When was your last shoegasm?

>> Sunday, July 31, 2005

So here I am dealing with my devastating break-up, (never mind that I only knew the man for about 3 weeks) but nevertheless I am monitoring my vital signs and re-checking my breathing.
(Please, I hope you're not taking me literally.)

My psychology scholar friend once told me that the best way to deal with a situation that is unpleasant to you is by "appeasing your inner-child". Have you ever thought why we tend to get upset at situations that are OUT of our control? Why we are sad when situations do not turn out the way we want, even if we UNDERSTAND why it must be so? Well, my friend explains that this happens when our "adult self" and our "inner-child self" are in conflict. The "inner-child" stamps its foot and demands the thing that it wants... and NOW!! While the "adult self" gets frustrated at the "inner-child" telling it to be quiet, to behave, and to act- well- like an adult. The way to deal with this inner struggle is to APPEASE the "inner-child", if she can't have the thing that she wants... well give her the next best thing! Distract her! Like a child that's in hysterics over something, it only takes a little of distraction and there they are laughing again.

So to deal with my "situation" I'm appeasing MY inner child. And all it took was two shiny things that I saw in a store window... OOOHH pretty, I want, I WANT! Said the inner child. Well, OK! Here you go sweetie!!! I answered. Golden... SHINY!!! Yey!!!

And of course what accompanies a shoe purchase? Yep. A brand new pedicure. And what comes with a brand new pedicure?? Yep! A manicure!! And what comes with new shoes, pedi and mani?? A nice sensation... kinda like a coffee buzz... its a SHOEGASM!!!


And... Uuuuhhh...

Waw... that was pretty good.

I'd give you a link to the store, but apparently there aren't any. Just another one of those boutiques that we don't know much about.
There are two locations, one is on 23rd and Broadway.

As you can see the actual shoes are from Dollhouse

As for me, I'm now on the way to the beach (and that's a whole other kind of "gasm") but after that, mani and pedi. So to answer the above question: When was your last shoegasm? To-day!! and when was YOURS?

hmm...and I wonder if men get them too..?

OH! and I almost forgot to underline a lesson learned today: if you can't have the man you want, get the next best thing, NEW SHOES! hehehe


Matchmaking Grandma strikes again...

>> Friday, July 29, 2005

"Hi, Grandma!"
"Hi Sweetheart- I got another one for you! A good one!"
"Well, well, lets hear..."
"OK, he is 29, he is very handsome and comes from a very nice family!" - my Grandma is obviously proud of her "work".
"...and what does he do?" - my obligatory question number three.
"He does something with computers!" - Grandma is just ecstatic...
"Hmm... that doesn't tell me much Grams" - I knew there would be missing info in Grandma's preliminary "background check".
"I don't know...just something with computers..." - poor grandma... lets enlighten her:

"OK Grandma, there are many "things" you can do with computers, for example:

1. fix computers-
Making him a - Computer technician - meaning, he will insist on fixing EVERYTHING himself, including that satellite phone we will take on our honeymoon...for the entire duration of the honeymoon. -NO-

2. program computers -
Making him a - Computer programmer - I'd have to put up with smart alec comments for the rest of my life and have to learn to include the frase "by default" in my everyday speech... -NO-

3. design websites -
Making him a - Web designer - artsy, pensive (I did mention I don't like my men to think too much, right?) creative... all bad qualities for a guy, they need to stick to being sweetly dumb, uncreative and stay away from thinking. -so, NO-

4. pornography addict - that's just not cool at all - sex maniac, maybe be OK, but porn addict just gross, - NO-

5. computer engineering - I don't even know what that is - so, NO-

....but than again.....

"Grandma... exactly HOW hot did you say he is??"


IL PIU Bello!

>> Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bella Napoli~

I was frolicking in Union Square park during lunch yesterday and I saw a friend of the beautiful sexy older man. I was not sure that it was actually him so apart from a few stares no actual conversation took place. I guess I was thinking that maybe its just a hallucination. Hmm... I wonder why, if I'm hallucinating, it's with his friend and not HIM?

*Hint: his friend is 6'4" gorgeous. (But those are just details- right?)

I realize that its probably a good thing that the older sexy man doesn't want to see me. He is probably right, I am not serious enough. And since I've never dated anyone that was more than 2 years older than me so I've never had to deal with that. I'm really over this thing. And so quickly.

