my reaction... very mixed. Its like, WHAT THE HECK took so long to get a hold of the man! OK, I understand that he had the entire country bought off, but honestly, I felt sorry for him on some level. He really tried to be the robin hood for the poor, yet there was no other way for him to function other than completely ruthless criminality all with countless bloodbaths and other completely wicked ways of dealing. At the end there was NO choice but to find him and kill him. However upon instinct, like a cockroach that was cut in half still tries to run away, so did he.. honestly I could hardly read the second part of the book, totally draining. A bit like Crime and Punishment, you read the book and you sweat...

On a lighter note..

Front Row- a book about Ana Wintour, an unauthorized book mind you. So basically GOSSIP! Loved it! (That was part of Dulce's present for me.) Very interesting though, she was basically determined to become the editor in chief of Vogue from 16 yrs old! That's determination. Another interesting moment is that as strong and bossy Anna is with her job, all the men in her life considered her to be totally in need of their help, counseling and just needy for their affection. Hmmm...? Anna, needy and week!? Seriously what is it with men and their weakness attraction syndrome? Is it possible for a man to fall in love with someone who they don't actually have to rescue from something? (Drug addictions, strip club job.. abusive ex-boyfriend... shopping obsessions? etc...!?) Have you ever wondered why Madeline Albright is not married?? Or even our girl Condoleza Rice??? Hmmm... do I see a pattern...?

Well, the only pattern I see is the one in which Dulce is ardently trying to better my mind! Cool!


Men and their sick sense...

>> Saturday, May 13, 2006

Il piu bello called me yesterday. COMPLETELY out of the blue. Well, actually, it should have been expected. Seriously, it really must be TRUE that men have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing that an ex-girlfriend is starting to get serious about someone else. Ladies, I don't know how... but they KNOW!

Il piu bello and I probably talk 3 times a year or so, actually last time I spoke with him was last summer. We do send text messages here and there, major holidays and Birthday I am assured a message like clockwork, but other than that nothing much. We do have this thing where we keep track of each other... so in fact I thought he was calling to invite me to his wedding or something like that... but no, it was just to say "hello".

Yesterday another one, an old crush who I've never talked about here, emailed me to say "hi", and last time we talked was literally over a year ago. "Sooo, where do you live now...? What's new...?"

What's next? My first boyfriend will decide to give me call??

Waw, I must really like Nico since the sixth sense only senses those guys that we are really into...


mas nostalgia...

>> Thursday, May 11, 2006

This photo was also taken by the ever so talented Kaya, as I brought the Yaris to a screeching halt on a windy road somewhere in the depth of Costa Rica. Today is rainy and grey. Just thinking back to the wonderful trip... (Ok, here we go...) WHY can't life be this way all the time?? New scenery, new colors, new sounds, new faces, new fragrances, new languages, new sensations??? Why?

tengo un dolor
en mi pobre corazon
quiero que la vida
sea una fiesta
con cerveza y sandia!

Oh boy! I'm also a poet too! YEA creelo creelo gente!!!!
ok, that's it for today... hugs!


Real BAD news....

>> Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So last night I've made a monumental decision to stop sleeping on the couch. It really sucks when you have to DRAG your own leg into the car as you sit down!!! And at the still tender age of 28!! Unacceptable!! So, I found my air mattress that was stowed away in the garage still in its box from my months gallivanting in California. I blew it up... My parents came to watch... in HORROR!!!!!!

"Sweetie... ammm... what are you doing??" My mom innocently asked.

"Well, the DOCTOR recommended I start sleeping on a real surface if I want to retain the usage of my body!" But I didn't say that... I just frased it in a language that would be more applicable to their purposes: "Well, I'm just getting comfortable, looks like I'll be here for a while..." heheheheh....

They both gave each other worried looks. Haaha, OK, now my egocentrical side takes that as them being worried about me and how I refuse to go out into the world and "make my own life" or some nonsense like that... but really I think they're just straight up SICK of me and my stuff crowding their garage! Well dudes, if I had any kind of interest in living on my own maybe I would... but I don't, so I won't! Get used to seeing my face float around the house if ya haven't yet!!! ('Zokay, I sometimes make them dinners... like on their birthdays... so we're even!?)

ps: Kids, think hard before having kids!


