It is official!

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

We have OFFICIALLY moved!!!

By officially I mean we have slept in then new house! And if I sleep somewhere that makes it official! ;)

Unless it's official I don't spend the night, if you know what I mean...

And I know that you know what I mean because I'm making it very clear.

And by clear I mean official!

So it's clearly very official!!!

Another words... I'm super excited!!! Even though yet another weekend was spent cleaning and re-cleaning and cleaning some more, and for some reason it's just seems to be getting messier and messier! At least the furniture has arrived and the MOST important thing... the internet is ON and the TV works. We just have one issue at the moment, there are more TVs then rooms in usage.

As I told my number one guest candidates (parents and bro) that their guest quarters are definitely coming along nicely. And of course there is a tv. Every room must have a TV. Except for the kitchen and the bathroom. In those rooms you need to concentrate on what you're doing. Stay focused and stuff.

Well, that's all for my little break, must go back to cleeeeeeaaaningggg....


Excuse me.. why doesn't this yellowfin have a yellow fin?

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok, how blonde am I??

I bought this packet of frozen yellowfin fillets and went a bit too happy with it cooking it up in different ways.

I fried up a fillet with some flour and pepper.

I fried one up with a bit of olive oil and served it with a big salad and some potatoes.

I even added some of it to a spicy tomatoe sauce and then had it over fusilli...

Today, I was thinking what to do with the last fillet. While I defrosted it I prepared a lovely soup based on fish boullion with some vegetables and spices a bit of lemmon grass then as I was cutting up the defrosted fillets to put in a soup I took a really close look at them. They looked very curiously... done. Have I left them in warm water long enough for them to cook!???

Then it struck me!

I grabed the plastic bag in which the fillets were in, and sure enough in the instructions it said that the fillets were already cooked, they just needed a finishing touch such as a minute of frying or 2 minutes of steaming.

Oh! I thought, that explains the mystery of why the fillets cooked so fast!!!!


Wish list!

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

We worked all weekend long!! Painting and painting and floor laying! Wow. Good thing once again friends and family were there to give a professional hand.

I was tired, and maybe complained a bit, but to think of it, here we are moving into such a nice house... and dare we complain!? Ridiculous, yet so tipical :)

Now onto serious matters... The holidays are coming we all have our lists in our minds of all the wonderful presents we soon be exchanging with each other.

Here is a list from an organization (a really small one) who are working in about 4 villages in Dominican Republic. They're making really inspirational progress organizing water filtration systems one house (hut) at a time and working to build a better school for the kids.

They also have a wish list:

They've outline exactly what is needed, a lot of the stuff can be bought right from Walmart, or Home Depot.

Hmm... I wonder if I can ship over some fuzzy little chicks for the chicken farm!???


>> Friday, November 21, 2008

I absolutely love the details, pay attention to the lanterns. Just imagine sitting by the pool at midnight with warmth still escaping from the stones of the courtyard, and lanterns... Mmmm... bring me that rose water ice cream- I'm having a blissful moment...
And btw here is a recipe:



Power my Shower!

>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

hmm... I'm actually not sure how I feel about these..

A RAIN Shower?

I think they look really pretty, but I don't think they're very practical. I like showers with lots of power! I would not like some weak drizzle in my shower! Ew.

Maybe someone can think of the super storm shower!? That would sound more up my alley. Maybe even a WAVE shower!!!!! You know like those wave pools! Awesome, I gotta confess I was a lifeguard at one of those during my Highschool years and let me tell you, everytime they'd turn the waves on, I'd have to kinda force myself to swallow... scary stuff...

So no rain showers at our new place, a bath however is in order. You can do all kinds of beauty treatments such as bathing in milk like Cleopatra!!! (whole milk, non of that 2% nonsence), or rose petal bath! Yummy! Vito thinks he is too much man to be taking baths.... well I don't know, I BET he'd enjoy nice aromatic bath with lavender salts and aromatherapy candles....


white sand white? or japan blossoms white? morning after the party on the yacht cappuccino froth white????

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As you know this whole month we are readying the new house for our move in begining of December. It's hard work!! Yes it's very decadent to say oh... I've been painting the walls all weekend... and I loved it, there is something so exotic about doing things with your hands...

Well, yeah for the first 10 minutes! Then you sweat and feel like a servant and then you get paint on your haaaaaaaa-aa-a-a-aaannnnndd waaahhh!!!

Ok, I'll be a big girl now.

So anyway, we are still in process of cosmetic adjustments to the interior (aha, you like my half-way pro lingo eh?).

So let me recap:

We have choosen the the paint, do you know how hard it is to choose the color that will represent you? Calm you or cheer you up? That will channel all the right things in all the right moments? Do you KNOW how hard it is to choose the RIGHT shade of white???!?!

Everyone is asking if I'm having fun decorating, we're far away from that still! For now the only decoration in the house is Vito and his cute painting outfit...


hmm... that's outRAGEOUS! ;P

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>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm getting a ton of hits from people looking for the song 'I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien' well, to reveal the mystery here it is:

Englishman in New York- Sting

But you're probably looking for that fun song you danced to on the beach in Buzios...
Here it is:

And no day should pass by without some Piriri PomPom...;)


ciao ciao bambino!

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

we are moving... to la casa nuova!

And this song too, just because... kids tan under the sun but ONE.... tans under the moon

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