Today however is a birthday of someone that it took me FOREVER to get over. (That's why I know that if I was able to get over him, I can get over ANYONE, and knowing this simple fact surely speeds up the process.) This guy is someone who I've seen during the 5 years that we have known each, collectively probably not more than 20 days. It was love at first sight...

It was a sunny, gorgeous day in Naples (Italy). A friend of mine Giuseppe (an older friend) that I knew from another city offered to show me around, oh, and he is bringing his younger brother along if I don't mind. (NO I don't mind, HELLO!) And the moment I saw him, I just started smiling. The same smile is STILL on my lips even now as I write. He was just (and is) the nicest, NICEST boy you'll ever meet. He is also very cute. He is not extra tall, he is not super thin but there is just something so very magnetic about him. A bit shy, and quiet, but not too much where he won't drag you off into the corner and kiss you, or drive to another city to kiss you for that matter. My friends in Italy nicknamed him "il piu bello" THE most beautiful, and that's because we had lots of other guys all around who were all "belli" but he was beautiful inside as well. (Again, this inner beauty thing keeps resurfacing.)

As I was saying, that afternoon I realized that he is just the perfect guy for me. I remember telling Giuseppe that in about 5 years I would love to marry his brother. Why in 5 years? He asked. Well, because I'm just not smart enough right now to realize that he is perfect for me. Brutta, brutta, brutta!!!! (I'm saying to myself right now.) (means dumb in italian)

This year is the 5th year that I know him. I was correct in saying that by this time I will be ready to think in a more serious fashion. We started out as friends, than there was a romance, then a few years of intercontinental SMS messages, a few visits, a few crazy rides on his motorcycle. I even made him call his mom to ask her if she was fine with us getting married. Because you know the way to an italian man's heart is through LA Mamma. He said something to the effect that he didn't want to get married anytime soon. I said that no one is asking his opinion in the matter. Later I received a call from him and he said: "La Mamma said OK." "OK, What??" I asked. "She said, its a great idea for us to get married, she approves." Let me tell you, I was happy! Imagine: laundry done from me! spaghetti cooked for me! cappucinos in the morning!!! What a wonderful life!! I can't wait to marry an italian guy! Because of course La Mamma will have to live with us.

Even though the expiration date on our supposed wedding plans has run out this summer... EHHH what the heck- lets extend it another 5 years...

So Happy Birthday to IL piu Bello! E perfavore, saluta mi La Mamma!!!


Mr. Officer... I'm not feeling very secure...

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OK, so in response to last week's London attacks, NYC has decided to start checking bags upon peoples' entrance into subways, ferrys and other public transportation means. There is already a lot of police patrolling everywhere in the subways, now however they started checking everyone's bags. Its good, but they don't check at EVERY single station which is basically defeating the purpose, but apparently its already costing the city an extra 2 mil A WEEK, so I guess it will just have to do. (Check out the t-shirts some one made for the occasion, it hilarious!)

side note: Some of the police officers are rather HOT (Not pictured). And since they are there to make us feel secure... I keep being tempted to come up to one and ask him to make ME feel secure PERSONALLY. Maybe I'll get lucky... and he'll cuff me... nevermind...

So, what was my point? Oh, yeah. That WAS it... Some police guys are hot... that's all.

lesson kids: make sure the inside of your bag is CLEAN, so when a hot police officer guy checks it... you can strike up a conversation and he'll be compelled to ask you out... or cuff you... whatever you're into.


Intermission, but just for a second!

>> Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Everyone is now officially allowed to stand up and go visit the little girls/boys room...

OH Goodness! I've looked through a few of the latest posts... boo hoo- we've really have been getting side tracked. Trying to resolve world's issues... going through some kind of self discovery nonsense... what is this!?! :)

This is SP HQ! There is no room for cry babies. We gotta get back to basics!! To get back into the daily dissection of the important issues!!! Like the glorious effects of mass caffeenation on overall global happiness. The in-depth study of the benefits of dating a younger men. (Eh, whatever, sometimes older, hehe.) More discussions on coffee... Discussing the effects of sun rays on the color of my high lights... These issues have been pushed to the sidelines. Ok, fine we recently had a good nostalgic moment reminiscing about hooke..I mean hookahs, I guess that was OK. (Except Cadiz was sent back to her blog in tears...)

By the way, don't worry about me being sad (YESTERDAY). Getting dumped is good for your skin. Which is why I found this man and made him dump me!!! Of course. As I always say: makes blood circulate faster getting rid of toxins... its good for you! Seriously, the way I look at it, experiences like this are good. Its good to be sad sometimes. Plus this is already going into my "I gotta tell this to my grandkids one day" story pile. This one will be called: "How Ale dated an Older Man." It'll be legendary!!! NO ONE will believe this one!!! (Even if he was very sexy and beautiful older man).

