>> Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Immature Book Review #1:
The Fifth Mountain, by Paulo Coelho

Immature Book Review #2:
Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger

Immature Book Review # 5:
Ugly Americans, by Ben Mezrich
Almost French, by Sarah Turnbull
The Birth of Venus, by Sarah Dunant
Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson

Immature Book Review # 6:
Killing Pablo
Front Row: Anna Wintour


wild on location...

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2005

wow- you thought i was going to be away forever and ever? eh?! haha nooooo I need a little breather from all the beach and relaxing that's going on over here....

its been how many days?? don't know, cus guess what, i don't know what day it is!!! We are in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and already have had time to get really beached! I'm so black! No really, SO black!

Kaya, my friend that i'm traveling with, is here, and is commemorating EVERYTHING we do on camera. When I come back I want to write down everything that happened day by day so I don't forget and keep everything straight.

All I gotta say so far is that here in CR we wake up to the natural alarm clock of the sunrise... we know when noon hits by the hungry feeling being ready for lunch... we know when its 6pm because the sun sets, and we can tell when its 8pm because we're hungry again! I threw my watch awwwway, no need for it! what a concept!

Tamarindo is kinda "wild" by my standards, the dirt roads, the wild beach. It is HIGH season here, but still, if you walk just a bit oway, you have the entire beach to yourself! It really is much different here than anywhere else I have been!

Hot Guy report:
a. 4 sexy scandinavian boys
b. 2 sexy brasilian brothers... ohhhhhh
c. 3 sexy argentinian friends (forever attached to their surfboards)

another words... looking good from overhere...

food report:
a. Coffee!!!! cafe con leche
b. Ceviche!!!!!! I looooove, its white fish marinated in lemonlime juice.
c. other seafood
d. FRUITS!! the best, passionfruit is my love, papaya, watermelon, cantelope - it all has a very real taste- unlike the plastic fruits we eat in NY--

drink report:
a-x,y,z - IMPERIAL beer- so wonderful! smooth, refreshing... just YUMMY!

ok, time to go email my mommi and daddi.... :) and than off to watch the sunset.... hmmm heheheh

if no talk, have a great new years!
bessotos grandes!


Happy Holidays!

>> Monday, December 19, 2005

SP HQ wishes you all to have an EXCELLENT holiday season!!! Have fun, be safe (as always), make new friends, and give hugs to your old friends. I will see you all in the new year!! January 3rd to be exact. Make me proud do good things over the holidays!

When I come back I will go day by day and write out what happened in Costa Rica. After all that's why I have this blog to keep an account of all the fun things that go on.

Big HUGS and Kisses to all and to all a good night!

PS. Yes, they'll be good things comming out of my mouth in regards, to Catalonia.
PSS. Nicholas and I exchanged phone numbers so who knows maybe they'll be some SMS lovin' going on for me this holiday season.
PSSS. STILL don't have my suitcase from stupid iberia!!!!!!!!!!!! So i have to go to Costa Rica with a bunch of plastic bags!

Good night


iberia SUCKS!

I'm so pissed! Unbelievable.

Well, I officially can't stand IBERIA Airlines! ALL OF MY FLIGHTS WERE DELAYED!!! AND on my flight back they made me check my little carry on suitcase only to NOT PUT IT ON THE SAME FLIGHT AS ME!!!!! Besides the regular joys such as delays and misdirected luggage, their attitudes were unbelievable! They seemed to be under the impression that they were doing us a favor. "Oh you'd like some water... well... ok....I suppose... there you go."

Iberia SUCKS, there's no reason for their delays when the gates around you are pumping out flights left and right! Iberia has delays because all her workers stand around catching flies in their mouth!!!! Also, many Spanish people fly Iberia, and I don't know why, but they just love to bring ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS with them when they travel. I know I'm about to get in trouble again with Spaniards, but its true! I've never seen so many OVERSIZED duffel bags and SUITCASES the size of WARDROBES! So of course there's not enough room for luggage on the plane.

Oh, and the food sucks too.

AND they have about 2.5 tv screens for the entire section of the plane and their earphones were cheapy.

Needless to say, I did NOT get to sit next to any hot guys, I didn't even see any hot guys, I did follow Viking's advise and have requested the emergency exit row... which was great for my legs, but not so great for my ears, since families with BABIES also had similar ideas. So besides, hating Iberia, I now hate babies... and their parents... Honestly, WHY would you ever want to subject your baby to flying!? Please, really, what makes it so necessary. Its not like the babies would actially be able to enjoy the places they'll be visiting. Leave them home, and if you have no one to leave them with, then don't travel.

Don't mind me, don't listen, I'm just jetlegging, going to sleep immediately.
One the happier note: My trip was unbelievably AWESOME, got lots of stories and some good pictures... Here is a preview.
- Skinny dipping in the middle of the night
- Cow dung
- Jamon Serrano
- Cafe' umb lait
- Beers, cava, mojitos, beers, cava, mojitos, repeat, repeat and repeat...


>> Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Peace out cub scouts!!!! eheheee

enjoy the transit strike my fellow new yorkers!!! and my non-fellow new yorkers please congradulate my fellow new yorkers on the possible transportation strike to happen starting tonight at midnight.... hmmm when was the last one like 20 yrs ago??

ciao ciaaao!


Fly high in the sky!

>> Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ok, I have some beef to discuss today...

