You'd be a lot cooler if you were me!

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This morning as I was unloading myself of the ferry, I saw something that literally made my day! There they were. The tall mum and her two boys, they were from England as I've gathered from the accent. Both boys were around 9 or 10. One of them had on a t-shirt that read:

"you'd be a lot cooler if you were ME!"

I could not help to smile!!! WHAT A CUUUTIE! I just wanted to go over there and give him a hug! Now that's definitely someone who is feeling the "Primavera movement". You should have seen this kid. He was sporting oakley shaped chrome sunglasses, and his hair was RED. I mean, you'd think it was dyed, except he had a few freckles on his nose of the same exact color.

What the heck? Obnoxious t-shirts warm your heart? some may ask. No, not the obnoxious t-shirt, but the self-esteem!! Now I always exhibit my distaste for ugly people. True. But what is UGLY? Ugly is someone who is unhappy and bitter about... themselves, others, life...etc.

High self esteem is NOT like saying: "I'm better than everybody."
In fact its like saying: "I'm confident I can offer something good to the world and others, and I am WILLING to do so."

And here people is the decision. Everyone has something great to offer, a smile, a good word, or a helping hand; all we need to do in order to be beautiful is to make that decision in the morning... Do I show the ugly face today? or the pretty face?? The decision is always yours, and Beauty completely depends on it, and on it alone.

Doctors will not make you look good. No plastic surgeon will be able to remove that sour look on your face or that "lower lip" syndrome. Its your decision which face you decide to show. Pretty. Or Ugly.

What about modesty you say? Modesty I think is the most terrible quality a person could ever have! What does it accomplish? NOTHING! If Pluto was modest would we have a collection of his work today? If Beethoven or Mozart were modest would we have their music?? If Leonardo was modest would we have gone through the renaissance??? And so on and so forth...

NO. Out with Modesty!
and In with HONESTY!

I prefer more "Yeah, I'm wonderful and I'm not gonna lie and say otherwise!" :) outlook to life. If I have something good to share with the world than I WILL. And if you have something good to share than you BETTER. Don't let me find out you're hiding it. Everyone has great things to offer up to the world. Life is too short and there are so many ways we can all benefit from each other, that to sit in the corner with downcast glances is almost a crime against humanity!!!


The fun little British boy decided not to be down on the fact that he is a red head, but to offer a way to smile for those around him. He is not saying, "yeah I'm cooler than you" even though that's precisely what the shirt says. He is saying, I'm in a good mood, and when you look at my t-shirt and (at my RED!!!! hair) I hope you'll be in a good mood too!!! You're welcome!

Well THANK YOU fun little British boy! Cus' you've made my day!

We would ALL be a lot cooler if we would just stop focusing on our supposed "shortcomings" that exist only in our heads, and offer up the true and Beautiful faces to our fellow earthwalkers!

I'm not going to restate the lesson that we learned today, we learned a few. But I will say this... I'm about to step outside for a minute and make about 20 people happy just by letting them look at my beautiful face! I suggest you all go do the same! (Unless its night time where you are, than wait till tomorrow morning to go happyify the world.)

You're welcome! more lecturing to come tomorrow.
φιλί if the dictionary is correct, this means kiss in greek.


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