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>> Monday, December 5, 2005

Here at SPHQ (Sempre Primavera Head Quarters - of course!) we secretly don't like Mondays! Why secretly? Well, because SPHQ stands for happiness overload, and good vibes force feedings... and admitting that there is something sucky in your life (like Mondays) is just not in accordance to the SPHQ policy. Well there you have it. So instead of whining and crying about a supposed negative, we COMBAT it.

So this Monday we bring you TREATS!!!! Yey!!!

Treat #1

Last week Shakira's new CD, Oral Fixation Vol. 2 came out! Here at SP we condone all Shakira related activities, and what's better than extend you a FREE LISTENING PARTY invitation!!! Yes people, you can listen to the ENTIRE CD online! She's got an amazing voice, and I believe this is the first time that her English CD's lyrics are as good as the Spanish ones. She really has a way with words, and in this CD the English songs are not just translations, but were specifically written in English from the very start. Enough talk, go to Shakira's website and there will be the link to "AOL Music free listening party".

Treat #2

This one is a very different kind of treat... and is JUST the thing to cure those Monday blues... There is a certain very handsome blond Scandinavian that has bared it all!!! Go visit our very own Rune in Norway. Don't worry, you can click, even though there is nudity... its very tasteful I promise! Thank you Rune for making our Monday!

Ciao people


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