P.S. - I can't wait till another touchy feely subject comes up... I'll be sure to report fully!!!

lesson kids: yeah, yeah... no matter how genuinely you try to learn life's lessons, you will probably end up having to re-learn them again... so "its ALL good"... said Robin Hood, spread the love and don't sniff glue.


>> Monday, July 25, 2005

I think its over.

My not yet romance with the beautiful older man is over. I'm very sad. I like him a lot. It hasn't been substantial enough time for us to even get to know each other, but it has definitely been enough time for me to rethink a few of my very long standing ideals. Ideals that I believed were the pillars that made up a perfect person for me.

First of all, this is a very painful process for me. I pride myself for knowing what I want, and having life point out to me that I have no idea what I'm talking about is painful. Its not quiet as simple as having always preferred apples instead of oranges and you all of a sudden switch. No. Its trying a passion fruit for the first time and discovering that it contains what you love about the apple AND the orange together. I used to think that certain qualities in a man would automatically negate certain others... what I never realized is what I was really looking for was NOT represented with the set of qualities that I defined it with.

I looked for a guy younger than me- what I was really looking for was someone who will not dismiss my thoughts and ideas (my blonde ideas.)
I looked for extremely successful guys- not realizing that what I was really looking for was someone who KNEW what was valuable in life.
I looked for good looking pretty boys - not realizing that the beauty I was really attracted to is internal and shines through to the surface. A surface that can come in very different shapes, colors and sizes.

One can't know the exact combination of their perfect person. Knowing what you don't want allows you to keep your eyes open and SEE the person next to you, instead of just dismissing them without a chance.

Good for me I realize this at 27. Looking back, unfortunately I know I've done it to others. But you don't learn the lesson until you experience it upon yourself. He doesn't want to continue seeing me. Is it because of the age? Is it because we come from different cultures? Different backgrounds? Whatever it is, he has made a decision not to go further. I just hope its not that he fears that I will not find enough reason to stay with him?? Its not anything wrong that I did or said... well simply, there just was not enough time for me to goof up. I was still on my best behavior and showing the "good" face.

And how I would have preferred him to break up with me for something stupid I've done. Oh, if he would only have given it a few more weeks he would have had PLENTY of REAL reasons to break up... like my personality flaws, character traits... etc..etc...etc. It sucks to be walked away from because someone doesn't believe it would work out by looking at the external.

This sucks a lot. My heart hurts, its a real pain. Its dull, but its there. But its not completely a bad pain. Its like a pain in your muscles after a good work out... It hurts but you know the next day it will go away leaving you stronger arms, stronger legs. Well, same here. I know this pain will go away hopefully leaving a stronger heart. A heart that will not be afraid to take a chance even if there are "reasons" things may not work out.

lesson people: pay attention and learn life's lessons the first time they're thrown at you... because learning them on the second or third time is much more painful. (as you can see from the diagram above.)

(By the way: artist of the above image is found here)


>> Friday, July 22, 2005

Honestly guys, I try really hard to ignore politics, I have sworn off the news in the last couple of years; but it just doesnt go away! When is this going to end already!?!! I mean, how much longer are we going to continue to behave like complete idiots blowing each other up!?

Is it not enough of a "hint" that we are all the same, made from the same meat and bones, that our babies' first words are always 'mama' and 'dada'. Why do we still think that we can differentiate ourselves from each other... Especially by trying to kill each other. Paint your hair purple if you must, but don't go blowing up other people.

I'm just so annoyed that London got blasted AGAIN today. Thank goodness no one was hurt this time as these were "small" blasts. "Little bombs" no biggie. Of course. It has become a GOOD DAY when the bombs used to bomb us happen to be "small" that day! Great!!!

Bombs are going off in the Iraq, bombs are going off in London. What has been accomplished by this?? Freakin' NOTHING.

If people only were able to look at themselves in a FULL LENGTH MIRROR as they reach their arm back to fling that bomb... they would notice WHERE they aim these bombs... They would notice that they aim directly at THEMSELVES. They're faces are contorted in hatred towards... themselves. The only thing that they will accomplish is killing... themselves.



Bring that magic back!