Programma piena

>> Monday, May 8, 2006

What a weekend!

Firstly, the wedding number 2 was this Friday. Highcontrast who is here in New York for work, went with me. There are a couple of reasons I invited Highcontrast and not anyone else. Lets be organized and list them:
1. he is HOT, thus good armcandy
2. he can converse intelligentlly on varioius topics and is polite (except for a few incidents where I had to tell him not to point with his fingers)
3. he is good with the international crowd, as he himself is a worldly guy
4. there was no one else, but really... even if there would have been he'd be my first choice

I went to the posh midtown hotel that Highcon is staying at to meet up. We got started at the downstairs bar with a drink. A champaigne for me and about a gallon of vodka (with some ice and soda) for him.

Than on to the reception. The place was this really swanky loft space in a downtownish locatioon. It is two floors with a roof area and main dining area below. It was absolutely gorgeous. Views of the hudson river and the most amazing sunset were simply part of the program. Everyone got started on the top with wonderful apetizers of sushi, little lamb chops and never ending champaigne. Highcon and I were actually behaving and being social mingling with the other guests. However the conversation went mostly like this: "Scuse' me... can you take a picture of us??... Thanks!... No, not like that! turn the camera... idiot! get your finger out of the lense!" Ha ha, well not really... but we thought that at times.

I was so glad that Highcon came with me. And he did his "job" perfectly. Everyone asked me if he was my boyfriend, and I just gave them a little smile saying "No, just a friend". And this was one of those situations where you are happy that no one believes that frase! Of course I texted Nico a drunk text with silly sweet nothings (and meant them).

(Oh by the way, just in case you were wondering, we are planning my visit there. The reason I say 'we' is because the fares are a-stro-no-mi-cal! I must have been holusinating thinking that I can just go to Germany in the middle of the summer, DURING the World Cup and be able to get a decent rate. So anyway, I whined about it to Nico and he said he'll check with his people to see what could be done. Man... sometimes I feel like my 'damsel in distress act' is a bit ovedone... he he.)

Saturday I woke up at a record breaking 11am! Well I did wake up at my usual 7.30am wake up time, but decided to sleep some more since the blinders were down and the bed was tres-tres comfortable (not like the stupid couch I sleep on)!!!!! Speaking of which, I actually went to see a doctor last week because my hip has been hurting. I had a thought that it was just my muscle in a perpetual cramp from sleeping on the uncomfortable couch... and I was right. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything seriously scary. The doctor kept asking me why in the heck I was sleeping on a couch and I said... well its really temporary... I'll be moving soon... She said.. well when did you start sleeping on the couch? Over a year ago... Right REAL temporary! Anyway, I rather have a cramped muscle than loose my piece of mind that this really is temporary!! The less "permanent" it feels the more calm I'll be!

But we are getting off track again...

Saturday I got ready, tracked towntown where I expertly had parked my car right on Bleecker and 6th Ave. What a lovely morning it was. The village cafes and restaurants were buzzing, happy people and dogs were walking each other with an air of importance... birds sang and trees were green! Primavera at its best! But I didn't linger because where I was going was even more chill and pleasant... Brooklyn!?! Yes, yes, there is an area that is very nice in the summer and I love the little cafes and restaurants there. I was meeting my mom at this lovely russian crape house, everything is absolutely delicious there! (Emmons Ave, if you're just dying to re-live my day... the crape house is right underneath Loehmans ;)

What a super relaxing time we had! I even had, salmon, quail eggs with whipped cream cheese, and mom had mushrooms with an omlette, sooooooo goood!!! I even had beer to complete my bliss.

For desert... OHHHHHH mom and I shared, super thin crapes in the most unbelievable sweet, creamy buttery sauce with berries. Yuuuummmmy!

Pictures following.... don't want to overwork blogger all at once! :)


you know i love my food shots!


Ohhhhh I had such a blissful weekend!!! Full of dancing, twirling, sunsets, good food, champaigne and red caviar... ahhhhhh!!!