First of all, my flight is Wednesday evening. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE flying!? Just like Pavlov's doggy would salivate at the sound of a bell, I go nuts at the first sight of an airport!! Everytime I drive by an airport I feel niiiice, you know what I mean? Like, aaaahh. Airports represent a promise that there IS fun out there, even if its an 8 hour plane ride away. (Away from New York that is!) Just knowing that someone is on their way to fun is a good feeling, of course better if that person is YOU!

I do have one complaint about flying. Why don't I EVER get to sit next to a HOT GUY!!?! OK, just once, when I was flying back from visiting a friend in Brazil, I set next to this cute blond brazilian boy. It was so romantic... we listened to music on his CD player each sharing an ear piece (yes it was 7 yrs ago, BF I-Pod era). We both drank tomato juice... But he was 17! (I was 20) And he was really worried about finding car service that would take him all the way to Connecticut where he went to boarding school, before the curfew!!!

The point is that I never get to sit next to hot guys (my age). So I'm hoping you guys can just put your heads together and collectively wish that I'll sit on a totally hot guy next week!!! (ooops, Freudian slip...) I mean, sit NEXT TO a totally hot guy... ON the plane, next week.

Plus, the flying prognosis are absolutely favorable! I made sure to be flying alone. My coworkers are actually on a different flight, hehe, it pays to be friends with your travel agent. ;) There is something so absolutely relaxing about being on a plane, on a transatlantic flight. Just knowing that NO ONE can reach you!!!

Lesson kids: when flying, be sure keep your arms and legs inside the aircraft at all times.


Ideas please!!!!

>> Thursday, December 8, 2005


Barcelona will get ONE more chance to impress me!!! (I know, I'm so generous...) Well, I just got fun news that I'll be heading out there next week for some work meetings as well as some holiday festivities!!! I'm super excited. We are also going to be exchanging "secret santa" gifts and I must come up with something creative (male, around 40, with good taste, gift around $25.) Any ideas???? Oh, and I've never met this person so I have no idea what he likes...


Hey, hey! This is purely for entertainment purposes... Maaaan, I'm so freakin' talented, I just scare myself sometimes- ;)

Here is another sketch I drew. As I mentioned before, I just love drawing people and specifically faces. For some reason though, all the girls or women I draw look like hookers...? I don't understand why it happens.... but I have definitely noted the trend. Also, not only do they look like hookers, they look like angry/upset hookers! Well, I don't know you tell me.

(Maybe I should stop using the girls in Vogue magazine as my models.)

Here... lets examine the close up--

This is just Staten Island covered in snow... Maybe the hooker was running through the forest to catch her train so she is not late for "work"? ---nevermind...


Monday treats!

>> Monday, December 5, 2005

Here at SPHQ (Sempre Primavera Head Quarters - of course!) we secretly don't like Mondays! Why secretly? Well, because SPHQ stands for happiness overload, and good vibes force feedings... and admitting that there is something sucky in your life (like Mondays) is just not in accordance to the SPHQ policy. Well there you have it. So instead of whining and crying about a supposed negative, we COMBAT it.

So this Monday we bring you TREATS!!!! Yey!!!

Treat #1

Last week Shakira's new CD, Oral Fixation Vol. 2 came out! Here at SP we condone all Shakira related activities, and what's better than extend you a FREE LISTENING PARTY invitation!!! Yes people, you can listen to the ENTIRE CD online! She's got an amazing voice, and I believe this is the first time that her English CD's lyrics are as good as the Spanish ones. She really has a way with words, and in this CD the English songs are not just translations, but were specifically written in English from the very start. Enough talk, go to Shakira's website and there will be the link to "AOL Music free listening party".

Treat #2

This one is a very different kind of treat... and is JUST the thing to cure those Monday blues... There is a certain very handsome blond Scandinavian that has bared it all!!! Go visit our very own Rune in Norway. Don't worry, you can click, even though there is nudity... its very tasteful I promise! Thank you Rune for making our Monday!

Ciao people


Be active...be safe.

>> Friday, December 2, 2005

Ok, so talking about "Shopaholic" behavior...

I totally went shoegasming at lunch! I got 2 pairs of sketchers active wear shoes!!! (don't call them sneakers.)

What cuteness!!! Don't you just want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them!!?!!!

Oh! And the other pair is like this- why stop at just one pair right!? They'll cry... the shoes want
nice friends to play with too! So I got them both. I think I should send Nico boy the pictures. We were just discussing winter jacket purchases the other day. Also, I was explaining to him that the weather in NY is really back and forth right now and that its really messing with my "wardrobe" schedule... He commented that it must be a "woman's" thing, since he doesn't have a problem with scheduling his outfits. ;-) He so wants me!

Lesson kids: (we haven't been learning in a while... so we'll outline a few lessons for today)

1. Too much of a good thing, only leaves you wanting more!
2. Intercontinental relationships CAN truly blossom, with the help of photo exchange. (even of shoe purchases.)

and the most important lesson of today...

3. If you're planning to be "active" in the near future, it is always a good idea to PLAN and PREPARE ahead of time - Make sure you have good active wear!!!

And with these happy thoughts, I wish you all a great weekend! And be safe.


I am who I say I am... Like... OK!?

>> Thursday, December 1, 2005

So tell me I don't feed Nicholas' image of me being a dumb blonde...

Today he mentioned that he is going to visit some friends in London for the weekend.
I said: "Waw, cool! I've never been to London... but I feel like I know a lot about it... I've read all the 'Shopaholic' book series!!!"

*Just a side note: For those of you that were snoozing, I have seen his picture, and he is actually THE blond! He is SO blond that his hair could light up a small to medium size town...

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