>> Thursday, July 21, 2005

alhambra style

Wallstr and I were at the newly remodeled Kush bar. Good. We approve. The set up is very interesting there, its dark, cool, and a total maze. Very relaxing. Dark, carved wood everywhere... cushions... candles all around... mosaics on the tables. Very pretty. They have about ten hookah flavors. Its pretty expensive, but during happy hour(s) its all half price. The only thing I didn't like is they're not set up yet to serve hot beverages, and I like my hot hibiscus tea with my hookah. So, I'm picky about the ways I like to do my hookahs... aren't you?

Aaaah, I remember the time I was passing through Grenada... I was way too young to know about hookahs back then. I did notice some men with them... Just sitting on the corners looking mysterious, sucking on them hookahs. I guess it would have been nice to do an authentic one there... in a dark cafe. I bet there they would serve my tea without question.

What magic Grenada is. I think Alhambra is the only place that will be magical no matter how many tourists you stick in there... especially at night... the magic is so thick in the air you can grab it with your hand.

But beware my young friends... once it finds a home in you... the desire for more will not leave you. You will walk this earth forever trying to recapture it once again. And take it from me- you'll have to go through a LOT of hookahs!


www.alhambra.org - Spain - Ahhh

www.kushbar.com - NYC (happy hours 5pm - 8pm)

Cafe Cairo is my favorite so far, its tiny but resembles the ones I've seen in Spain. Plus the food is good, has at least 20 hookah flavors and is pretty cheap. (Cheap hookahs - yey!)
(189 E Houston St )

There is also one on E. 60th street and 2nd Ave, yeah, upper East side can you believe?

Cadiz- come back to us- stop sobbing- go get yourself a hookah- (Cadiz- has a special affinity towards Espana).


You'd be a lot cooler if you were me!

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This morning as I was unloading myself of the ferry, I saw something that literally made my day! There they were. The tall mum and her two boys, they were from England as I've gathered from the accent. Both boys were around 9 or 10. One of them had on a t-shirt that read:

"you'd be a lot cooler if you were ME!"

I could not help to smile!!! WHAT A CUUUTIE! I just wanted to go over there and give him a hug! Now that's definitely someone who is feeling the "Primavera movement". You should have seen this kid. He was sporting oakley shaped chrome sunglasses, and his hair was RED. I mean, you'd think it was dyed, except he had a few freckles on his nose of the same exact color.

What the heck? Obnoxious t-shirts warm your heart? some may ask. No, not the obnoxious t-shirt, but the self-esteem!! Now I always exhibit my distaste for ugly people. True. But what is UGLY? Ugly is someone who is unhappy and bitter about... themselves, others, life...etc.

High self esteem is NOT like saying: "I'm better than everybody."
In fact its like saying: "I'm confident I can offer something good to the world and others, and I am WILLING to do so."

And here people is the decision. Everyone has something great to offer, a smile, a good word, or a helping hand; all we need to do in order to be beautiful is to make that decision in the morning... Do I show the ugly face today? or the pretty face?? The decision is always yours, and Beauty completely depends on it, and on it alone.

Doctors will not make you look good. No plastic surgeon will be able to remove that sour look on your face or that "lower lip" syndrome. Its your decision which face you decide to show. Pretty. Or Ugly.

What about modesty you say? Modesty I think is the most terrible quality a person could ever have! What does it accomplish? NOTHING! If Pluto was modest would we have a collection of his work today? If Beethoven or Mozart were modest would we have their music?? If Leonardo was modest would we have gone through the renaissance??? And so on and so forth...

NO. Out with Modesty!
and In with HONESTY!

I prefer more "Yeah, I'm wonderful and I'm not gonna lie and say otherwise!" :) outlook to life. If I have something good to share with the world than I WILL. And if you have something good to share than you BETTER. Don't let me find out you're hiding it. Everyone has great things to offer up to the world. Life is too short and there are so many ways we can all benefit from each other, that to sit in the corner with downcast glances is almost a crime against humanity!!!


The fun little British boy decided not to be down on the fact that he is a red head, but to offer a way to smile for those around him. He is not saying, "yeah I'm cooler than you" even though that's precisely what the shirt says. He is saying, I'm in a good mood, and when you look at my t-shirt and (at my RED!!!! hair) I hope you'll be in a good mood too!!! You're welcome!

Well THANK YOU fun little British boy! Cus' you've made my day!

We would ALL be a lot cooler if we would just stop focusing on our supposed "shortcomings" that exist only in our heads, and offer up the true and Beautiful faces to our fellow earthwalkers!