You know one of those weekends full of good wibes and uncontrollable smiling!

Got pictures of it all too!!! ahha!


A Real Mission Impossible

>> Friday, May 5, 2006

Oh, I'm sorry, please forget all the complaints about my terrible commute because I just found out that someone else has it much MUCH worse!! I was over at Dulce's house Wednesday night and we were having lovely tea time with my favorite Yerba Mate. (Thanks to the newly opened Trader Joe's right in Manhattan!!!!! That place is PURE GENIUS!!!)

So we're drinking Sssherba Mate as the Argentinians say it, who start guzzling it down as soon as they're off brest milk, and Dulce tells me about her horrific commute to work. First here is some background info, mind you, she lives 3.5 BLOCKS from her job!!!!!!!! She rolls out of bed around 8am to be at work by 9am!!! But apparently living and working in Midtown right in the center, has plenty of hazards... On her 3.5 block walk to work, Dulce runs into problems near David Letterman's studios where there are always visiting celebrities that create crowds! It is simply impossible to walk home! Poor Dulce! Oh, but it gets worse!!! There are also a number of theaters where premiers are always going on creating MORE crowds!!! I mean sometimes there are so many celebrities and fans that Dulce has to cross to the OTHER SIDE of the street to avoid the commotion! Preposterous!!

This brings me to the problem of Wednesday night. It was the premier of Mission Impossible III. Tom and company were obviously in town creating a stir. RIGHT in the middle of Dulce's commute route!!!! The stupid Red Carpet was blocking the path!! I mean how annoying it is to walk right across the Red Carpet that has many hot hot bright lamps around it!!! And Dulce didn't have her sunglasses that day... Also all the screaming fans... I mean, its horrible! Poooor Dulce!!!!!! I'm sorry, even I wouldn't want to exchange my 2 hour one way commute involving 4 modes of transportation for such horror!! But seriously, Dulce is fed up, I mean, ONE MORE time she'll have to walk across the red carpet, bump into another dam celebrity... she might just... omg... I don't know....

Quote of the night...
Dulce: "UGGGHHHHH!!!! That Tom Cruise is just making my commute a Mission Impossible!!!!!"

We feel for you girl...


New York New York!

>> Wednesday, May 3, 2006

You know you are a real New Yorker when:

1. you drink more coffee than a fish drinks water
2. the only wild animals you fear are your fellow commuters
3. sleeping is done primarily from 6am to 1pm on a Sunday, and not because you're partying, but because your bed doesn't fit into your apartment
4. you browse job ads in Florida... (California, Hawaii, Madagascar, Patagonia... Mars) on a daily basis
5. you have learned to hold your breath for at least 5 minute intervals, hoping to get it up to an hour which would come in handy in the summers when garbage smell in NYC is omni present
6. you have moved away from the dreaded manhattan island to greener pastures only to gain a 4 hour a day commute... and still be more fortunate than some others
7. seeing tourists makes your day, because misery loves company
8. have developed a nervous twitching in the eye as the result of endless annoyances that are beyond your control
9. you wish to move to Los Angeles do ESCAPE the traffic
10. when you can say "I'm so lucky to live here" as sarcastically as possible and still be taken seriously

oh brother... I'm so lucky to live here!...

*yep, Sempre Primavera HQ management is away on business so we are being VERY bad...


To love is to cease hating the subway...?

>> Monday, May 1, 2006

It was a leisurely weekend. Just a family get together and some wine and chocolate.

I watched Casanova, a prettily done movie no doubt, but silly. The book or shall I say the six volumes are simply exquisite! I definitely recommend everyone to read them.

An interesting quote from the movie was a definition of love is. Francesca's mother said: "Love is when there is no bad weather. When rain and sleet is just another kind of good weather".

Hmm... I guess for me "Love is not seeing ugly people on the subway, its when the ugly person next to me is just another kind of pretty person."

Yeah, NO, that one will never happen! ... Somehow the ugliness of the people on the NYC subways is something way too great even for Love to conquer!!!

I will stop hating it one day... THE DAY I don't SEE it anymore!!!

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