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>> Tuesday, December 27, 2005

wow- you thought i was going to be away forever and ever? eh?! haha nooooo I need a little breather from all the beach and relaxing that's going on over here....

its been how many days?? don't know, cus guess what, i don't know what day it is!!! We are in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and already have had time to get really beached! I'm so black! No really, SO black!

Kaya, my friend that i'm traveling with, is here, and is commemorating EVERYTHING we do on camera. When I come back I want to write down everything that happened day by day so I don't forget and keep everything straight.

All I gotta say so far is that here in CR we wake up to the natural alarm clock of the sunrise... we know when noon hits by the hungry feeling being ready for lunch... we know when its 6pm because the sun sets, and we can tell when its 8pm because we're hungry again! I threw my watch awwwway, no need for it! what a concept!

Tamarindo is kinda "wild" by my standards, the dirt roads, the wild beach. It is HIGH season here, but still, if you walk just a bit oway, you have the entire beach to yourself! It really is much different here than anywhere else I have been!

Hot Guy report:
a. 4 sexy scandinavian boys
b. 2 sexy brasilian brothers... ohhhhhh
c. 3 sexy argentinian friends (forever attached to their surfboards)

another words... looking good from overhere...

food report:
a. Coffee!!!! cafe con leche
b. Ceviche!!!!!! I looooove, its white fish marinated in lemonlime juice.
c. other seafood
d. FRUITS!! the best, passionfruit is my love, papaya, watermelon, cantelope - it all has a very real taste- unlike the plastic fruits we eat in NY--

drink report:
a-x,y,z - IMPERIAL beer- so wonderful! smooth, refreshing... just YUMMY!

ok, time to go email my mommi and daddi.... :) and than off to watch the sunset.... hmmm heheheh

if no talk, have a great new years!
bessotos grandes!


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