I'm not going to restate the lesson that we learned today, we learned a few. But I will say this... I'm about to step outside for a minute and make about 20 people happy just by letting them look at my beautiful face! I suggest you all go do the same! (Unless its night time where you are, than wait till tomorrow morning to go happyify the world.)

You're welcome! more lecturing to come tomorrow.
φιλί if the dictionary is correct, this means kiss in greek.


>> Monday, July 18, 2005

This was SO FUNNY I was crying!!! Thanks Highcontrast!!!! And thank you for the picture, it was VERY imparative to have to illustrate your story!!!!!! Thank you! Love it!


Weekend's kaleidoscope

My sandal

Oh, how much I don't like Mondays- Like hitting a brick wall at full speed in a ferrari. That is just such a horrible thing... you know, a beautiful ferrari RUINED... Just like a Monday- a beautiful chance to go to the beach- RUINED!!!

But I shouldn't complain, it was a very nice weekend.

Up there is my sandal in the sand. The beach was really beautiful this Saturday. (Sorry Jasmine, close you're ears for a second.) I love going on dreary days because there aren't that many people, only the die hard appreciators of salt, sand and waves. Also, curiously the water always seems much warmer when the sun is not beating down on you. I actually swam instead of my usual in and out. (Long Island sticks out in to the open ocean so the water almost always is freezing!!)

There were yummy lifeguards trotting down the beach with their sugar donut buns... have you ever noticed? Sand on tanned skin looks like sugar on a donut. Lickylickystickysticky...ok sorry I'll behave...

Made my way to the bookstore. No, not to buy the Harry Potter books. Don't get me wrong I like the movies. Last year I dated this guy that I swear looked just like Harry, a really TALL Harry (and a bit older, but not by much). Among my friends we would refer to him as Harry Potter and once I accidentally called him that to his face... Ooops... But yeah, fun times...

What's really cool is JK Rawling's story. She started writing the stories just to entertain her young daughter while living on public assistance and working as a part time secretary. And now, apparently she is earning 1million pounds AN HOUR!!!

Good for her! There is a lesson for us all; NOT putting yourself and your "stuff" out there could actually be COSTING you 1 million pounds AN HOUR! Aha! (Also, she used to be a brunette and she is now a platinum blonde... I don't know if it means anything...)

Oh yeah, I was talking about my trip to the book store... I got 5 books (I'll be done in a few days and will report... thanks to my hours spent commuting.)

Saturday evening I went out with my beautiful older man... I really like him. The more I get to know him the more I see that he is not only a very handsome man, but also a beautiful person.


and Ahhhh...some more....

Sunday I visited my grandparents. It's crazy to see two people over 80 who are still in love with each other! And that's after OVER 50 years of marriage. I pray to God I will have that.

I mean they sit there and continuously diss each other and make fun of each other... my grandma tells my granpa off for flirting with some lady! and my grandpa comes back and reminds her of the time she danced with some sailor boy when they were dating (like a hundred years ago)... and its back and forth like that every time I see them...

Oh, yesterday my grandpa asked me if I like kissing. (umm- Yeah! I got my "flag" on many countries and continents.) "Well, I totally love kissing too" my grandpa said. Yeah, we all know! My grandpa kisses all the women on the lips, every one! He doesn't care who's wife, sister, daughter they are, everyone gets a kiss on the lips. I remember when I was 7 and grandpa came to talk to my class about WWII, after, my teacher (a very attractive 24 year old with long blonde hair) walked him out of the classroom to thank him... the draft creaked the door open just enough for my entire class to see them in a lip lock! It was just a peck, but still.
Dude grandpa! That's my 1st grade teacher!!! The entire class laughed and my teacher just turned bright red. I'll never forget that episode.

lesson kids: shut the door when you're trying to make out with someone's teacher...


What's in a name?

>> Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm probably the only one up and awake this early on a Saturday morning! But, that's what I do.

For some reason this morning especially I feel like I really am here to save the world. Does anyone ever get a feeling like that? I so do, many times. After all, Alexandra (Ale), my self given name means exactly that: a defender of mankind. Actually it all started when I was five and my father and I were on a bus going somewhere early in the morning (to the beach I believe), and I was looking over the undeveloped mounds of sand thinking. (At that time we lived in a brand new neighborhood where construction sites were very common.) I asked him:

"Dad, why are we here on earth?"

"I'm not really sure..." he said, which is not really surprising since when I was 5, he was only 26. A year younger than I am right now... and I can totally see myself saying something moronic like that to a kid. Which really is a good answer, so they know not to take you at every word.

