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>> Monday, May 8, 2006

What a weekend!

Firstly, the wedding number 2 was this Friday. Highcontrast who is here in New York for work, went with me. There are a couple of reasons I invited Highcontrast and not anyone else. Lets be organized and list them:
1. he is HOT, thus good armcandy
2. he can converse intelligentlly on varioius topics and is polite (except for a few incidents where I had to tell him not to point with his fingers)
3. he is good with the international crowd, as he himself is a worldly guy
4. there was no one else, but really... even if there would have been he'd be my first choice

I went to the posh midtown hotel that Highcon is staying at to meet up. We got started at the downstairs bar with a drink. A champaigne for me and about a gallon of vodka (with some ice and soda) for him.

Than on to the reception. The place was this really swanky loft space in a downtownish locatioon. It is two floors with a roof area and main dining area below. It was absolutely gorgeous. Views of the hudson river and the most amazing sunset were simply part of the program. Everyone got started on the top with wonderful apetizers of sushi, little lamb chops and never ending champaigne. Highcon and I were actually behaving and being social mingling with the other guests. However the conversation went mostly like this: "Scuse' me... can you take a picture of us??... Thanks!... No, not like that! turn the camera... idiot! get your finger out of the lense!" Ha ha, well not really... but we thought that at times.

I was so glad that Highcon came with me. And he did his "job" perfectly. Everyone asked me if he was my boyfriend, and I just gave them a little smile saying "No, just a friend". And this was one of those situations where you are happy that no one believes that frase! Of course I texted Nico a drunk text with silly sweet nothings (and meant them).

(Oh by the way, just in case you were wondering, we are planning my visit there. The reason I say 'we' is because the fares are a-stro-no-mi-cal! I must have been holusinating thinking that I can just go to Germany in the middle of the summer, DURING the World Cup and be able to get a decent rate. So anyway, I whined about it to Nico and he said he'll check with his people to see what could be done. Man... sometimes I feel like my 'damsel in distress act' is a bit ovedone... he he.)

Saturday I woke up at a record breaking 11am! Well I did wake up at my usual 7.30am wake up time, but decided to sleep some more since the blinders were down and the bed was tres-tres comfortable (not like the stupid couch I sleep on)!!!!! Speaking of which, I actually went to see a doctor last week because my hip has been hurting. I had a thought that it was just my muscle in a perpetual cramp from sleeping on the uncomfortable couch... and I was right. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything seriously scary. The doctor kept asking me why in the heck I was sleeping on a couch and I said... well its really temporary... I'll be moving soon... She said.. well when did you start sleeping on the couch? Over a year ago... Right REAL temporary! Anyway, I rather have a cramped muscle than loose my piece of mind that this really is temporary!! The less "permanent" it feels the more calm I'll be!

But we are getting off track again...

Saturday I got ready, tracked towntown where I expertly had parked my car right on Bleecker and 6th Ave. What a lovely morning it was. The village cafes and restaurants were buzzing, happy people and dogs were walking each other with an air of importance... birds sang and trees were green! Primavera at its best! But I didn't linger because where I was going was even more chill and pleasant... Brooklyn!?! Yes, yes, there is an area that is very nice in the summer and I love the little cafes and restaurants there. I was meeting my mom at this lovely russian crape house, everything is absolutely delicious there! (Emmons Ave, if you're just dying to re-live my day... the crape house is right underneath Loehmans ;)

What a super relaxing time we had! I even had, salmon, quail eggs with whipped cream cheese, and mom had mushrooms with an omlette, sooooooo goood!!! I even had beer to complete my bliss.

For desert... OHHHHHH mom and I shared, super thin crapes in the most unbelievable sweet, creamy buttery sauce with berries. Yuuuummmmy!

Pictures following.... don't want to overwork blogger all at once! :)


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