"No, dad, seriously, why do you think we're here? I don't mean mommy, because she is a normal person, I mean me and you???" I continued.

"Yeah, that's true. She is normal." he said looking over across the sand too. "Hey, have you ever thought about life on other planets?" he asked.

"Sure. Like aliens? I think they're just like people actually."

"Well maybe we are aliens and were sent to live here for a while." said dad.

"WAAAW, you're serious? Oh my goodness that totally makes sense!!... Wait a minute, are we going to have to go back there?? What about mommy?? Will she want to come with us? Is she going to be able to breathe up there???" I started getting concerned.

"Nah, I don't think we have to go back. Unless we really want to. And mommy can breathe upthere, they'll give her a special suit." said dad.

"But what do they want us to DO...HERE...??" I wasn't giving up.

My dad looked over and said "I think the reason we were put here is to find people we love and live all together".

"That's it?... Are you sure??"

"Yeah- I think so."

Hmm... I don't know dad, I still think I'm here to save the world! :)

lesson parents: watch what you say to your five year olds, because they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

*fellow aliens: please email me, we're overdue for our anual picnic!

Now, I will go and contemplate my next step in saving the world... as I lay on the beach.
cosmic kisses comming at you! muak!


The Financial Times, and important and useful publication!

>> Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So, since I'm in love and everything is beautiful to me for the moment, yesterday on the subway I saw this gorgeous, GORGEOUS boy. He was about 6'5'', nice built, tanned, blond, hazel-green eyes. In italy they would say: Al bacio! You know, like the expression "al dente" for pasta when its done just right. Well for people its AL BACIO! - you're just right for me to lock lips and breathe in like its my last breath.

Too bad I only looked up to notice him a stop before he had to exit... damit!!!!!!!!!
Reason being is that I was sitting there as usual with my 2 layers of "anti-ugliness" protection*

let me explain:

*two layers of anti-ugliness:

Layer 1- headphones-streaming something loud and obnoxious into my ear. (Maybe an angry Shakira song, or italian communist rap- don't even ask...)

Layer 2- reading material - something involving and emotionally draining like Vogue (yes, the magazine.)

I need at least two layers at all times to combat ugliness that is found throughout the MTA system. Bleeehhhh

At some special times when it smells REALLY bad- as subway always does- I also execute my special weapon... my third layer:

Secret Layer 3 - perfume - Like Gucci Envy (my favorite) - as if to say: "like, I know you all envy me, cus' you wish you had some-- eww, ew-- go away! Stop sniffing me! shoo- shooo!"

Alright, getting of topic...

While layers of protecting may be good, but they do not let ANYthing to permeate! So here was this divine apparition right in front of me and I did not notice him till it was to late to pretend faint into his strong arms... (I hope strong, because it would suck to fall on the GROSS subway floor- ewwww!)

To make sure that nothing like that ever happens again, I am ammending my anti-ugliness protection system and executing a new plan:

carry the Financial Times with me whenever taking public transportation is required!

What!? you say-
Very simple mes petits amis...

Financial Times, or "FT" as I intimately like to call it, is a perfect way to look unavailable to ugly people and at the same time offers fertile ground for good quality pick up lines from pretty preppy boys.

Also FT cleverly has other attributes to constitute a winning publication with which to pick up unsuspecting sexy men on the subway...

1. Pink color- by which guys will recognize you as a highly sophisticated Financial Times reader from a mile away, and which helps to bring out the blush in the cheeks, not to mention it works well with most outfits

2. Compact shape - for easy transport just fold and stick under the arm

I will still wear the earphones to discourage crazy people from talking to me. I will not however, be playing music so that I can be able to focus on my surroundings and when hot guys come in, I can remove the earphones and offer auricular access to my objects of pursuit.


lesson kids: carry the FT with you everyday, it is an important and useful publication!

another lesson kids: there is always a favorable solution to every situation!

one more lesson kids: sometimes life is ugly and sometimes life is pretty, if you guard yourself from ALL the ugly parts, you will miss the pretty parts as well... you don't want to do that.

You're welcome!

Oh, yeah: if you are the boy that I saw on the subway, you know who you are, please email me immediately, I'd like to privately conference with you regarding that artilcle on foreign investments taxation.


Red cars, dreams, and good luck...

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2005

three legged car- ehh, its for good luck!

Not sure if you can see very well, but that's a three wheel car back there. It wasn't so comfortable taking the picture while driving... it should definitely be outlawed. But isn't it true that its for good luck to see a three wheeled car?? especially in red? And I hope I get EXTRA good luck for taking a picture!!

Anyway, talking about good luck. I've had a few very vivid dreams lately. Maybe I can try to decipher what they're telling me. (Probably that I'm dehydrated and should drink more water).

You need a ride - friend?

Yesterday I had a dream of going to a concert. After, I walked to my car only to realize that it was gone! For some reason I did not panic and very as a matter of factly started walking towards the bus stop. As I was crossing the street I see MY car (which is also red by the way) and in it 3 people! A guys and two girls. I am so angry that I just want to permanently damage somebody's kidney, but instead I tap on the window and say:

"Hey guys, I guess you need a ride huh?"
After the initial moment of shock they nod their heads, with mouths still opened.
"Mind if I drive?" - I ask the guy at the wheel
"No, no sure, of course" - as he scrambles over to the passenger seat.

For the rest of the dream I end up driving them around to the various locations that they need to go and even meeting certain people that give me advice as well (don't remember about what).

It ends with me exchanging genuine warm hugs and phone numbers and tearful promises to visit with my would be car jackers as they continue on their way... Weird no??

jealousy in the 21st century

And the other day I dreamt about the beautiful older man. I dreamt that I called him and on this futuristic TV phone. As I got voice mail which was actually displayed on my phone's flat screen it said:

"Thank you for calling, you have reached me as I am on vacation... Please leave your name and number and I will be calling you back as soon as possible. I will be checking my voice mail from the yacht.

If this is Amanda: please call me directly on my satellite phone
If this is Melissa: I will call you back upon my return
If this is Ale: please leave you phone number since it accidentally was erased from my blackberry.

Once again, thank you for calling.."

!!!!!??????!!! ................ ... !!? ....????????????????? ? ! !! ... !!?

I remember getting really jealous in my dream, and funny thing I'm still feeling jealous now!!!
I'm afraid the first words out of my mouth next time we talk will be:
And his reply would probably be:

"?????!!! ??????..............??!!!??? ?? ? ?????"

Well, I don't know, my grandmother says that dreaming about negative things means positive things are about to happen. But then again, here at "Primavera" we like to think that all things that happen, they happen specifically to bring us luck!


>> Saturday, July 9, 2005

Good morning world!!!

Ale, is up and is having her coffee. I can't believe it. Saturday past 9am and I'm not on a beach. This weekend will be different, because my relatives from Israel and Canada are coming to visit and half of them are staying at my parents house! Its going to be crazy. So I'm over here now with an assignment to clean. Yep, I'm procrastinating, really I'm a bit confused... I don't know how I'm going to clean when my house cleaning person is not going to be able to drive out here from my pent house... (haha, no not really, honestly, i don't have a cleaning person... I clean my pent house all by myself.)

So I'm really excited about them coming. The only problem is that they will all be ripping pieces of me asking me if I have a boyfriend and why I'm not married with children yet. Dudes- I'm 27... calm yourselves! My future husband is not of legal age yet!!! Because he WILL be 10 year's younger than me! (I'm following the examples of some of my rolemodels Icy and Butik).

But seriously, they'll be on my case all weekend I'm sure... and they never want to hear about my shenanigans with younger men... they don't think anything serious will ever come out of them. I should I just invite my beautiful older man over for brunch, kiss-face, and just shut them all up! Haha that would be so great!

"I AM mature! see - see- I'm dating a grown-up!! He's almost TEN years older than me! NOW what do you say!!?!"

Oh, boy-I know I'll be having fun with my family this weekend... CAN'T WAIT!


There was jazz... and there was ale... in central park last night.

>> Friday, July 8, 2005

Yup, there definitely was JAZZ in central park, Jasmine from "jazz...in strange places" blog that is. We decided to get some drinks on the lake. Now, all of you jasmine's stalkers, listen up: she looks...

....as sexy as she sounds on her blog! One more hint: the boob picture really is her! :)

It was fun meeting a "blogger friend" and I was actually pretty surprised how natural a transition was. Than again why shouldn't it be, I mean we write stuff about our lives right? and we follow the events... so in essence we should all have plenty to talk about in real life. And so it was. I can't wait till her bar exam is done and than... moms and dads do lock up your young men because Ale and Jas will be cruising the city taking no prisoners.

Talking about prisoners, there was this hot (as in good looking) sweaty (as in hot) guy that was jogging along and of course Jasmine knew him. Now I wouldn't mine being locked up in a cell with him for an evening... Jas - remember to hook me up!

Now, now, I know I'm in love already and all... but what's a few extra logs to throw in a fire... it'll just burn brighter!

So kids the moral of the story is: don't play with fire... unless you don't mind sweating a few times per day.

ciao bambini!


Long weekend

>> Thursday, July 7, 2005

union sq

I can't believe the week is almost over, I better hurry up and talk about last weekend...
Sexy Mr. Highcontrast was in town!!! We got together Friday along with Dulce and one of his friends. He was full of very, VERY interesting information. There was lots of yelling, screaming and laughing (from Dulce and I as we listened).

He knows, but I always remind him that when we first met I had a HUGE crush on him... but than I got to know him... no- just kidding- I sill have a crush on him! Haha because he is just sexiness embodied!!!

So we met up in Union Square on the fifth floor- in the lingerie department - among Calvin Klein bras... no, seriously, that's what happened. Than we headed to the happy village to eat.

AND DRINK, because we were all very thirsty children!

see pictures!?!

Caipirinhas are so hot- just like everything else brazilian is hot-
...the guys...Ipanema...bikinis...bbq meat...etc...etc...etc...I'll stop here before I completely get of the subject...

Speaking about hot stuff... guess who showed up???


The beautiful sexy man... and he looked very beautiful and sexy... in an older... beautiful and sexy way...


calamari were half gone before they even hit the table...


caipirinha- BOA!
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Remember your first crush?

>> Monday, July 4, 2005



Its true what they say... that you never forget your first love...

Well, my first love was Yannick Noah. Yes, the famous tennis player back in the 80's. Yes, the fun one with the dreads that used to used to throw himself across the court into a roll to pick up a point. I was about 6 years old and had to ask permission from my parents to stay up past 9pm and watch him play in the 84'Wimbledon. I do believe he was my first conscious crush.


The reason I'm remembering him is that I happened to hear him on a CD... I never knew that he is a pretty known singer. Famous in France I guess. I haven't thought about him in a while, but the music was reminding me of something, and I asked my friend who was singing:

"Yannick Noah" - my friend says
"Yannick? hmm... what, like the famous tennis player?" - I said jokingly
"Exactly!! How did you know?"

How did I know!!?!??!!!! Waaaw. It's been such a long time since I thought about him. I just didn't know he sings. It was very strange to google him and see his pictures from before and now. I used to spend summers with my grandmother and I remember how she got me into tennis. Years later I took tennis lessons, because I wanted to be like Yannick. Once I considered getting dreads (like Yannick) but than I learned that the only way to undo them was to cut them. So once in a while I just content myself with twisting my curls into little tubes. Waw, 21 years have past since the time I was sitting on the couch biting my nails rooting for him.

I was so excited to learn that he sings that I immediately grabbed the phone to call my grandma only to be stuck with a realization that I can't call her. She passed away a few years ago. It was a moment of complete dumbfoundedness for me. I just stood there. I mean, this was a piece of interesting news, Yannick sings, and I was about to order a CD right away and bring it over to listen together with my grandma... exept... she's not here anymore. It was just so strange, I still stood there thinking that there MUST be some way that I can send her the news!!!?? I mean she is the ONLY person on earth (well, now in heaven) that knows about my "thing" for Yannick. The ONLY person. NO ONE else knows, it was me and Grandma on that couch that summer rooting for him. I was so confused. Joy in life is great, but even greater when you can share it with someone. I felt silly telling my parents and my friends about this grand discovery... and the whole story of my "first crush" returning back into my life through the music... Its one of those "you had to be there" stories. But really its more than a story, he is not just a tennis player and a singer, he represents a piece of a connection between me and my grandmother.

Everything may seem like a joke but you can't kid around with time. It goes. It doesn't laugh with you or at you, it just goes. If you think you're hilarious, great, but will you think you're hillarious 20 years later? Lets hope so. Just another reminder not to take people for granted. Not to take the moments you share with these people with fleeting attention, you may think back one day on these moments as treasures. Grandma was awesome!

Well for those of you (probably very few) that know Yannick here are some links:

Yannick Noah's website

More... music

Live 8 concert- A concert raising funds for children in poverty. It was amaizing to see his name umong those supporting this issue. He performed in the "Live8" concerts, pre-G8 conference, against child poverty. And by the way, Shakira was also one of the artist there.

Charity work

I'm also really excited to see that someone who was one of my favorite people when I was 6, can still be one of my favorite people now.

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